2010 NetLetter #1108 - February 13th, 2010

#1108 - February 13th, 2010
Vesta's Jump Seat
Vesta StevensonWhy not allow the NetLetter be your platform, and opportunity, to relive your history while working for either TCA, AC, CPAir, CAIL, PWA, AirBC etal. and share your experiences with us!

amyjohnsonAmy Johnson a UK aviatrix was the first female to fly from Britain to Australia on May 5th 1930, also the first female to fly Britain to Moscow and then Japan.
The United Kingdom issued this commemorative stamp on April 29th 2003.

National Flag of Canada Day
Canadian Flag After watching the Olympic opening ceremony on Friday night it's hard not to be proud to be a Canadian.

As we have mentioned in a few past NetLetters, Monday, February 15, 2010 is National Flag Day in Canada. As most people reading this NetLetter will remember, there was a big Canadian Flag Debate in 1964.

*The flag was inaugurated on Feb 15, 1965 and since 1996, February 15 has been commemorated as Flag Day.

* "By the Proclamation, the Maple Leaf Flag became the flag of Canada on February 15, 1965. At noon on that day, throughout Canada and at Canadian legions and on Canadian ships throughout the world, the Canadian Red Ensign was lowered with great honour and the Maple Leaf Flag was raised. On Parliament Hill, Gaetan Secours, a 26 year-old R.C.M.P. constable pulled smartly at the halyard of the flagpole beside the dais and moments later, a sudden east wind gave the first breath of life to Canada's red maple leaf flag."
http://fraser.cc/FlagsCan/Nation/CanFlag.html (*Endnotes 84)

(Gaetan Secours, the young R.C.M.P constable in question, who raised the new Red Maple Leaf - Canada Flag - February 15 - 1965, has a long time Air Canada connection in being the husband of Diane Secours, Retiree - Ottawa) 

Submitted by: J. Shea (ret.yow) February 11, 2010.
Save Our Pensions (repeat)
ACFamily Network & Pionairs Now available in French as well!

We need your help
in getting an urgent message to the Federal Government!

It's important that the government is aware that Air Canada retirees are very concerned that nothing has been done by our Government to give preferred status to pension plan funds in the event a company has no option but to enter into bankruptcy.

As it now stands, other creditors are considered first, while pensioners risk being considered last, or not considered at all.

In order to raise our status so that pensioners can be on a level playing field with other creditors, it is vital that the Federal Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act be amended to give pension plans preferred status.

The Government will soon deliver the 2010 Budget, so our goal in launching this letter-writing campaign in conjunction with the Air Canada Pionairs is to have this matter addressed in their Budget Speech on March 3rd, 2010.

The ACFamily Network, using information supplied by the Pionairs Pension Committee has created a web interface that will enable you to easily submit a letter to your local MP as well as to other interested Government VIPs if you wish to do so. You can make a difference.

Please visit: www.acfamily.net/save-our-pensions-info.html for further information.
Air Canada News
Air CanadaFrom the Air Canada "Daily"

Fifth humanitarian flight
carries their youngest and oldest passengers. The most recent mission to Port-au-Prince carried both our youngest and oldest passengers safely to Ottawa yesterday: a 3-month old baby and a 114-year-old woman. AC2150, the Haiti-bound flight operated on a 767-300, departed Toronto at 10:22 a.m. with 33,537 kg of relief supplies onboard. Among the cargo were pallets of diapers, rice, french schoolbooks, penicillin and other medical supplies mostly destined for the "Air Canada Clinic."  (Alan) - Air Canada is once again making us proud to be Air Canada retirees! Good job for all the employees that made this happen!

Travel Advisory
Employees traveling on space available passes should exercise caution if attempting to travel either to or from YVR during the Winter Games. Peak travel periods include February 8-16 and February 28-March 3.

Of particular note is March 1, the day after the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, when most of those participating in the Games depart. Not only will employees likely not get out due to lack of availability, but they may also likely find it impossible to even get near the airport, adding to the capacity issues the airport itself will face.
Our first 70 years.
1949 - T.C.A. introduced a new colour scheme for the DC-3 fleet.

