2003 Netletter #792 Oct 22/03 - The NetLetter

#792 Oct 22/03 - The NetLetter
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T H E                    _| TCA |_
_|| AIR |/|_
N E T L E T T E R   >  CANADA   <
( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 792 Oct 22nd.,2003. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

. Must know.
Employee Travel changes on Lufthansa. As part of our continued efforts to
simplify and automate employee travel, starting Nov. 1, all active and
retired employees who wish to travel on Lufthansa based on the Air Canada
and Lufthansa joint venture agreement, will now be required to purchase
Zonal Employee Discount (ZED) fare tickets. As a result, please ensure that
whenever possible, you book your travel with Lufthansa well ahead of your
travel dates.

Employees/retirees wishing to fly standby to our new nonstop service to
Delhi, are asked to delay their travel plans. Due to heavy revenue flight
loads and payload restrictions all space available personal travel between
Toronto – Delhi and Delhi – Toronto, is embargoed until Nov. 3.

Employee Travel Services Speech Recognition system takes first step towards
enhancement. From 10:05 p.m. this evening to approximately 12:35 a.m. on
Oct. 22 EDT, the Speech Recognition (SR) employee travel registration tool
will be unavailable. During this time, ETS-SR will be migrated to a new
telephone platform as part of the first step in the process that will lead
to a new and improved Speech product that is expected to be implemented in
2004. During this brief outage period, active and retired employees are
recommended to use the Employee Travel Site at www.travel.aircanada.ca.

" ' "

. Nice to know - for US active and retirees that is!
Special offer from MBNA for US-based Air Canada Family members
Thanks to the Aeroplan® -MBNA partnership, active and retired Aeroplan and
Air Canada employees who reside in the US can receive 50 per cent off the
customary $60 US annual fee for an Aeroplan Platinum Plus® MasterCard.
You’ll earn one Aeroplan Mile for every dollar charged to your card, and,
once you’ve made your first retail purchase, you’ll receive 5,000 Bonus
Aeroplan Miles—a great start to a great relationship!
Application forms are only available on-line. Click on

" ' "
. Air Canada news.
Our Boeing 737 moves on. October 15th., 2003 marked the last time a
Boeing 737 flew as part of our mainline operation. The flight was AC1103
from Toronto to Calgary. While “retired” from mainline, this efficient
aircraft will undergo a seat conversion to be used to reliably serve our
ZIP clientele.

" ' "

Continuing our Washington trip from NetLetter nr 791 -

Saturday Sept 27th., 2003
Breakfast was at MacDonalds, then on our way to the Shenandoah Trail. We
were aiming for Front Royal, the start of the Trail, along rte 50, but we
had a couple of unsolicited diversions ie reading the signs wrong! But, to
compensate, we did locate a winery along the way, and sampled the product.
We did some shopping for our picnic lunch, taken on a side road, as we
could not find any rest areas with picnic tables. After lunch, we called in
at a visitors center, picked up the usual discount coupon books, you need
one for each hotel/motel room being rented, and were advised that the Trail
was closed at Front Royal due to the effects of the hurricane Louise, so we
had to enter the Trail at Panorama  mile 31. Cost for the Trail is us$10.00
per car irrespective of the number of occupants.
Due to pollution and high humidity, the views were very indistinct. We saw
lots of hawks circling around below us. The highest lookout was 3595 foot
at Thoroughfare Gap. We had to leave the Trail at Swift Run  mile 66, as
the rest of the Trail was also closed due to the effects of the hurricane.
We took route 33 to Harrisonberg and located an Econo Lodge Inn cost
us$50.95 with coupon including full continental breakfast. We had supper at
nearby Ruby Tuesday which was crowded and very noisy. During the evening
there was a cloud burst  the first real rain in all our trips together over
the years.

Sunday Sept 28th., 2003
After breakfast we drove to Montecello on rte 81 and rte64 at
Charlesville. We visited the museum of Thomas Jefferson and an hour video
of his life. We did not take the tour of the house and estate as the cost
was us$13.00 and took 3 hours. We had a picnic lunch in the picnic area on
the grounds then headed out to start the Blue Ridge Trail. We drove this
for about 30 miles to Whetstone Ridge and exited on rte 340 and 11 through
Vesuvius and stopped at a waterfall which happened to be in some ones back
yard and not a public pull off as we assumed. The owner came out and
explained it is always happening, but we were welcome to take our photos.
Our weather was just perfect and the humidity and pollution had been
cleaned out by the deluge the previous evening.
At one rest center there was a farm display with old cabins from the 19th
century, and people were dressed accordingly. We stopped by a man hanging
tobacco leaves up to dry, and he explained about the tobacco and also about
sorghum, also we had an interesting talk with a lady showing us a quilt
mounted on an old fashioned frame.
On to rte 11 we started to find our next motel outside Lexington called
Lexicon Lodge for a coupon price of us$49.86 includes full breakfast.

