2003 Netletter #770 May 10/03 - The NetLetter

#770 May 10/03 - The NetLetter
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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 770 May 10th.,  2003. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Nice to know.
Employee names available in souvenir photos. Since September, employees
seen their names in flight on the specially-painted A320 flying the “Symphony
of Voices” paint scheme to mark our 65th anniversary. Now, Toronto Station
Attendant Morris Hunt has found a way to recreate the image on personal
souvenir photos, with your name front and centre. Morris is selling the
souvenir photos for between $20 and $40, plus taxes and shipping with proceeds
going to Dreams Take Flight. Check out his website at www.ac65.com.

50 per cent discount for all Park’N Fly Locations across Canada. Active and
retired Air Canada and Air Jazz employees can take advantage of a 50 per cent
discount on daily parking fees at Park’N Fly locations across Canada. An
initial misunderstanding about whether the discount applied to Calgary-based
employees has now been clarified. Park’N Fly is conveniently open 24-hours a

Hilton Toronto Airport offers employees a great deal. All active and
retired Air
Canada employees can take advantage of a discounted rate to stay at the Hilton
Toronto Airport. Starting immediately and until the end of this year, the
Hilton is offering a deluxe or suite room for $70
Cdn, plus tax, applicable seven days a week. The offer is subject to room
availability, and your employee ID is required at check-in along with a credit
card to guarantee any incidentals. For more information, contact Reservations
at (905) 677-9900.

" ' "

No employee fares for the Concorde. The RES office has received calls from
several employees about the Concorde jet retirement (Air France will
discontinue service by May 31 and British Airways by year-end). Unfortunately,
there are no interline fares or other special rates being offered at this time
for employee travel aboard the Concorde. British Airways has advised, however,
that they will make special offers available to the public. For more details,
visit their website at www.ba.com.

" ' "
Dell offers special prices to employees. Between May 15 and June 15, Air Canada
employees will be able to buy Dell computers at a five per cent discount off
the best price available at the time of purchase. All employees, retirees,
employees of Jazz, ZIP, Aeroplan, Air Canada Vacations and Destina are
eligible. The Web address to see Dell’s products and buy online is
Purchases can be made by calling 1-866-922-4922. Dell’s offer will be available
again in August and November.

" ' "

. News from the districts -
The Vancouver Island & Gulf Island Pionairs held their spring luncheon on May
8th, attended by 110 Pionairs, retirees and spouses. All attendees were handed
a written document briefly explaning the situation vis-a-vis the Air Canada
pensions. After the buffet, Wally Lamond, District Director, introduced the
speaker - Bill Rowe, Chair, Pensions & Benefits Committee.
Bill Rowe spoke for some 30 minutes explaining the situation with the 10
different Canadian basic pension plans. An explanation for the committee which
has been formed from amongst retirees, by the Pionairs, to represent ALL the
retirees and ALL 10 of the basic pension plans was given. A lawyer has been
retained to represent ALL the retirees.
With regard to the reported deficit of $1.4 billion, Bill pointed out that
this is NOT due to any "borrowing" from the fund by Air Canada, as Air Canada
cannot legally remove any funds as the 10 basic pension plans are vested.
Unfortunately, the supplementary pension plans are not vested. The deficit is
due to the value of the bonds and stocks as a result in a slump in the market,
and this deficit could be reduced, somewhat, with a turn around in the market.
Bill explained that, any revision to the rules to the pension plans made by
Air Canada, will only affect the active employees and NOT the retirees as their
plans are vested.

As the Pionairs is a non-profit organization, very little funds are available
to cover the unforseen event of having legal representation during the court
proceedings and, to cover the cost of a lawyer, an appeal is being made to ALL
retirees for a financial donation. The monies from the donation are solely to
cover the legal expenses and NOT for the committee as they have volunteered
their services and offer various areas of expertise. Should there be a surplus
of donated funds, there will be a distribution to the donors, it is, therefore,
incumbent  for every donor to include their employee number on all cheques
which should be made out to "Air Canada Pionairs in trust" and sent to
Mr Ed. Storie, 129 Shanley Terrace, Oakville, ON., L6K 2H7.
A suggested guideline of $2.00 per $1,000.00 gross annual pension is not
Bill Rowe answered some 25 written question received from the floor, with
some assistance from Ray Lindsay and Glen Steeves.
It was felt that most of the attendees left the luncheon with a more clear
understanding of the present situation.
In closing, Bill urged those of us with access to the internet and emails to
share the information with those retirees without such access either from the
various email updates being issued by the Pionairs and RAPCAN and by viewing
the web sites of www.achorizons.ca  www.travel.aircanada.ca and acfamily.net


