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2004 Netletter #856 Oct 26/04 - The NetLetter

#856 Oct 26/04 - The NetLetter
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T H E                    _| TCA |_
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N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 856 Oct 26th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Nice to know.
From the Pionair News issued by Gord Dalziel -
The following was recently sent to us by a Pionair Member. With Christmas
coming upon us quickly, you may wish to take advantage of these Discounts.
-------------- -----------------
Recently we learned of an Air Canada 80% discount on general air freight.
This "applies to the first 100 Kgs. on all Domestic and Transborder shipments."

As I had a box of Halloween gifts for the grandchildren to send to YKA this
caught my eye. First, I took it to our cargo office in YYJ.
With the 80% discount on the goods, the cost was $10 but when the four
taxes were included the total was $20.22 for pickup at the YKA airport.

I then took it to FedEx, also at the airport. They offer 75% discount and
when all was said and done the total cost was $8.43 AND it was delivered to
their home the next day.

Just thought you'd like to know, particularly with Christmas fast approaching.
Editors Note: If you are considering using Federal Express, you must take
your Parcel to a Main Fed Ex depot. Agencies of Fed Ex can NOT provide the

Employee shipments from San Jose, Costa Rica prove tricky. Please be
advised that it will be extremely difficult to send purchases home from
your visit in San Jose using your Air Canada Cargo employee discount. Due
to limited uplift and aircraft cargo capacity, there is great potential for
backlogs and extended delays. It’s recommended that you make alternate
arrangements to ship your purchases and other personal shipments home.

" ' "

. Help!

From: Doug Lovat < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: Information on Monthly Rentals in or around Nice, France
Hi, I would appreciate it if anyone is aware of someone or some outfit that
can provide reasonable (very subjective, I know) monthly apartment or condo
rentals in or around Nice, France. Primarily interested in Jan, Feb &
March. Thanks. Doug Lovat

" ' "
Jazz welcomed its first new CRJ at official ceremony on Oct. 18. At a
ceremony held at Bombardier's facility in Dorval, Jazz welcomed tail #161,
or CG-JZZ, into its fleet. This is the first of 15 new CRJ-200's to
transition into the fleet over the next several months. The registration of
CG-JZZ is significant, as it is representative of the name Jazz. All the
new aircraft, including the CRJ-705's, will have registrations that end in
either JZ or JA to reflect the Jazz brand.

" ' "

. News from the districts.

Nanaimo area Koffee Klatch planned for the ABC restaurant on Mary Ellen
Road near Woodgrove Shopping Centre in Nanaimo at 10:00 am on Wednesday
November 10th.
Contact is Terry Baker 751-1937 email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . All airline
retirees welcome.

[]    Museum of Flight Tour Info     []    []
The Museum tour is sold out even after upgrading to a 54 seat bus and there
are still two people on the wait list. Great response!
As published in a previous email, The Pionairs of BC have arranged a tour
with Maverick Coach Lines to the Museum of Flight in Seattle
The finalized bus pickup times are;
·Richmond at 0800 at the Ramada Park Plaza Hotel, 10251 Edwards Drive, 0800
sharp, free parking, parking pass given or mailed to those who requested one.
·Delta at 0815, Delta Town and Country, 6055 Highway 17, 0815 sharp,
parking $5.00 which Pionairs will pay, obtain a parking voucher from the
Front Desk.
·White Rock at 0830, South Surrey Park and Ride, King George and Hwy 99,
0830 sharp, free parking
You will require two pieces of ID for US Customs, one picture or a
passport, a passport is preferable.
PLEASE don't bring any food. Many food items are restricted entry into the
US and if there are any on board they will be confiscated and probably
cause a lengthy delay at the border.
Refreshment and food stops will depend on time and hunger, and will be
decided enroute, there is a restaurant in the Museum. The Bus must be back
in Richmond by 1900.
You should have some US currency with you for incidental expenses. Also,
having a good time is mandatory!
Alan Rust, Mail List Administrator
The Pionairs of Air Canada

