2003 Netletter #774 June 20/03 - The NetLetter

#774 June 20/03 - The NetLetter
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T H E                    _| TCA |_
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N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 774,  June 20th.,  2003. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Nice to know.
Notice any changes to your travel profile? You may have recently noticed an
increase to the number of C1J10 passes in your travel profile on the Employee
Travel Site. This is not an error. Recently, the Company decided to increase
the C1J10 pass allotment to four passes for each eligible travel holder and
their spouse. The C1J10 passes are very popular and help generate revenue for
the Company – a win-win for everyone. Also, your partner allotment was
'refreshed' to accurately reflect the original number of 10 partner passes.

As donations to the Pension Fund are tax deductable,maybe a note to all in
regards to claiming refunds could be offered.
G.R.Lavers 56910
Here are the major changes to Air Canada summer schedule
Cancelled:Toronto–Saint John, Fredericton July 6 (Tango), and
Toronto–Regina and Saskatoon June 1 (Tango)
New daily flights to build the Montreal hub: Montreal to
Edmonton, St. John’s and Charlottetown.
Reduced capacity: Down gauges from B767 to A321 and
less Rapidair capacity.
Cancelled: Vancouver–Nagoya
Cancelled: Toronto–Tokyo
Cancelled: Montreal–Rome (planned start-up)
Capacity reduced: Vancouver to Hong Kong down to three
per week for June, five for July and back to daily in August.
(Down from double daily last summer). Vancouver–Shanghai
down to three per week from June to Sept.
On Vancouver–Osaka route, B747 replaced by A340 for
summer peak, B767 for June.
Suspended:Vancouver–Beijing suspended from June 1 to Aug. 31.
Cancelled:Vancouver–Washington (Dulles), Miami June 1.
Weekends only to Chicago and Boston
Cancelled: Calgary–Chicago June 1
Cancelled: Montreal–Atlanta and San Francisco June 1
More frequency: Montreal to New York, Philadelphia,
Washington, Boston and Newark, as part of building of
Montreal hub.
Cancelled: Toronto–San Diego, Grand Rapids and Dayton
June 1
Suspended: Toronto–New Orleans June 21 to Sept. 1
Suspended: Toronto–Kansas City July 1 to Sept. 1
Suspended: Toronto–St. Louis June 1 to Sept. 1
Suspended:Winnipeg–Chicago Sept. 1

" ' "
. Need to know.
Another chance to nominate your travel partner. Employee Travel and
Recognition has provided another window of opportunity – from July 1 - 31, for
active and retired single employees to nominate or change a designated travel
partner, or for active and retired employees to nominate non-dependent children
in the travel profile using the Employee Travel Site. This will be your last
chance this year to update your profile. You’re encouraged to share this
information with your colleagues. Employees and retirees who don’t have access
to a personal computer are encouraged to go to libraries, friends and family or
to an internet café.

Don’t leave booking flights on other airlines to the last minute! While
a spontaneous trip abroad can be exciting, the reality is that your tickets may
not be ready when you are. In most situations, booking OAL flights using the
Employee Travel Site (ETS) is possible. However, there have been instances when
a flight booking on some carriers is not accepted by ETS. Consequently,
employees call the Employee Call Centre, but agents aren’t able to accommodate
them due to the minimum four day processing requirement for phone requests.
Agents try to help their colleagues, but due to staff reductions and the need
to focus on our customers, this is not always possible. Therefore, give
yourself more time to book your trip on an OAL carrier, to ensure that you can
have your tickets when you need them.

" ' "

. News from the Pionair districts -
The Courtenay/Comox Pionairs monthly luncheon will be at the Salmon Point
on the old highway midway between Courtenay and Campbell River at noon on
June 26th. For more details contact Eric van der Holt at (250)897-0322

Peter Baldry in London UK sends this report -
"The morning of 29th May dawned bright and sunny. As the hands of the clock
moved slowly to-wards twelve noon, the moment of truth was near - would time
have been kind to us all? Would we recognise each other after, in some cases,
40 years? This was the culmination of many months of detective work by Peter
Baldry and Stephanie Grayson (nee Webber) to organise a reunion for those
people who had worked in the Passenger Office at Heathrow Airport in the
Sixties. The reunion was held at a golf club near to Heathrow.
One or two early birds arrived and were invited to "check in" for a trip down
memory lane. The check in desk, under an old Trans Canada Airlines/Air Canada
sign was manned by Jenny Watts, (on loan, but in her own time, from Air
Canada). Jenny handed out name badges - better to be safe than sorry!
The trickle became a flood and the Club House was soon rocking to shrieks of
laughter as old flames/friends/colleagues swapped stories and reminisced about
"the good old days". Old photographs (mostly black & white) were passed around
to more peals of laughter.
In all some 53 people were traced with 38 attending on the day, travelling from
as far afield as Canada, The States, France, Ireland, Scotland and far flung
places in England. A further nine people were untraceable and probably some
were forgotten despite vigorous efforts to remember everybody.
Heathrow's own newspaper, Skyport came along to record the event and everyone
was sent a copy of the group photograph and write up together with the list of
names and addresses of everyone who attended.
The day was deemed a huge success and the outstanding question is "when will we
meet again"? "