Mr. Charlie Stock has advised that the next NOVA SCOTIA / PEI Meeting is
scheduled for
Wednesday May 7th at 11:00 Hours, at your regular meeting place, The Armdale
Yacht Club on Purcells Cove Road, Halifax. Charlie hopes to see All Retirees in
your Area out to this meeting, where he will be answering Questions about the A
G M and the Pension & Benefits Committee newly formed by Pionairs.

Vancouver Pionairs Golf tournament
Enty deadline drawing near
Place-Country Meadows Exec. Course(One of the finest Exec courses in
Date-May 22nd,1st tee off 10AM
Cost-$49.00,include post game Burger Buffet,Prizes,KP,Longest drive MF,Snax
for the game etc.
To enter-contact-Charlie Burtch 604 943 3429 EMAIL This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Out of town guests welcome.

Bob Walker sends this reminder for the Victoria area pionairs that the next get
together for the Victoria coffe klatch will be next Wed. May 14th 09:30 at
Smitty's Restraunt 2302 Beacon Ave in Sidney BC thanks very much Bob Walker

From the Vancouver Island and Gulf Island May newsletter -
Report on the 26th Annual General Meeting - Ottawa, April 25 - 27, 2003
Considering the SARS scare, we had a reasonably good attendance from all
The business meetings for all Pionairs were well attended. Sue Welchied, V.P.
People, gave us a good run down on the events leading to the CCAA protection
for Air Canada; and answered many questions. At the Sunday banquet, Rob
Gigeure, Executive V.P. Operations was our guest speaker, and was well
Major topic was of course Air Canada under CCAA protection and the possible
effect it may have on our pensions and other benefits. It was noted that the
normal financial support from Air Canada will in all probability not be
forthcoming, as such the following motion was made and passed.
"that the annual fees for Pionairs be increased from $10 to a maximum of $14
(if necessary) effective June, 2004."
In addition, a further motion was moved and passed (because of fluid nature of
events at the CCAA filing)
"that a Pension and Benefits Committee be appointed."
This Committee chaired by Bill Rowe to have the following members:
Board Members: Ed Storrie, Shirley Wood, Savile Hambleton, Glen Steeves,
Charles Bonnyman, Charles Stock, Bill Rowe.
Ex Officio: Fraser O'Shaugnessy, John Rodger, Ken Affleck.
By Invitation: Mary Moore, Ted Page (YUL), Linda Mahger (YUL), Duane Frerichs,
Charles Deacon (YOW), Bruce Aubin (YYZ), Doug Lovat.
CAIL Sub-Committee: Charles Ash (YVR), Bernie Murphy (YVR), Ian Beckett (YVR),
Ernie Watson (YVR) plus Board members Shirley Wood and Charles Bonnyman.
Legal Assistance (Retired A/C Lawyers) Guy Poppe (YYZ) and Remi LaFreniere
It is a large Committee, with meetings being conducted via e-mail and when
necessary by conference calls. The above will give us much needed expertise
from within our own group. As an example the CAIL sub-Committee members are
retired CAIL employees who worked on or with the various CAIL Pension Plans.
Meetings were held with OSFI (office of the Superintendent of Financial
Institutions) who is the Federal watchdog for Federally Registered Pensions.
The 5 or 6 Committee Members who were there were strongly advised that we must
have legal representation at the court hearings to protect our interests.
Unions can only represent active employees. It was also suggested that we
include non-Pionair Retirees in our court representation. We plan to canvass
all Retirees for financial support, and will require Air Canada to assist with
this communication.
Mr. John Varley has been retained as our Legal Counsel whose fees are $350.00
per hour (with $10,000 up front). Mr. Varley comes with very high
recommendations and we are confident we will be well represented.
To cover the above, the following motion was moved and passed:
"That a fund be established and monies held "in trust" to be used for legal and
administrative expenses incurred
during the Air Canada CCAA proceedings, with ALL Retirees asked to subscribe"
Suggested amount of $2.00 per thousand of annual Pension, (or more if desired),
or whatever each person can afford. Cheques to be payable to Air Canada
Pionairs in trust and forwarded to Mr. Ed Storrie - 129 Shanley Terrace,
Oakville, Ontario L6K 2H7. Please ensure that your Employee Number is on the
cheque. A full accounting will be kept and all expenditures recorded and any
funds left will be sent back to the Donor on a pro-rata basis.
Local Activites
Barbecue: Qualicum Beach in late July (Date to be announced)
Vancouver Island Pionairs Golf tournament on August 13th; 12 noon. Arrowsmith
Golf Club; Qualicum Beach. Cost is $25.00 ea includes prizes. Please send
cheque to Bill Wood, P.O. Box 1879, Ladysmith, B.C., V9G 1B4 DEADLINE July 31st
Retiree Assistance program:
Just to remind all that this plan is available to all who may need professional
help or guidance. (Financial, marital, alcohol, drug concerns, etc.) Our two
c-ordinators are Shirley Williams in Victoria (250-381-2891) and Lynn McDonagh
in Parksville (250-954-0320).
Shirley and Lynn will not solve your problems but will direct you to the
appropriate professional. In every instance complete confidentiality is
In concluding, lets look to the future in a positive frame of mind. I am
confident that Air Canada will emerge from the CCAA proceedings in much better
shape and that our pensions and benefits will survive.

