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2004 Netletter #835 Jul 8/04 - The NetLetter

#835 Jul 8/04 - The NetLetter
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N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 835  July 8th.,2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+
Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.
UK airport baggage handlers vote to strike. British airport baggage
have voted to go on strike, threatening serious disruption this summer at some
of the UK’s busiest hubs including London’s main Heathrow and Gatwick airports.
Workers for ground handling group Aviance, voted to strike in protest of the
firm’s 2.5 per cent pay offer, the Transport and General Workers Union (T&G)
said. No dates have been set for the strike action however the union is holding
more talks with the firm on Wednesday.

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Further information regarding viewing by employees/retirees of the A340-500 -
YYZ - there's been a time change. It's now 16:30 to 19:30 on Tuesday July 13th
YVR - at this point they're looking at the event being from 1400 to 1800, on
Saturday, July 24 at the Operations Center, Hangar area, Bay 4.

" ' "

2004 ACRA System Golf Tournament in Phoenix: it’s time to work on that swing.
How’s your putting these days? If you’d like to join in the fun at this year’s
System Golf Tournament being held in Phoenix, Arizona, you’re welcome to come
and try out your skills at the Stonecreek Golf Course. The dates for the event
are from Saturday, Sept. 11 to Wednesday, Sept. 15. The cost is $250 US and
includes lots of extras besides accommodation at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The
setting is spectacular and the first tee is just a few steps away from the
suites. For more details, check out the ACRA website at or contact
Steve Kerwin at (905) 694-5223 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

" ' "
.  And now for something positive about 'our' airline -
Reprinted from the Pionair newsletter issued by Duane Frerichs,
This is a tale of two airlines -- or how Air Canada saved a weekend from
disaster. We were booked on the newly launched CanJet service from Toronto to
Midway Airport in Chicago last weekend. The airport is much closer to our
destination than the huge O'Hare Airport way out of the city, which was the
reason for picking this flight.

The flight was to depart at 8:20 a.m. and, after overestimating the rush-hour
traffic, we checked in at the CanJet desk at Pearson Airport around 6:30 a.m.
No problem -- bags checked by friendly staff, seats selected and we joined the
very long lineup for U.S. immigration. We were finally through the other side
and had more than an hour to wait, dawdling over cups of coffee. We arrived at
the boarding gate 30 minutes before departure and could see the jet through the
window. About 15 minutes before we were due to leave, a member of CanJet's
staff casually announced that the flight had been cancelled due to mechanical
difficulties. All would-be passengers rushed to the desk, where staff said the
airline had no facilities to rebook us on another airline. Our options were to
wait until the CanJet evening flight to Midway, but there was a strong chance
it would be delayed, or come back the next morning, or get a refund. We could
leave our bags with them for when we did manage to fly. We demanded our bags
and were escorted through the immigration tide back to the main terminal. Using
CanJet's 800 number, we were told it was another flight that had the mechanical
problem and our jet had been switched to that flight while ours was cancelled.
The evening flight was also cancelled -- and had been when the gate staff had
offered to rebook us on it.

We had to get to Chicago that day, so spent the next hour on the free shuttle
buses going from terminal to terminal trying to buy tickets. The prices on
United, American and the Air Canada counter for last-minute flights were
expensive, so we were getting ready to give up.

Then a quick call to a travel agent nabbed two Tango fares on an Air Canada
flight early that afternoon to O'Hare at about the same price as the CanJet
charter. The agent advised us to go back to CanJet and confirm we would get a
refund for the cancelled flight. We had to argue with several staff members
before the refund was promised -- and then only for the cancelled outward
flight. We would have to take the return flight four days later. Having lost
confidence that the plane would turn up and already having a new Air Canada
return flight, we refused to leave and were finally told we could have a credit
for the return leg, which we had to use within a year. Eventually, a supervisor
on the telephone agreed to refund our money. Back at the Air Canada check-in
with nothing more than two reference numbers given over the telephone by the
travel agent, they found the bookings, despite the fact I had copied down one
number incorrectly, and gave us printed copies of the outward and return

Eight hours after arriving at Pearson and a second slow trip through U.S.
immigration, we departed and had a pleasant flight with friendly service on Air
Canada, arriving on time.

Coming back four days later, we arrived at O'Hare early and the Air Canada
check-in attendant said there was an earlier flight leaving in 40 minutes if we
wanted to try for it. We did, but the line for security snaked way down the
terminal, so we decided not to risk it and stayed with the later flight. As we
went to join the long line-up an Air Canada baggage handler took our boarding
passes and said to follow him. He took us to the front of the security line and
we were through in under five minutes, finding ourselves at the departure gate
as they began boarding the earlier flight. We had more than two hours before
our flight left and there were severe thunderstorms forecast. I asked the Air
Canada attendant at the boarding gate about getting on the early flight and she
took over. She tracked our checked luggage to X-ray and said she would make
sure it made it on to the plane, got us two seats together and we boarded with
the last few passengers. On board, we found ourselves in executive class. Again
the flight left right on time with excellent service, arriving in Toronto

It was enough to restore our faith in Air Canada after trying to avoid it the
last few years. The friendly, obliging service was appreciated and surprising
after all these employees have been through in recent months. They saved our
weekend after we were abandoned by CanJet -- which is now Can'tJet, as far as
we are concerned.
© National Post 2004

" ' "

. In response to the item regarding the longest flight in NetLetter 834,
we received this information -
This is not quite an accurate statement.
years ago on Super constellations 18 and 19 hour flight overseas were not rare.
I believe there was even a 20 hour flight once on long range cruise settings
Capt. Pierre Guy Charbonneau.
Super Constellation pilot. AC

" ' "
. . Found on the internet.
The last 'movement' of a British Airways Concorde from Heathrow was by barge
to its final resting place at the Museum of Flight in East Fortune in
Scotland.  The Concorde was the first aircraft Concorde flown by British
Airways G-BOAA which left Heathrow by road, taking the A30 and A4 to the Thames
at Isleworth in West London, and transferred to a barge. However, time was
taken to allow for photography to be taken as it passed down the River
Thames.The barge having had a special deck installed that elevated the aircraft
once it reached London's landmarks so that it could be seen, and was lowered
when passing under bridges.