Vancouver Island and Gulf Island Pionairs send this information -
TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2003
Cost: $5.00 per person
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Hamburgers, Chickenburgers and Hot Dogs, plus tea and coffee will be provided.
Participants are requested to bring utensils, drinks of their choice, and a
dish to share, e.g. Salad, Dessert or an Appetizer. A folding chair might also
be useful although there are several picnic tables available.
Socializing, games and eating will be the order of the day. Last year the
weather wasn't very cooperative but everyone had a great time anyway. Let's
hope for some sunshine this year. The Rotary Park facility has a covered area
right at the beach so inclement weather should not dampen our spirits.
Please advise EILEEN BROWN AT 752-0733 by no later than July 18 if you are
planning to attend.
Hope to see you there.

" ' "

. Short history of Ches Rickard -
I am a real pioneer, joining TCA in December 1937 as a radio operator
and retiring in 1971 as a DC8 Captain, so I have worked or been based at a
lot of stations in Canada including odd-ball ones like Oliver, B.C. and
St.Hubert, P.Q. Best Regards, Ches Rickard, VE7CCH. < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

" ' "

. May Day!
From: "Paule Pulling" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: Hotels near Charles de Gaulle
Would anyone know of a hotel/ B & B near Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris
where we could stay for one night in July?
Paula Pulling Sims
Halifax, N.S.

" ' "
L10A Electra takes off for Dreams Take Flight. On June 21 and 22, in Winnipeg,
you can have the chance to fly in the vintage CF-TCC aircraft. Tickets are
still for sale for the six flights available over this two-day period, and
proceeds go towards Dreams Take Flight. To book this great opportunity, call
(204) 941-2726, or e-mail Harold Bateman at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Hurry,
as only one seat on each of the three flights on Sunday is available.

" ' "

Air France’s Concorde destined for The National Air and Space Museum in
Washington. According to Commercial Aviation Daily, today, June 12, Air
Concorde, F-BVFA, will depart from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport for the
last time. It is headed for Washington's Dulles International Airport, where
Air France officials will donate the aircraft to the Smithsonian Institution's
National Air and Space Museum. The F-BVFA was Air France’s first Concorde, and
during its 27 year career it accomplished a round-the-world trip from Jan. 11
to Feb. 1, 1998, travelling 32,100 miles in 41 hours 27 minutes, including 19
hours 20 minutes at supersonic speed. It also has travelled 17,824 flight
hours, and completed 6,967 flights.

" ' "

. Musings from Jack and Betty Morgan -

I am not writing exclusively about Air Canada today, although it
is close to the top of our ponderings.
Somebody mentioned a memory book for Terminal 1. Since Jack and
I moved to Toronto in June of 1970 and he made his office in one
of the buildings at the airport while waiting for Terminal 1 to
be completed, it is very much a potent memory for the following
We moved ahead of the furniture and checked into the Skyline
hotel to wait till the truck arrived at our new home on
Rockcastle Drive. As we were toasting each other, his promotion
to Vice President Southern Region, and all the happy
circumstances involved, we were looking out over western Toronto
and noticed an ambulance go buy....then another and another. As
we counted 11, our eyes lifted to the horizon where we saw a
great pillar of black smoke and then we looked at each other and
said, it must be an aircraft. Sure enough. That was Jack's
first day at work. He went immediately to the office, but there
was not much he could do. The pilot was Doug Hamilton and
pilot engineer set the plane down too hard, driving the wheels up
into the fuel tanks, as we recall. DCVIII.
We also remember the first 747 - (Fat Albert) as it came in and
dropped all those wheels to land. I'll never forget looking up
as it flew so close overhead. An awesome sight.
It is hard to imagine that the Air Canada that Jack and those of
his age group built after the war into the finest airline in the
world has come to such a sad state. It has been very hard to
We also remember the first 747 - (Fat Albert) as it came in and
dropped all those wheels to land. I'll never forget looking up
as it flew so close overhead. An awesome sight.
However, we were sitting here wondering if it will be possible to
go to the Juno Beach Opening on June 6th. Jack was on the Kenora
which swept mines so the troops could take the LST's and carriers
to Omaha Beach. At the same time, his brother was in the
Canadian Army at Juno Beach, where he was wounded and died 8 days
later. Jim is buried at Beny-sur-Mer and Jack has never had the
opportunity to visit his grave, though we do have pictures of it.
My brother was with 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion and as a
Sgt. he led his stick in the drop behind the lines on June 5th.
He too was wounded, but survived to come home with his unit when
the war was over. We have a great deal to thank our brothers for.
There are memories of so many families yet to be told. We were
hoping to go, but with the way things are with the airline, it
doesn't look promising. Sucks to be us, eh?
At least your NetLetter is consistently interesting and
informative, for which we thank you.
Jack and Betty Morgan

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.