The Comox and Courtenay Pionairs have their monthly lunched planned for
Thursday Oct 28th at the Monte Cristi on the River in Courtenay. The
address is on Comox Avenue at 975 in Courtenay. Start time noon.
All retirees are very welcome. Contact is Murray Phipps at 250-334-0807

" ' "

. Vesta found this interesting, and shares it -
Homebuilt "Firsts" In Canada
It depends on how you define your "firsts" but a celebration of one
Canadian aviation milestone in Goderich, Ontario, has raised an issue of
clarity among the relatives of some aviation pioneers in British Columbia.
The town of Goderich is planning an event next August to commemorate the
50th anniversary of the first flight of an "amateur built aircraft" in
Canada. The good people of Goderich believe this to have happened in 1955
... but ... folks in Vernon, B.C., would beg to differ. You see, by 1955,
Vernon boys Jim Duddle and Eldon Seymour had been flying the plane they
built from scratch for almost 20 years and Seymour's grandson Pat wants the
record on that point straight. The devil, as always, is in the details.
Goderich aviator Keith Hopkinson apparently wanted to do things by the
book, except the book didn't exist. With help from EAA founder Paul
Poberezny, Hopkinson successfully lobbied Transport Canada to create the
Amateur Built aircraft category and his modified Stitts Playboy was the
first registered under the new class. Out west, Duddle and Seymour didn't
even have pilot's licenses, much less an aircraft registration. Using plans
and an engine obtained by mail order, they built the plane in 1937 in the
attic of a general store on the outskirts of town and test flew it from a
nearby cow pasture. They flew the plane, called the City of Vernon, over
the Rocky Mountains to Edmonton, Alberta, claiming to be the "first" to fly
a homebuilt over the mountains. Seymour continued flying well into his 80s
and died several years ago.

" ' "

. Regarding the CP get together mentioned in NetLetter 855 -
RSVP – please send a note to Sandra Davidge at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
ASAP but no later than October 31, 2004.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Special Holiday Sailings for December 2004 offerred by KVI Interline -  
Extended Holiday Sailings
Ship Name: Amsterdam
Destination: South America
Departure Date: December 15, 2004
Ports of Call: Starting in Rio De Janeiro to  Valparaiso
Duration: 21
Rates: $2499 (USD) / Inside $2999 (USD) / Outside
Ship Name: Royal Princess
Destination: South America
Departure Date: December 17, 2004
Ports of Call: Starting in Cape Town to  Santiago (Valparaiso)
Duration: 24
Rates: $1799 (USD) / Friends & Family
Ship Name: Prinsendam
Destination: Caribbean
Departure Date: December 18, 2004
Ports of Call: Starting in Fort Lauderdale
Duration: 16
Rates: $1999 (USD) / Inside $2399 (USD) / Outside
Ship Name: Zenith
Destination: Caribbean
Departure Date: December 19, 2004
Ports of Call: Starting in Jacksonville
Duration: 14
Rates: $970 (USD) / Inside $1100 (USD) / Outside
Ship Name: Statendam
Destination: Hawaii
Departure Date: December 21, 2004
Ports of Call: Starting in San Diego
Duration: 15
Rates: $1699 (USD) / Inside $1899 (USD) / Outside $1999 (USD) / Balcony
Contact Patti Gordon for details of the above and many more offers.,
YOUR Interline Specialist
KVI Interline Cruises & Tours
Toll Free in N.A. 1.866.765.3694
Collect to Canada: 250.491.4815
All rates are quoted in US dollars, per person, cruise only, based on
double occupancy. Rates include port charges; however, government taxes &
trip cancellation insurance are extra. Rates are capacity controlled and
subject to change at any time without notice ~ Don't Delay - Book Today!
INTERLINE/MILITARY Eligibility required at time of booking except where
FRIENDS & FAMILY rates apply. FRIENDS & FAMILY sailings: open to all guests
of KVI ~ eligible interline or military personnel need not travel.

" ' "

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