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#791 Oct 16/03 - The NetLetter
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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 791  Oct 16th., 2003. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. In NetLetter nr 789 we passed on information regarding the cargo pass.
We received the following -
In reading the information about the discount for Air Canada Cargo you
show that under general air freight 80% discount applies to domestic and
transborder shipments and 50% discount applies to worldwide shipments.
I believe this is incorrect as the 80% discount applies also to worldwide
Stephen McMahon
Centralized Rating Unit Specialist

" ' "

Subject: Mosquito Symposium - Downsview - November 8th
The Toronto Aerospace Museum and the Canadian Historical Aircraft
Association of Windsor are planning to host a symposeum on the DH 98
Mosquito at Downsview in the TAM building on November 8th.
·    Ticket price $25.00, limited to 100, RSVP for planning purposes.
·    Four to six hours on a Saturday, 1 pm to ?
For Further Information, Suggestions, or to get Involved, Please Contact:
Ken Swartz, Director: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Paul Cabot, Curator: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Richard Banigan, Director: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. News from the Districts -
Wally Lamond of the Vancouver Island & Gulf Island district sends this -
I have just returned from the semi-annual Directors meeting in
Edmonton. Quite a number of interesting topics were discussed, as follows.
The Annual General Meeting will be held in Edmonton, Alberta on May 21, 22
& 23 at the Crown Plaza Chateau Lacombe (Hotel). A detailed package re:
costs, etc. will be mailed to each Pionair in late December or early January.
Dues: In the past we were supported financially by Air Canada, under the
current restructuring this help is no longer available. As such , yearly
dues will be increased to $12.50 per member effective June, 2004.
Retiree Assistance Program.
We are fortunate in our District to have two active RAP
co-ordinators: Shirley Williams in Victoria (250-381-2891) and Lynn
McDonagh in Parksville (250-954-0320). Shirley and Lynn will not solve
problems but will direct you to the appropriate professional. Complete
confidentiality is assured.
Group Insurance
A presentation was made at the Directors meeting by Johnson Inc. related to
Travel and Health Insurance. Everything presented appeared to be adaptable
to our current plans. However, quite a bit more study will have to be done
to determine if their plans are compatable to the needs of Air Canada
District Lunch on October 29, 2003 (12:00 noon) at Longwood Brew Pub;
Longwood Mall, corner of Turner and Old Island Highway, Nanaimo. Cost is
$18.00 per person, includes meal, taxes and gratuity. Guest speaker is Mr.
Ray Lindsay, who is active with the Pension and Benefits Committee and will
update us on the status of the current pension underfunding. The Longwood
has a capacity for 80 people. Send your cheque to our Treasurer: Marjorie
Thorpe, 1769 Astra, Comox, B.C., V9M 4B6, no later than October 24 (post
dated if necessary). The Comox Valley Pionairs will not be having a
luncheon in October as this luncheon will replace it.
Christmas Lunch - Victoria Area on December 9 - This luncheon will be in
the West Ballroom of the Harbour Towers Hotel, 345 Quebec Street, Victoria
- social hour 11:30 - 12:30 followed by lunch (hot buffet, desert,
tea/coffee) - cash bar. Cost is $23.50 pp. includes gratuities and taxes.
Send cheque to our Treasurer: Marjorie Thorpe, 1769 Astra, Comox, B.C., V9M
3B6, by November 30th. The entrance to the New West Ballroom is not thru
the hotel lobby but directly off Quebec Street at the west end of the hotel.
Christmas Lunch - Mid Island - on Decembe 16 - This luncheon will be held
at Tigh Na Mara Resort, 1095 East Island Highway, Parksville at 12 noon -
Cost is $21.00 inclusive. There will be lots of gifts, etc. Send cheque to
our Treasurer: Marjorie Thorpe at the above address. Do it now, it will be
a nice surprise to have your Christmas lunch paid in advance. We would
appreciate everyone bringing a non-perishable item for donation to the
local food bank.
Christmas Dinner - Comox Valley - on December 11 at the Old House
Restaurant. More details to follow.
Koffee Klutch: Thanks to Bob Walker our coffee gettogether is going strong
in Sidney - plan to attend. You will enjoy it!

" ' "

.  Mayday.
From: "lucien et jeannine" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: san francisco airport
Hello, would anyone know if there is a good deal for an hotel at the San
Francisco Intl airport? Would appreciate any info. Thank you, Jeannine

" ' "

. Your co-pilot recently took a trip to Washington DC, venue for the UK
Pionairs annual north America trip this year.
Our trip started on Monday Sept 22nd., 2003.