1992 - Mar 16th - First B747-400 service from Toronto to Los Angeles.
TCA/AC People Gallery
Over the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier "Horizons", should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Musings from the "Between Ourselves" Magazine -

Issue dated April 1949 -
On February 22nd under the command of Capt. Colin Campbell, a North Star flew from Montreal to London, England in 10 hours 18 minutes to establish a new record for this leg.

The rest of the crew were F/O L.M.Wallace, Navigator H.R.McClintock, Radio Officer L.S.Burke, Purser F.St.Hilaire, Stewardess W.Stewart.

February 19th 1949 a fire destroyed the Administration Building on
Vancouver Airport. displacing the TCA departments who had to move to a hangar temporarily until a new building was constructed.
The Ramp, Airport Ticket office and Commissary personnel were involved. Despite the fact that the control tower was completely destroyed by the fire, there was only one TCA flight delayed.

fireyvrThis a photo taken at the height of the fire.

This photo taken after the fire show the steps leading to the waiting room.
afterfireyvrRemains of the control tower towers on the left side. TCA loss amounted to approximately $7,000.00.

Latest graduates from Stewardess training at Winnipeg are these brand new TCA Stewardesses.

graduatesStanding, left to right: M. Gough, F. Robertson, D. Mortimer, R. Sega!, S. Taylor, J. Thomson A. Potvin, M. Viel, F. Perkins, flight Service Instructor. Sitting, left to right: M. McGillivray; P. Workum, L. Sundberg, A. McAllister, A. Bourque, J. Telford, I Coulthard.

Gleanings from the "Horizons" magazine -
Issue dated March 1992 -
The installation of "Seatphones" started November 1991 with the
DC-9 and B-727 aircraft.

Pictured here are the volunteers who worked on the "Skytel" project
from left to right.

maintenanceback row - Yvon Comtois, ; Harold Ernesti, Robert Lalonde, Richard Lavallée, John Ansel, Sylvain Duquette, Ronald Starnes, Dave Hinchliffe, André Vincent, Bernard Lugagne, Claude Pilon.
Second row: Gaétan Greer, Edward Mullins, Jean Leroux, Joey O'Donohue, Jacques Gagne, Ken Leggatt. Kneeling, Doug McWinnie, Leo Venne, David Métivier.Missing: Claude Patenaude, Dave Owen

During the 1992 Winter Olympics, Canadian Airlines International
launched their "Wing Walker" advertising campaign which depicted a CAI aircraft pulled up beside another aircraft with red and white colors similar to Air Canada's. The ad showed passengers walking along the wing from the aircraft to the CAI aircraft inferring that passengers were switching allegiance. An injunction by Air Canada failed to have the ads stopped.

U.K.Reservations group had a successful 1991 year selling tickets
directly to the public thus saving on commissions.

ukresHere they are Left to right.  Elaine martin, Sarah Ramage, Theresa Coakley, Jane Simmons, Phil Evitts, Liz Hanna, Jane Nelson, Guklshan Dhanjal, Dawn Soloman.

In August 1991, the Dorval's Power Plant put together a group to review the JT9D EGT engine's marginal performance. Here they are -

powerplantFrom the left - Jacques Allard, Jean Boutin, Nick Pietek; John Wettring, Stan Moskal, Al Clattenberg. Rock Bilodeau; John Vasquezereiz, Jacques Simard, Gord Humphrey, Francois Lapalme, José Alves, Val Jurkovic.

The staff in the Pricing department analyzes and sets fares based on market conditions and negotiates fare structures with other carriers.

pricersHere are some of the group from left to right.
Debbie Fase. Colette Saint-Pierre, Vito Ceroni, Alice Keung, Luce Bureau, George Volikakis.  
(Missing from the photo is Marcel Forget -  someone had to answer the phones - eds)

Canadian Maple Wings (CMWA), an association of former and current TCA/AirCanada Flight Attendants held their 12th Annual General Meeting on April 24/25th at the King Street Holiday Inn in Toronto.
Alan's Space
Alan Rust
Manitoba Air Show - Landing problems (from Al Watson)

Evidently, if you live in Manitoba, it's quite entertaining to watch the ducks try to land in the winter time or shoulder seasons.