Upcoming WACA event -
Oct 20 - Oct 25, 2003
Organized by:
Jordan Interline Club
Registration Deadline:
September 30, 2003
Find out the mystery of the desert... Experience the fantastic
sand-dunes. Smell the different fragrances. See some of the
wonders from an ancient time....
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Sheraton offers special summer rates. From June 1 to Oct. 1, the Sheraton
of Fort Lauderdale Beach are offering all active and retired Air Canada
employees a special rate to stay at their hotels. The discounted rate is $69 US
a night for either business or pleasure related stays and is not subject to
blackout dates. You will be required to show your airline identification card
at check-in. To make a reservation, call 1-800-958-5551 or 1-954-467-1111. For
more information, you can also visit their websites at www.sheratonclipper.com
and www.sheratontrader.com.

Interlining Plus has the following offers for Alaska cruises-
Carnival Cruise Lines
Carnival Spirit-7 nights-Seward to Vancouver
Jun 11 & 25 In/Out/3&4 $329us/379us/229us
Jul 9, In/Out/3&4 $329/399/229
Aug 6, 20, In/Out/3&4 $329/429/229
Carnival Spirit-7 nights-Vancouver to Seward
Jun 18, In/Out/3&4 $329/379/229
Jul 2, In/Out/3&4 $399/449/229
Jul 30, Aug 27, In/Out/3&4 $329/429/229
Celebrity Cruises
Infinity 7-night Inside Passage - Vancouver round trip
July 4-Inside $400us
Summit-7-night Southbound Glacier - Seward to Vancouver
Jun 13, 27, In/Out $399/499
Holland America Lines
Amsterdam, 7-night Alaskan Explorer - Seattle round trip
June 7, 21 & 28-In/Out-$399us/$499us
Maasdam, 7-night Inside Passage - Vancouver round trip
June 12-Out $469us
June 27-In/Out-$379us/$479us
July 3-In-$369us
July 10-In/Out $369us/$469us
Prinsendam, 14 night Golden Gateway Alaska-San Francisco round trip
June 14, 28 & July 12-In/Out/Dlx-$799us/$999us/$1499us
Volendam, 7-night Inside Passage - Vancouver round trip
June 9, 23 & 30-In/Out $379us/$479us
June 16-Out $479us
July 7-In/Out $379us/$479us
Zaandam, 7-night Inside Passage - Vancouver round trip
June 7-In/Out-$349us/$449us
June 14-In/Out-$379us/$479us
June 21 & 28 July 5--In/Out-$389us/$489us
Ryndam 7-night Northbound Glacier - Vancouver to Seward
Jun 13 & 27-In/Out-$329us/$429us
Ryndam-7-night Southbound Glacier - Seward to Vancouver
June 20 & july 4-In/Out-$329us/$429us
Statendam -7-night Northbound Glacier - Vancouver to Seward
June 22-In/Out-$319us/$419us
July 6-In/Out $329us/$429us
Statendam 7-night Southbound Glacier, Seward to Vancouver
June 15-In/Out $299us/$399us
June 29-In/Out-$329us/$429us
July 13-In/Out $329us/$429us
Veendam 7-night Northbound Glacier - Vancouver to Seward
June 15-In/Out-$269us/$369us
June 29-In/Out-$329us/$429us
Veendam-7-night Southbound Glacier - Seward to Vancouver
June 22 & July 6-In/Out-$329us/$429us
Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Sky-7 nights-Seattle return-Sawyer Bay
June 14-In $599us
July 12-Out $799us
Norwegian Sun-7 nights-Seattle return-Sawyer Bay
Aug 24-In/Out-$699us/$889
Sept 7-In/Out/Bal $649/ $799/ $949us
Sept 14-In/Out/Bal $499/$649/ $799us
Norwegian Wind-7 nights-Vancouver return-Sawyer Bay
June 8 & 15-Outside $599us
June 22-Outside $699us
June 29, July 6, 13, 20, 27, Aug 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, Sept 14-Outside $799us
Radisson Seven Seas
Seven Seas Mariner-8 nights-Vancouver to Seward
June 24-$2040us
Seven Seas Mariner-7 nights-Vancouver return
Sept 3-$1785us
Interlining Plus (BC reg. 24278)
Local phone: 604-606-1700 - Toll Free: 1-800-665-3100

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