Using a C2 pass, we caught a half empty Jazz Dash-8 from Nanaimo to
Vancouver at 16:00 .
We hung around Vancouver Airport until the ‘red eye’ flight for Toronto
departing at 22:30.
With our C1 pass, we had a relaxing flight in Executive class. Supper was
a choice of salmon or chicken  delish. Why there was a package of garlic
and mustard dressing on the tray, as there was no salad offered. However,
we were supplied with a plastic knife and spoon accompanied by the usual
lethal metal fork There was no other food offered for the rest of the
flight.. We slept fitfully until our arrival in Toronto at 06:30.

Tuesday Sept 23rd., 2003
We breakfasted at Tim Hortons after collecting our luggage, which had been
booked right through from Nanaimo.
Tim Hortons is at the top of the escalator leading down to the baggage
claim hall, but accessed only from the departure level.
We did not try for an earlier connecting flight to Washington’s Reagan
Airport as they were the smaller CRJ aircraft which were more heavily
booked. So we decided to await the Airbus A320 mid afternoon.
As the flight was only 90 minutes, we used our C2 pass  no sense in
spending three times the service charge for such a short flight!
We lounged around the airport, reading and wandering around until 12:30
when we decided to check in for the Reagan Washington flight. We are rather
glad we did as there were very few people around the check in machines at
that time.
Going to the US these days means that, after check in, you have to lug all
your bags, including the check bags, through US immigration and US customs.
Now, due to the increased security, the passengers for  Reagan Airport only
are separated from the other US destined passengers. Our checked and
carried baggage are subjected to an X-ray machine, and then the checked
luggage is opened for a physical inspection before being placed on the
conveyor belt for eventual loading onto the aircraft. Next, with our hand
luggage, we again, go through the physical inspection and the x-ray arch
before re-joining  with the other US bound passengers.  At this inspection,
security found a pouch containing nail scissors  a no no. We were quite
taken aback at this find as we had traveled many times with the bag this
was in, but had over looked it each time as the container was black, same
as the bag lining. So we had this lethal weapon taken away from us, but
retained the nail file and tweezers! The Reagan bound passengers are then
directed to gate U which is almost down town Toronto  the notice suggests a
walk of between 5 to 9 minutes. Be aware that there are no stores or coffee
shop along the corridor, and no return either, so make sure you go armed
with drink and magazines if necessary. Upon arrival at gate U, guess what
yep another physical search of hand luggage and, for some, shoe examination.
At gate U, we met up with 4 other couples who had flown in from LHR, in
the same  group of UK Pionairs we were meeting up with in Washington DC.
On the flight, passengers are not allowed to leave their seats but must
have their seat belts fastened during the final 30 minutes of flight into
The UK Pionairs all shared taxis to the hotel. Cost for 4 was us$26.00.
The organizers of the visit, Jack and Aureen Morath, had to fly from LHR
to Newark the previous week as Washington was closed due to hurricane
Louise. They rented a car and drove the 400 miles into Washington.
Traffic congestion around the airport was incredible, due to some roads
still closed to traffic as a result of security and effects of then
hurricane. Overnight at Comfort Inn Alexandria for us$83.51

Wednesday Sept 24th., 2003
An excellent continental breakfast  free at the adjacent IHOP restaurant.
Some of us took the free shuttle to the nearby Metro station for a one stop
trip to Alexandria for us$2.50 return. We ambled along the main street to
the waterfront, about 15 blocks. There is a free bus available in the area.
At most inter-sections there is the usual ‘red hand’ signal for
pedestrians, but also another lighted sign which gives the number of
seconds before the green sign turns back to red. This timing varies
according to the inter-section, from 20secs to 30 secs. Nearing the water
front, we could see the sandbags used by the stores to keep the flood
waters from the Potomac river from entering their establishments. In Some
cases, we notice the furniture stacked on higher floors for safety.
Many buildings have some interesting architecture.
We had coffee at dock side, then took the boat ride to Georgetown. Normal
cost was us$15.00 each, but one of the group had a coupon for a reduction,
and we persuaded the ticket agent to let us all have the trip for $10.00
each. We passed by the Reagan airport, and saw the Jefferson and Lincoln
memorials, White House and cathedral in the distance. There were several
helicopters flying along the river, and a police speed boat too  all part
of the security measures. The river was in flood, and we were advised to
take the 3:00 pm boat back, as, with the tide rising, there was no
guarantee they could get under the bridges once the tide was up. All other
boat trips had been cancelled.
The day was just excellent, cloudless and 72 degrees.
When we got back to the hotel, more of the UK Pionairs had arrived, and we
spent time reminiscing and catching up and cracking a few beers before
supper at the IHOP.
Overnight at the Comfort Inn hotel Alexandria.