This video even has sound effects added.

Ducks making a hard landing
Canadi>n/CPAir/PWA, Wardair, etc. Events & People
Canadian AirwaysOver the past months we have been publishing various photographs from earlier in-house magazines, should any photos prompt a memory in seeing one of them, feel free to send us your comments and thoughts.

Perusing the "Info Canadian" magazine
Issue June 1993 -
Canadian has moved its operations at Manchester UK from Terminal 1
to 2 and at Charles de Gaulle Paris from Terminal 2 to 1

Canadian has launched a new strategy at Edmonton Municipal to counter the challenge from AirBC who introduced BAE146 service to YVR.

edmontonLast month Canadian celebrated 30 years service between Calgary and
Edmonton with an advert stating "If time is money, then driving between
Calgary and Edmonton is highway robbery". This to lure more passengers
to the AirBus service offered.

Issue dated August 1993

wattWhen Flight Attendant Jimmy Watt isn't serving passengers at 30,000 ft, he can be found helping to save lives at sea level on the waters surrounding Vancouver's lower mainland. Jimmy is a volunteer skipper of a Deep Cove lifeboat which assists the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary

Under the heading "Laundering for money" is a story about Canadian's Laundry Services department which opened on August 3rd 1993 in the Vancouver Ops Centre.

And we have this photo of the employees.
(These are the names in the article BUT with 23 names and 21 people,
and no indication of position in the photo, we are unable to sort out the information provided - eds)

laundryJamie Aydon, May Cheuck, Balraz Dhanowa, Lee Elliot, Bettina Grenier, Richard Hobbis, Debra Lacey, Terry Lawson, Audrey Lee, Katerina Malis, Carlos Perez, Hilde Poerschke, Laini Puchaiski, Theresa Quon, Alex Rios, Finley Roberts, Carla Schwarz, Leo Soriano, Sue Toor, Cori Tymrick, Shirley Vipond, Niki Viachias and Connie Yu.

In the Halifax load planning office customer service agents discuss a crisis of the moment.

halifaxHere they are pondering a resolution -
Bob Hill, Carole Malone and Gus Gallahue on the right.

This group of 4 are a close knit team who take care of Canadian's
121 flight attendants who are based in Halifax.

halifax-1From front to back - Debbie Bastow, Denise Chaisson, Patty Jo Berardi, Maria Judson.

Paddlers face the dragons in the International Dragon Boat races -
proudly holding up Canadian's banner are the Toronto Wingwalkers:

wingwalkersJohn Guerrero, Mike Roberts, Ed Chin, Jose Bernaro, Mike Simon,
Adrian Uhraney,Rhoel Ruperto, Ron Groll, Lori Owens, Harold MacKenzie, Richard Wilimot, Ramon Manglal-lan,
Lino Distefano,Gord Henderson, Alex Simon, Wayne Hawkins, Albino Moldes, Larry Filipek, Rocco Chirichiello,
Spencer Lui, Parker Chong, and Daniel Pyn Knoski.
Readers Feedback

Loraine Gore has sent us this information -
Pay attention, airlines. Here is a way to recap some of those losses.
Imagine having a Boeing 727 as a home. The plane set Joanne Ussary back $2,000.00, cost $4,000.00 to move, and $24,000.00 to renovate.
That's not bad for a $30,000.00 investment. The stairs open with a garage door remote, and one of the bathrooms is still intact.


And let's not forget the personal jacuzzi in the cockpit. Sweet......
The Boeing home is featured as part of a collection of creative conversions. Location: Costa Rica.

Enid Moore has sent us this message -
I recently came across some professional photos of some kind of office get-together in 1949 at Dorval...doesn't look like a Christmas party so I really don't know what the occasion was. I wasn't born yet
But the date was October 7th 1949.

