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2004 Netletter #865 Dec 7/04 - The NetLetter

#865 Dec 7/04 - The NetLetter
T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 865  Dec 7th., 2004. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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send information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

. Must know.
Employee Travel Service ( E T S ) now have new hours of operation. They
are still contacted by phone at: 1 - 866 - 473 - 4732 OR by Email at :
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Their hours are now: 9:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M., Monday to Friday.
and 1:00 P.M. to 6:00 P. M., on Saturdays. They are Closed on Sundays.

" ' "
. Nice to know.
Frank Pedder sends this info -
Have any retiree call (514)422-5000 (Headquarters receptionist) and have
her switch the call to Pensions Dept. No charge to the retiree.
Thanks to Barry Jones YUL for this information

More capacity being added to Western Canada for Winter 2005. Increased
activity in the petroleum industry, as well as the growing popularity
of Air Canada’s new simplified fare structure, have driven up customer
demand for destinations in Western Canada. As a result, beginning Jan.
10, daily non-stop service from Calgary-Fort McMurray will be
introduced as well as additional flights between Calgary and Edmonton,
and increased capacity on all Calgary-Grand Prairie flights. Also, an
additional flight from Calgary-Toronto will be added effective Jan. 5.

Air Canada launches double daily service between Vancouver and
Sydney, Australia with introduction of first ever nonstop flight
effective December 16, 2004.

Alistair Blackwood shares this informatyion -
Thanks for the reply on FedEx. I shipped a parcel and all you have to do is
show your AC identification. One thing I learned. Don't ship anything on a
Saturday as there is a surcharge for holding over the weekend. It was $18
in my case. It certainly is a bargain. I had a fairly large box weighting
10 KG , cost at the post office was $85 by land and sea taking 6 to 8 weeks
or $285 to send it express. The FedEx was $71 taking 3 to 4 days
Regards Alastair Blackwood

" ' "
. Shirley Schacter sends this update
Friends of Front Street reunion -
The 2004 Reunion luncheon was, once again, a big success. Feedback was very
favourable and, as the bartender said, "I've never seen that many people so
happy to see each other" which about sums it up.
The 2004 pictures can be seen on the FoFS website at:
We now have four albums on this site - all available for viewing.

" ' "
. Star Alliance news -
If you've been flinching lately at fuel bills from your  SUV, imagine
how the airlines must feel, with that big fleet of thirsty gas-guzzlers and
a big empty wallet. United Air Lines, which is struggling to emerge from
bankruptcy, has started fuel-efficiency classes for its flight crew. Pilots
-- all 7,200 of them -- and 300 dispatchers are required to attend a
one-day class that shows how to cut back on refueling to lower the weight
of the airplane, thereby burning less fuel. United spokesman Joseph Burns
said that safety is the "No. 1 issue," so presumably they are not planning
to coast in for landings

" ' "
. Found on the Internet.
Concorde G-BOAF c/n 216 that made the last flight by the SST from LHR
to Filton on Nov 26th., 2003 is the centre piece of 'Concorde at Filton"
which opened to the public last August. To allow every one to enjoy the
experince to the full, only 24 people will be allowed in the aircraft at
any one time, which means only 500 members of the public per day will be
able to view the Concorde.Visitors will be able to hear the radio
transmissions made during its final flight.
Tickets, which need to be booked in advance are gbp12.50 for adults,
gbp10.00 seniors and students and gbp7.00 for under-16's.
Booking hotline is 0870-3000-578 online

The last airworthy Bristol Freighter 170 C-GYQS owned by Hawkair of Terrace
BC, made its final flight last August to the Reynolds Museum at
Wetasaskiwin in Alberta. This was its first flight since 1999.

Holidays Push Back Da Vinci Tests
Well, when you're running a space program with mostly volunteers,
you have to expect some hiccups. The da Vinci Project
<>, a Canadian effort to launch a
civilian space flight, has pushed back test flights because of the
looming holiday season. "Over the holidays, some people become
extremely available and other people become totally unavailable,"
said project leader Brian Feeney. Feeney is now targeting January to
begin test flights from Kindersley, Saskatchewan, which isn't at its
best in January. A helium balloon will first hoist the capsule
before rocket engines ignite to boost it to an altitude of 100
kilometers. Feeney plans to fly the manned flights himself.

" ' "
. Terry's travel tips.

Antigua has a US $12.00 airport departure tax. U.S., Canadian & U.K.
nationals require proof of citizenship- a valid passport, original or
certified birth certificate.

St. Kitts has a US $17.00 airport departure tax. U.S. & Canadian citizens
need a proof of citizenship: a passport, birth certificate or voter’s
registration card or green card. All others require a valid passport and a
return or continuing ticket.

St. Vincent has an EC $30.00 airport departure tax. All visitors must have
valid passports. All visitors must have a return or ongoing ticket. Visas
are not required. Citizens of Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United
States need only a passport or proof of citizenship to visit. All other
visitors must have a passport.

A departure tax is levied at the rate of $10 per person. A passport is
required for entry. However, in the case of the United States and Canadian
citizens, a birth certificate, a citizenship certificate with photo I.D. is
required for entry.

Following offerings from Interlining Plus -
Norwegian - Norwegian Spirit - Nov 28 - 5 Nights
Western Caribbean
Starting in Miami return
Inside: $299 USD, Oceanview: $449 USD
Norwegian - Norwegian Majesty - Dec 4, 11 - 7 Nights
Western Caribbean
Starting in Charleston return
Oceanview: $199 USD - Best Available
Norwegian - Norwegian Wind - Dec 4 - 11 Nights
Hawaiian Island
Starting in Honolulu return
Oceanview: $599 USD
Holland America - Westerdam - Dec 5 - 7 Nights
Western Caribbean
Starting in Fort Lauderdale return
Oceanview: $549 USD
Windstar - Wind Star - Dec 17 - 11 Nights - Christmas Cruise
Christmas Tahiti Cruise
Starting in Papeete return
Oceanview: $1175 USD
Carnival - Carnival Glory - Dec 18 - 7 Nights
Exotic Western Caribbean
Starting in Port Canaveral return .
Inside: $549 USD, Oceanview: $679 USD, Balcony: $799 USD
Holland America - Prinsendam - Dec 18 - 16 Nights - Holiday Cruise
Caribbean Circle Cruise
Starting in Fort Lauderdale return
Inside: $1399 USD, Oceanview: $1699 USD
MSC Cruises - MSC Opera - Dec 18 - 10 Nights
Panama Canal
Starting in Fort Lauderdale return
Inside: $895 USD, Oceanview: $1095 USD
Holland America - Volendam - Jan 15 - 9 Nights
Eastern Caribbean
Starting in Fort Lauderdale return
Inside: $649 USD, Oceanview: $749 USD
Radisson - Seven Seas Navigator - Jan 18 - 7 Nights
Western Caribbean
Starting in Fort Lauderdale return
Oceanview: $1610 USD
Cruises:- Rates are quoted in USD per person (based on double occupany).
Port Charges are included, taxes, fees and a $20 USD per room Service Fee
are not included.
Resorts: Rates are land only, quoted in USD per person (based on double
occupancy). 3 Night Stay rates are per person, Extra Night rates are per
person per night. A $20 USD per room Service Fee is not included. Blackout
dates may apply.
Interlining Plus
Local phone: 604-606-1700 Toll Free: 1-800-665-3100
Fax: 604-606-1720

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