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2004 Netletter #817 Mar 11/04 - The NetLetter

#817 Mar 11/04 - The NetLetter
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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 817  March 11th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Nice to know.
Air Canada adds another non-stop route to its roster – Montreal to Sydney,
Nova Scotia. A new non-stop daily service between Montreal and Sydney –
Nova Scotia’s third largest city and the gateway to Cape Breton which,
according to Condé Nast Traveler magazine, is the world’s most scenic
island. This new service will begin June 1 and will offer business and
recreational opportunities to travellers heading to and from Cape Breton
Island. Air Canada will operate daily service between Montreal and Sydney
with 50-seat Canadair regional jets. Special, time-limited introductory low
fares, starting as low as $99 one-way, will be available exclusively at
More travel news – non-stop flights between Montreal and Europe to increase
by 50 per cent. In response to peak summer travel demand, Air Canada will
launch double daily non-stop flights from Montreal to both London and
Frankfurt, and re-introduce our popular twice daily non-stop flights to
Paris. In addition, we will offer non-stop flights from Montreal to Vienna
and Munich this summer on a codeshare basis with our Star Alliance
partners. The second daily non-stop service to London will begin June 1, to
Paris on June 23 and to Frankfurt on July 1. The non-stop codeshare flights
from Montreal to Vienna will begin March 31 operated by Austrian Airlines
four times weekly, and non-stop flights to Munich will begin June 8
operated by Lufthansa six times weekly.

" ' "

. News from the District.

Wally Lamond recently stepped down as Director of the V.I. & G.I. Pionair
District to be replaced by Harold Thomas. who sends this message -

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the Pionairs District
Director for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. I am sure we can
continue to grow and be as active in our business and social get-togethers
as under previous Directors. It is obvious that they have done a tremendous
job in making this District prominent in our National organization. Also,
we must not forget our number one objective which is to foster a spirit of
mutual helpfulness among our members and promote their general interest and
welfare. As well, it is our objective to continue to support the Company in
any appropriate way.
My experience in the area of Retirees has been as President of CAIRE in
this District for three years, and also as Chairman of the Central Board
for two years.
I have come to know many people socially in Aviation through membership in
the 'Quarter Century in Aviation Club '(Vancouver) for over 25 years,
serving as President in 1982.
Over the next few months I will be attending the different functions that
are to be held and meet new acquaintances and renew old frienships. At this
time I do not have a full slate of Officers and Committee Chairs but I ask
that those who are presently handling tasks, to continue. I know a few of
you will be unable to continue and replacements will be found as soon as
possible. New membership is the foundation to keeping any organization
healthy. If you know of any retiree who has not joined the Pionairs, please
encourage them to sign-up and be a part of our organization. We need them.
My first opportunity to get together with all of you will be the Victoria
area Luncheon on April 1st, and I sincerely hope that as many of you as
possible from all over the island and Gulf Islands will make an effort to
attend and to make this a rousing start to our new year.
The April 1st Luncheon will be located at the Harbour Towers Hotel in
Victoria. The cost is $16.00 pp. Please send your cheque to our Treasurer,
Marjorie Thorpe, 1769 Astra Rd., Comox, V9M 4B6 NO LATER THAN MARCH 25.
Guest speaker will be Ray Lindsay from Pension and Benefit Committtee, re:
Pension update; and a possibility of John Rodger, President of the National
My Wife, Elisabeth and I look forward to seeing you all soon.
Harold Thomas

" ' "

. PWA Herc Reunion.
In NetLetter nr 816 the following notice appeared -
DEBRA RUSSELL < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Planning the PWA Herc Reunion at the Edmonton Inn Sep 17/18/19.
Anyone interested in attending contact Debra at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stu Russel sends another contact -
Knut Ohm This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if interested in attending.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Australian Plans for long-haul budget airline.
An ambitious plan to launch a long haul budget airline is in the works.
Named BackpackerXpress is designed primarily towards young budget
travellers and plans to offer an innovative cabin service with an emphasis
on fun, providing an onboard pub, live entertainment, karaoke and dance
competitions. Due to commence in June with 2 leased B747's which will be
configured in an all economy class. The claim is to offer an open ended
return ticket from Manchester UK to Melbourne for around gbp500.00

Some of the survivors of United Airlines Flight 232 have found a way to
repay a pilot who helped save their lives 15 years ago: pitching in for his
daughter's bone marrow transplant

Jet2 - a UK low cost airline - offers Barcelona from GBP7 in APRIL & MAY...
with our daily flights from Leeds Bradford there is no excuse! LIMITED

Vesta found this one -
China's growing space program took another new step this week when it was
announced that female astronauts will be recruited for future space flights.
China began to recruit woman pilots to its military forces in 1951, and
hundreds of female pilots have joined the country's civil aviation ranks and
air force since then. China sent its first human into space last October,
when its Shenzhou-5 spacecraft, piloted by Yang Liwei, a former fighter
pilot of the People's Liberation Army air force, orbited Earth 14 times and
returned safely.