When the supersonic Concorde fleet was retired last year, one of the glamorous
birds came to rest on a barge outside the Intrepid Air & Space Museum on the
Hudson River, on Manhattan's West Side. Last weekend, the airplane opened to
the public, and unlike at most aviation museums, visitors are invited not only
to gaze upon the airplane from a distance, but also to walk right on board and
get a close-up view of the cabin and cockpit. A timed "boarding pass" must be
picked up on arrival at the museum. The tours are limited to 1,500 people per
day -- so get there early; it's been sold out every day so far. Seattle's
of Flight also offers on-board tours of its Concorde, but the National Air &
Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center, in Virginia, does not.

Is that a micro chip in Fido’s ear? On July 3, a new European Union (EU)
regulation for the transportation of dogs, cats and ferrets will go into
effect. For travel within the EU, and from third countries to the EU, these
pets are required to be marked either with a micro chip or a tattoo. Note:
tattoos will only be permissible for the next eight years. After that, only
micro chip identification will be allowed. The animals must be accompanied with
proper documentation and have proof of necessary vaccinations
(Will employees/retirees on passes as contingent passengers be next? - eds)
" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Burgundy
7 Nights from Avignon to Chalon-sur-Saone
Sailing Aug 7, 21 - Outside $699 Cat. D , $799 Cat. C , $899 Cat. B,
$999 Cat. A
Avignon /Arles /Tournon / Vienene / Beaune / Chalon-sur-Saone ­ includes shore
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Burgundy
7 Nights from to Chalon-sur-Saone to Avignon
Sailing Jul. 31, Aug. 14 & 28 - Outside $699 Cat. D , $799 Cat. C , $899
Cat. B, $999 Cat. A
Chalon-sur-Saone / Beaune / Lyon / Vienne / Tournon / Arles / Avignon­
includes shore excursions
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Neptune
7 Nights Nuremberg to Budapest
Sailing Aug 8 - Outside $699 Cat. D , $799 Cat. C , $899 Cat. B, $999
Cat. A
Nuremberg / Main-Danube Canal / Kelheim / Regensburg / Passau / Melk / Vienna
/Budapest ­ includes shore excursions
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Neptune
14 Nights Budapest to Amsterdam
Sailing - Aug 15 - Outside $1,199 Cat. D , $1,399 Cat. C, $1,599 Cat. B,
$1,799 Cat. A
Reverse Itinerary - Aug 29 - Outside $1,199 Cat. D , $1,399 Cat. C,
Cat. B, $1,799 Cat. A
Budapest / Bratislava / Vienna / Dürnstein / Melk / Passau / Regensburg /
Kelheim / Nuremburg / Würzburg / Rothenburg, Wertheim / Mainz / Rüdesheim /
Cologne / cruise through Rhine / Main / Danube rivers/ Amsterdam ­ includes
shore excursions
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Pride
14 Nights Amsterdam to Budapest
Sailing - Aug 15 - Outside $1,199 Cat. D , $1,399 Cat. C, $1,599 Cat. B,
$1,799 Cat. A- Amsterdam /Rhine / Main and Danube rivers / visit Cologne /
Rüdesheim / Mainz / Wertheim / Rothenburg / Würzburg / Nuremberg / Kelheim /
Regensburg / Passau, Melk / Dürnstein / Vienna /Bratislava / Budapest ­
includes shore excursions
Viking River Cruises aboard the Viking Spirit
12 Nights Amsterdam to Vienna
Aug 7 and 31 - Outside $1,199 Cat. D, $1,349 Cat. C, $1,499 Cat. B, $1,649 Cat.
Reverse Itinerary - Aug 19 - Outside $1,199 Cat. D, $1,349 Cat. C,
$1,499 Cat.
B, $1,649 Cat. A
Amsterdam / Cologne / Rudesheim / Mainz / Wetheim / Wurburg / Rothernburg /
Bamburg / Nuremburg / Kelheim / Regensburg / Passau / Melk / Dürnstein ­
includes shore excursions

*PORT CHARGES INCLUDED. Government taxes extra. Rates are capacity controlled
and are subject to change without notice. All prices are in US dollars, based
on double occupancy for new bookings only and apply only to eligible Airline
Personnel and their certain family members. Proof of employment and/or
relationship to employee required. Certain terms and conditions may apply
For information and reservations, please call
INTERLINE WORLD VACATIONS AT 1-866-279-8480 toll free
or (604) 279-8482

" ' "

. Smilie.
A Hawaiian Airlines pilot declared his boss a safety hazard on Thursday and
asked him to leave his airplane. Capt. Craig Kobayashi told Josh Gotbaum, the
bankruptcy trustee now at the helm of the airline, that he was so angry with
Gotbaum that he didn't think he could safely fly the Boeing 767-300 with the
trustee aboard from Honolulu to San Francisco. Gotbaum apparently tried to
mention some of the positive things he's done for the airline, which has been
bankrupt since March, but Kobayashi wasn't swayed and asked Gotbaum to leave,
which he did.

"  '  "

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