Glen Steeves sends this -
Much has happened since April 1, 2003. Air Canada filing for Bankruptcy
Protection under the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), the
Pionairs AGM and the formation of a special Pensions and Benefits Committee.
This committee with legal counsel will represent the interests of all
AC/CAIL retirees in Canada during bankruptcy proceedings. The objective will
be to fully protect our pensions as currently received. As you may be are
aware we have retained legal representation in the person of Mr. John Varley
a specialist in Pension/Bankruptcy law.
We will be discussing these and other important issues at Coffee Meetings
during the coming weeks. The schedule for the remainder of May is as

Tsawwassen - Tuesday May 13 at 10:00 Tsawwassen Golf Club (new location) 1595
St t of Imperial Hill)
North Shore- Wednesday, May 14 at 10:00 Park Royal Hotel 540 Clyde St West Van.
Vancouver - Thursday May 15 at 10:00 Scottish Cultural Centre 8886 Hudson St.
Guest Speaker Bill Rowe Chair Pension and Benefits Committee
Richmond - Tuesday May 20 at 10:00 Legends Pub Buswell and Cook
Guest Speaker Bill Rowe
Ladner - Tuesday May 27 at 10:00 Ricky's Restaurant Trenant Park
Guest Speaker - Bill Rowe
Plan to come out and talk about the issues we are collectively facing. If
you are not yet a Pionair member we will have applications on hand and BRING

For further information on Mr. John Varley or contacts for Coffee
Meetings go to www.pionairs.ca

Glen Steeves
District Director

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
On the off chance that the flamboyant owner can turn a profit in the
supersonic market, British Airways (BA) is saying "No, thank you" to Virgin
Atlantic Airways owner Richard Branson's offer to take seven Concordes off its
hands. BA announced last week it was retiring the Concordes by October due to
falling revenue and increasing expenses and planned to turn the aircraft over
to any museum that wanted one. That riled Branson's patriotic sensibilities and
aroused his entrepreneurial spirit. Branson said the aircraft were developed
with a healthy infusion of taxpayers' pounds (and francs) and if need be, he
would appeal to the government to decide their fate

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Some UK hotels for Star Alliance employees & retirees -
Buchanan Hotel, Glasgow, Scotland built 1840 gbp70.00 dble.
phone (0)141-332-7284
Nethybridge Hotel, Inverness, Scotland  gbp65.00 dble
phone (0)1479-821203
Royal Hotel, Oban, Scotland bulit 1895 gbp65.00 dble
phone (0)1631-563201
Salutation Hotel, Perth, Scotland built 1699 - yes 1699! gbp65.00 dble
phone (0)1738-630066

Dargal has the following deals - amongst many others -

*** ALASKA ***

May 11 through July 27 ~ 7 Nights ~ Celebrity ~ Mercury
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C.; Cruise Inside Passage; Ketchikan, Alaska; Cruise
Hubbard Glacier; Juneau, Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Cruise Inside Passage;
Vancouver, B.C.
Inside $500, Oceanview $600, Balcony (n/a for Jun 29) $700, Suite (n/a for Jun
29, Jul 6, 13) $800