" ' "

. Star Alliance news.
bmi, the UK's second largest full service scheduled airline, is to launch
direct flights between Manchester and the Caribbean islands of Barbados,
Antigua and St Lucia, commencing 26 November 2004

" ' "
. Myths!
The massive Howard Hughes flying boat was officially called the Spruce
Goose. Hardly. In reality, the gigantic seaplane was the HK-1 (for Hughes
and Kaiser) Hercules. It was not until some very contentious
congressional hearings that the term "Spruce Goose" was used, and then
only in a very derogatory fashion,  intended to insult the creator of the
aircraft. Naturally, even though the wooden airplane contains virtually no
spruce in it (it's birch), the name stuck.

" ' "

. May Day.
From: "lalitha siva" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Planning to go to Franfurt around end of 2nd week of June 2004. Can anyone
have a suggestion for a good safe decent budget hotels near Frankfurt

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
24 Foot Motorhome (4 Adults + 2 Childreen)
Deluxe Camper Van ( 2 adults)
Pick Up Truck with 5th Wheel Trailer (3 Adults + 2 Children)
Deluxe Camper Van (2 Adults)
Super Camper Van (3 Adults + 1 Child)
24 Foot Motorhome (4 Adults + 2 Children)
27 Foot Motorhome (4 Adults + 2 Children)
7 Nights - Between Apr 19 and May 20th - $386 USD
14 Nights - Between Apr 19th and May 20th - $568 USD

Pick Up Truck with 5th Wheel Trailer (3 Adults + 2 Children)
Deluxe Camper Van (2 Adults)
Camper Van (3 Adults + 1 Child)
24 Foot Motorhome (4 Adults + 2 Children)
7 Nights - Between Apr 19 and May 31ST - $386 USD
3000 free kilometers (.29 per additional kilometer).
Included: Usage- Insurance - Linens and kitchen gear
One way drop off charge- Additional driver coverage
All Taxes and Booking Fees
Not included: Airfare - Fuel - Campground and Park fees
7 Days/6 Nights - Belgium and Southern Holland
Apr 3, 10, May 8, 15, Jun 5, 12, 26, July 17, 24: $1145 USD per person
7 Days/6 Nights - Provence and Leonais Cruise
May 29, Jun 5, 12, 19: $1345 USD per person
10 Nights - St. Petersburg to Moscow
Visit St. Petersburg (Peter & Paul Fortress, Peterhof palace, Hermitage),
Kizhi, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Uglich, Moscow (Red Square, GUM, Metro, Moscow
Circus, Kremlin, Armory) - includes shore excursions)
May 9: $899 USD per person
May 12 (Viking Kirov) - same price & itinerary
10 Nights - Berlin to Prague & Elbe River Cruise
Visit Berlin, Potsdam, Magdeburg, Dessau, Wittenberg, Torgau, Meissen,
Dresden, Saxon Switzerland region, Prague and more - includes shore
Apr 13: $999 USD per person
7 Nights - Chalon-sur-Saone to Avignon
Visit Chalon-sur-Saone, Beaune (Hotel Dieu), Lyon, Vienne, Tournon (Doux
Rivers Gorge), Arles, Les Baux, Avignon and more - includes shore excursions.
Apr 10: $499 USD per person
Apr 17: $499 USD per person (reverse itinerary)
CALL Interlining Plus
Local phone: 604-606-1700 Toll Free: 1-800-665-3100
Fax: 604-606-1720

" ' "

. Smilies.
. Smilies.
"Bums on seats" was how Captain Eddie Rickenbacker of Eastern
Airlines liked to describe the airline business.
A commercial aircraft is a vehicle capable of supporting itself
aerodynamically and economically at the same time.
- William B. Stout, designer of the Ford Tri-Motor.
Once you get hooked on the airline business, it's
worse than dope.
- Ed Acker, while Chairman of Air Florida
These days no one can make money on the goddamn airline
business. The economics represent sheer hell.
- C. R. Smith, President of American Airlines.
A recession is when you have to tighten your belt;
depression is when you have no belt to tighten. When you've lost
your trousers - you're in the airline business.
- Sir Adam Thomson
People who invest in aviation are the biggest suckers in the world.
- David G. Neeleman, after raising a record $128 million to start
JetBlue, quoted in 'Business Week,' 3 May 1999.
You cannot get one nickel for commercial flying.
- Inglis M. Uppercu, founder of the first American airline to last
more than a couple of months, Aeromarine West Indies Airways, 1923.
If the Wright brother were alive today Wilber would have to fire Orville
to reduce costs.
- Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines, 'USA Today,'June 8, 1994.
Every other start-up wants to be another United or Delta or American.
We just want to get rich.
- Lawrence Priddy, ValueJet CEO,1996.
This is a nasty, rotten business.
- Robert L. Crandall, CEO & President of American Airlines.
Most executives don't have the stomach for this stuff.
- Robert W. Baker, AmericanAirlines.

" ' "
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