Thursday Sept 25th., 2003
Today is the start of the 2 day pre-booked adventure.
At breakfast we met up with the balance of the UK Pionairs who had
arrived. Some traveling from LHR to Boston then train to Washington,
another from LHR to YYZ then rented a car and drove down. Several flew LHR
to Dulles via United with high praise for the friendly service right from
making the listing through to arrival, such a contrast from the service by
our own airline experienced by others. Cost was about GBP30.00 more than
the service charge on Air Canada, but cuts out the transfer at YYZ.
As a matter of interest, for UK passengers, the LHR departure fee is
GBP20.00, US Immigration fee of GBP4.16, US animal and plant fee GBP1.84,
US customs fee GBP2.97 and US Int. trans fee of GBP15.94
After breakfast, we boarded a luxury coach, instead of the usual school
bus used for previous annual jaunts. My wife is named Dawn and to her
surprise,  our coach was supplied by a company called ‘Adventures by Dawn’
(don’t even think about it!). We drove around various points of interest in
Washington. Our guide was Patti Bernazzani the  Director of Sales  from the
hotel, who provided an excellent commentary on the sights. Time was
allotted to walk around the Korean and Viet Nam memorial, a stop at the
White House and Lincoln monument. Road closures, due to hurricane Louise
and extra security, made it difficult for the coach to provide too many
photo ops.
On each of these annual trips, our organizer  Aureen and Jack Morath, come
up with a surprise mode of transport. In the past we have had a hay ride in
Halifax, DUKW’s in Boston harbour for example. This year was to be a barge
drawn by a donkey down the canal but, unfortunately, due to the floods, the
canal was blocked by debris, so we were not able to have this trip, much to
the disappointment of the crowd.
After a stop at the Union railway station for lunch, we were off to
Georgetown for an hours walk about. We saw the Old Stone House built in
1765 and some stunning architecture.
Then off to the UKer’s favourite store  Wal-Mart! This is where most buy
the goods to fill that empty suitcase they bring. Finally we ended up at
the Old Country Buffet  for supper. Weather was sunny, very warm and humid.
Overnight was at the Comfort Inn  Hotel in Alexandria.

Friday Sept 26th., 2003
Although rain and thunder was forecast, we had sunshine and a cloudless
day with 79c.
After breakfast we boarded our coach for another tour of Washington
visiting Arlington cemetery where we took a us$6.00 tour, well worth it. We
saw the Kennedy graves, memorials to the Challenger space craft mishap and
one for the Iran hostage rescue mission which failed. Then over to the tomb
of the unknown soldier where we witnessed the changing of the guard
ceremony. Afterwards we drove to the White House for a photo op before
traveling to Fredericksberg, with a stop at the Crackerbarrel shop and
restaurant. We took a tour of the Rising Sun tavern. Very interesting, the
guide told the house was built for the sister of George Washington in 1760,
and finally turned into a coaching Inn. The guide told us about numerous
anecdotes and their origin  the glass bottomed tankard which, when empty,
the drinker peered at the barman and called out ‘here’s looking at you’
when a refill was wanted. Another when, being offered a chew of tobacco,
‘never bite off more than you can chew’
Also the long stemmed clay pipes which, when used, the stem would change
colour with the tobacco stain and the smoker was charged according to the
amount of stem broken off before being handed to the next smoker.  The nine
pin bowling game used to be played in the front of the tavern and the
British would charge a tax on the pins, so a tenth pin was added in the
shape of king George III to avoid the tax. The game was then moved into an
alley, hence the name Bowling alley.
After an excellent lunch at ‘Castiglias’ restaurant, we went to tour the
Kenmore house, a plantation home built in the 18th century.
Now we are taken back to our hotel for final farewells as the ‘gang’
disperse. Some to return home, others to make their own mini trips. Dawn,
myself, and our two friends had planned a mini tour of our own, as we
usually do after these meetings. We took a taxi to Reagan airport to
collect a rental vehicle and headed south for our next overnight which was
an Econo Lodge in Fairfax Virginia at us$54.75  after bargaining the
us$72.00 price downwards.

More next time!

" ' "