May 17 & 31 ~ 14 Nights ~ Holland America ~ Prinsendam
ITINERARY: San Francisco, California; At Sea; Astoria, Oregon; Cruise
W.Coast of
Vancouver Isle; Wrangell, Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Cruise Tracy Arm; Juneau,
Alaska; Cruise Yakutat Bay; Cruise Hubbard Glacier; Skagway, Alaska; Ketchikan,
Alaska; Cruise Misty Fjords; Cruise Greenville Channel; Cruise Canadian Inside
Passage; Victoria, B.C.; At Sea; San Francisco, California
May 17: Inside $699, Oceanview $899, Balcony $1459
May 31: Inside $759, Oceanview $999, Balcony $1459

May 17, 24, June 14, July 26, August 23, 30, September 6 & 13 ~ 7 Nights ~
Norwegian ~ Norwegian Sky
ITINERARY: Seattle, Washington; Cruise Inside Passage; Ketchikan, Alaska;
Juneau, Alaska; Cruise Sawyer Glacier; Skagway, Alaska; Cruise Outside Passage;
Victoria, B.C.; Seattle, Washington
May 17: Oceanview $699
May 24, Jun 14: Inside $599, Oceanview $799
Jul 26: Inside $699, Oceanview $899
Aug 23, Sep 6, 13: Inside $599
Aug 30: Inside $499

May 22 & 29 ~ 7 Nights ~ Holland America ~ Maasdam
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C.; Cruise Inside Passage; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway,
Alaska; Cruise Glacier Bay National Park; Ketchikan, Alaska; Cruise Inside
Passage; Vancouver, B.C.
May 22: Inside $329, Oceanview $429, Suite $729
May 29: Inside $359, Oceanview $459, Suite $729

May 23, June 6 & 20 ~ 7 Nights ~ Celebrity ~ Summit
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C.; Cruise Inside Passage; Ketchikan, Alaska; Skagway,
Alaska; Juneau, Alaska; Cruise Hubbard Glacier; Valdez, AK/Cruise College
Fjord; Seward, Alaska
May 23: Inside $400, Oceanview $500, Balcony $600, Concierge Class $625
Jun 6: Inside $400, Oceanview $500
Jun 20: Inside $450, Oceanview $550, Balcony $650

May 24, 31, June 7, 14 & 21 ~ 7 Nights ~ Royal Caribbean ~ Radiance of the Seas
ITINERARY: Vancouver, B.C.; Cruise Inside Passage; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway,
Alaska; Cruise Hubbard Glacier; Ketchikan, Alaska; Cruise Inside Passage;
Vancouver, B.C.
May 24, 31: Inside $449, Oceanview $549, Balcony $699
Jun 7: Inside $499, Oceanview $599, Balcony $749
Jun 14: Inside $499
Jun 21: Oceanview $599

May 30, June 13 & 27 ~ 7 Nights ~ Celebrity ~ Summit
ITINERARY: Seward, Alaska; Cruise Hubbard Glacier; Juneau, Alaska; Skagway,
Alaska; Sitka, Alaska; Ketchikan, Alaska; Cruise Inside Passage; Vancouver,
May 30: Inside $400, Oceanview $500, Balcony $600, Concierge Class $625, Suite
Jun 13 & 27: Inside $400, Oceanview $500, Balcony $600, Concierge Class $625,
Suite $850
Rates are quoted in U.S. dollars per person (based on double occupancy) and are
subject to change, availability and eligibility. PORT CHARGES ARE INCLUDED.
Government taxes/fees are additional. Offers apply to new bookings only, are
capacity controlled and may be withdrawn without notice.

For more information on these and other Dargal Interline specials:
Call Toll Free: 1-800-690-3223
International Toll Free: (International Access Code)-800-2832-7425
Fax: (250) 861-3283

" ' "

. Smilie.
Lunch in London, grr eat ...
Dinner in Chicago, really grrr eat .....................
Luggage in Melbourne. grrrr rrrr.
(Joke from a UK paper.) Ted Tierney.

A friend of mine was cruising along in his turbo arrow at 18,000 feet one day
when a 737 was called out to him at his 1 o'clock and 15 miles passing to his
left. The 737 crew was similarly advised. When they passed, the 737 Capt
remarked "What are you doing up here?" My friend replied, "About a 178 knots."

" ' "

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