My dad was T. I. Moore (Tim Moore) who was General Supervisor,
Quality Records, Maintenance, for several years in the 60s and 70s.
He worked for Russ Thatcher. Some other names I remember from his
work are Jim McLean, Doug Norberg, Derek Bone, (Jim?) Stewart,
Bill Ramage, Dud Steeves and a guy called Jennio. I thought that was his name, Jennio....a "lightning calculator" who liked the Roadrunner cartoons... it wasn't until many years afterwards that I connected the name to Pierre Jeanniot.

We lived in Roxboro and there were several TCA/Air Canada employees in the  area, including Eric Bell who lived right across the street from us. He was a metallurgist. Alas, he passed away about a month ago.
So I came across these photos and thought you might find an interest in them.

I can only identify two employees in them, but they are pointed out where possible.
dorval-1949-1Standing, Derek Bone. Seated third from left, Audrey Bone. Second from right my mother, Enid Moore, wife of Tim Moore.

dorval-1949-2Standing, back left, Derek Bone and Tim Moore.

dorval-1949-3Standing, left to right: Audrey Bone, Derek Bone, unknown, Enid Moore, Tim Moore, unknown.

dorval-1949-4In this photo Enid is unable to recognize anyone.

These last 2 are a different party. The walls are different, my dad's wearing a different tie, but the big clue has to be the date stamp on the back These are dated March 12, 1949.

dorval-1949-5At the piano, Derek Bone. Standing behind with her hand on his shoulder, Audrey Bone. Standing behind the piano, in profile, Tim Moore. Everyone seems to be enjoying the singalong.

dorval-1949-6Can just see dad peeking out from behindon the left, but aside from that
I don't recognize anybody.

I hope you enjoy looking at them...I think this is all there are but if I come  across any more I'll pass them along.
Best regards,
Enid Moore King

(Editors note: Excellent photos! and different from the usual as it does show everyone having a good time. I was trying to read what type of beer was on the tables but can't quite make it out., probably Molson's - eds)

Enid responded -
Could be Molson's, though. I searched all over the web for a photo of
antique/vintage/Molson/Quebec/Canadian beer bottles, but couldn't find a photo to  match. Molson doesn't have any on their website that I could find.

Perhaps TCA didn't promote their party pictures because an airline's image should be  more closely associated with safety and comfort, rather than beer:-)

Remember when British painted up a couple of their planes with children's artwork? They were trying to project a "fun" image, but I wondered who would want  to fly with somebody who might be supplying their captains with colouring books...:-)
Regards  Enid.

We received this email from Nancy Greene -
My daughter Susan (Ottawa) received a copy of Netletter #1104 (5) from a  friend of hers  (AC retiree) who had seen Courtney's picture in it and Susan  sent a copy to me and her 2 siblings.

We were all  very thrilled and surprised. It is nice to know that,  contrary  to common  belief , "Once gone - soon forgotten", that we are remembered.

It was especially touching because this month is the 5th. Anniversary of Courtney's death.

Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Nancy Greene
This n That.
pionairsLast summer, people in and around Abbotsford BC, may have noticed
this aircraft.

We can confirm that our Pionairs have not purchased this aircraft for their executives.

The aircraft, a Convair 580 c/n 507, was built in 1958 and owned by General Motors in 1959. In April 1996 it was with Cypress Jetprop Charter in Canada registered as C-GTTE.

July 1997 it was with Kelowna Flight Charter and leased to Air Chathams in New Zealand. It was leased to various outfits in Australia ending up with Pionair Adventures registered as VP-PDV in April 2006..
In July of last year, it was sold to Conair Group, Abbotsford registered
as C-CYXC and converted to fire attach. 
Terry's Trivia & Travel Tips
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We thought you may remeber this situation when you have travelled as a con!

cartoonThis cartoon from "Info Canadian" magazine issue June 1993, the cartoon by Don Rice.