. Marlie Kelsey sends us this information -
The first ever YXY CP Reunion was held at the Best Western Bayside Inn,
Parksville, BC from September 26th to 28th.There was a total of 70 people
at the very successful and fun reunion The weather cooperative and the
weekend was hot and sunny. Passenger Agents, former Management, Maintenance
staff, Owners of the Taku and CP pilots who flew the Whitehorse Route from
a variety of different eras made up the group. At the reunion were people
from Whitehorse, Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna, Vernon, Vancouver, Saltspring
Island, Lantzville and Victoria.
The fun weekend off started with a Wine and Cheese registration party on
Friday night. One of the pilots, George Serviss, did a fly by in his home
made plane. Saturday there was Golfing in Qualicum and two three hour
Zodiac tour adventures. Two more fly bys were done in the afternoon by
George Serviss and Henry Ilg with passengers, Jake Alexander and Dave
McIntrye, who had big smiles on their faces. Saturday evening started off
with a cocktail party in one of the banquet rooms at the hotel. The room
was decorated with City of Whitehorse Flags and Yukon Banners provided by
the City of Whitehorse. In keeping with the theme, the place mats at each
table was a copy of the Canadian Airlines DC 3 poster put out by CP Air in
the 1980s. Spread around the room were pictures, albums, newspaper
articles, posters, and CP Air Pilot uniforms on display. There was also a
film provided by Dennis Baxendale of Whitehorse in the early days and a
power point presentation throughout the evening with photographs of
different people being displayed on a screen. As each person arrived they
were given a gift bag containing several Yukon pins, a CD about Whitehorse
and a collectable CP Air bottle opener. After the cocktail party there was
dinner, then dancing. The buffet put on by the hotel was delicious and
everyone really enjoyed their dinner. After dinner there were several
prizes given out, then a speech was read out from Rex Terpening, who we
were honoured to have at the reunion. Rex Terpening was a pioneer in
Maintenance and has been in the aviation industry since the 1930s. A long
time Yukoner, his speech was a highlight of the evening. There was a
standing ovation for him and his wife Trudy. After that speakers Marlie
Kelsey, Don McWilliam and Tony Buckley spoke about their different memories
about Whitehorse. When the speeches were over there was lots of photo
taking, dancing and visiting until 1:00 Am in the morning. The next day
many people met in the morning and had breakfast together before they went
their separate ways. It was a very successful reunion. The most noticeable
thing throughout the reunion was the many smiles and genuine pleasure that
everyone had in being together. Some people had not seen each other in more
than 20 years. There is definitely going to be another reunion. Probably in
two years time and rumour has it that George Boogie Brown is going to
organize it. For all those who couldn't make it..you were missed and we
hope that you come to the next one. Watch for a website coming soon with
all the pictures. Past and Present.

" ' "
. Terry's travel tips.
Book with: James F. C. Rose - Your Interline Cruise Expert
Carnival Cruise dates from Sept. to December - interline rates:
-3 night cruises from $80
-4 night cruises from $80
-5 night cruises from $60
-7 night cruises from $60
(remember 'from' means not all dates have these rates).
Examples (lowest priced):
Oct. 25, Nov. 15 - Jubilee 7 nights from San Juan $60
Oct. 26 - Paradise 7 nights from Miami $60
Oct. 26 - Destiny 7 nights from San Juan $110
Nov. 1, 15, 29 - Triumph for 7 nights from Miami $160
Oct. 26 - Victory for 7 nights from Miami $110
Nov. 16, 30, Dec. 7 - Victory for 7 nighst from Miami $160
Oct. 18, 27, Nov. 1, 15, 29, Dec. 8 - Imagination for 5 nights from Miami $80

Carnival - CHRISTMAS Interline Sailings
For example, how about a 7 night cruise on Carnival's Victory on
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Holland America (interline only): examples only:
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Oct. 22 - 57 nights - Grand Circle $2420
Oct. 22 - 27 nights - Americas $760
7 night Mexico (Pacific) $260
10 night Mexico (Pacific) $350
-many many others
(plus port charges & taxes)
Carnival - open to friends on their own
Nov. 15 for 5 nights on Imagination from Miami
Nov. 15 for 7 nightson Triumph from Miami
Nov. 15 for 7 nights on Jubilee from San Juan
Nov. 21 for 8 nights on Legend from Ft.Lauderdale
Nov. 30 for 7 nights on Victory from Miami
(plus port & taxes)
Dates & Rates are constantly changing, be ready to book when you
Holland America open to friends on their own:
every week we receive a short list of non interline specials - call us.
Service charges:
We do NOT charge a service charge on bookings.,
Friends on their own:
-Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Sky from San Juan on November 30 or December 7 - for
14 nights (not 7) at $259 (plus port & taxes).
Costa Classica on December 14 for 7 nights from La Romana
(Dominican Rep.) to Caribbean is only $285 (plus port & taxes).
Cunard: Carona for 7 nights from Londo on Nov. 28 $499 and Dec. 5 $549
(plus port charges & taxes)
For reservations:
Usual terms & conditions apply,
including these are all per person - based upon at least two in a cabin,
USA funds, port charges & taxes extra.
Prices & availability are NOT guaranteed to last, and can
and do change fast and without notice.
However, your price is guaranteed once you book & pay.
JAMES F. C. ROSE - YOUR Cruise Expert
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
information: (204) 889-3885
fax: (204) 889-3885
reservations: (204) 889 -3885 & (800) 414-8091

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