Monday Sept 29th., 2003
Excellent breakfast at the lodge then back onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. We
had just remarked on the absence of wild life, we had only seen 2 signs
depicting the leaping deer, when, just around the next corner, there was a
deer, but it scampered off when it heard the car approach and before we
could get the camera out. We did see a pair of deer later, but they too
scampered into the bush before we could photo them. However, when we were
leaving the Parkway for Bedford at the Parks of Otter exit, we saw about a
dozen deer grazing, and one very obligingly walked right over to the car,
so we were able to take a really close up photo. We saw many hawks gliding
around too. We stopped by a rest area which had a waterfall and a section
of a logging railroad bed. After another picnic lunch, we drove to Nature
Bridge but did not think it worth the cost of us$6.00 for the tour of an
item of nature.
We located the Days Inn at Bedford for us$42.65 with a coupon. Full
breakfast included. We had supper in the Olde Liberty Station, the
converted Bedford railway station.
Weather was cooler than other days, and the sun was rather reluctant to appear.

Tuesday Sept 30th., 2003
At Bedford we visited the D-Day memorial, which was free although there
was an optional tour of us$4.00in a golf buggy or us$2.00 for a guided
walking tour. The memorial site is easy to walk around and very impressive
and all in the open air. A simulated landing on the Omaha beach showed an
LST, 4 soldiers, 1 dead, 1 struggling in the sea and 1 helping his injured
buddy up the beach to safety. Random water spouts simulated mortar shells
landing in the water. There are several soldiers scaling the cliff.
Back on the Blue Ridge Parkway we saw several more deer and a flock of
wild turkeys and more hawks circling, several were on the ground tearing
apart a small rabbit.
We had a beautiful day, sunny, dry but cool.
Our over night was  in the Days Inn at Christiansburg for us$43.79 with
coupon and included a full breakfast.

Wednesday Oct 1st., 2003
We filled up with gas at us$1.31 gal. In the immediate vicinity prices
were $1.35, $1.39 and $1.43.
More grocery shopping for lunch, then back to the Parkway. We stopped at
the Mabry Mill and walked around the buildings. The mill was working, but
not producing anything while we were there.  We exited at Fancy Gap at mile
post 200 mid morning and found the Lakeview Motel which was also a
restaurant for us$39.41 no coupon required! We drove off to Mount Airey on
rte 52  to visit the home of Andy Griffiths which is now a museum. The city
also has the worlds largest open face granite quarry and various other
historic properties. Back to the motel for picnic lunch before proceeding
on down the Parkway. At mile post 215 the Parkway goes from Virginia into
north Carolina. We went a few miles further on to Doughton Park at mile
post 240 where our tour ended. After  a coffee at the coffee shop, we
turned around and started back to Fancy Gap for supper and out motel.
Today was chilly, cloudy at first, but sunny later and nice and warm.

Thursday Oct 2nd., 2003.
After a hearty breakfast, we started back north on the Parkway. As we were
retracing our trip, we had no need to stop at any lookouts, so could make
good progress. We stopped at a huge picnic area with picnic tables and
comfort station nestled amongst the trees. The area was almost deserted  so
we had our picnic there. We left the Parkway finally at mile post 105 on
rte 221. for Bedford and Lynchburg for rte 29 to Charlottesville. As we
were leaving the Parkway, there was a flock of wild turkeys who ran and
flew across the road in front of us  too quick for photos as usual! Just
south of Charlottesburg  is Schuyler  where the TV movie series ‘The
Waltons’ was made. Unfortunately, we arrived just as the museum closed, but
were able to see the house and church used in the series. We  aimed to stop
at Culpeper for over night, but the prices were too high. In Warranton we
located the ‘Rip Van Winkle’ motel at us$51.84. Next door was a KFC, so we
feasted on chicken in our rooms. On route we had dropped into a library to
check our flights. The first library was having trouble with the internet
lines, but the next one was fine and so were our intended flights from
Washington. Our flight to Vancouver and Nanaimo were open, but the LHR
flight from YYZ was tight.
The weather was cold and cloudy, but warmed up although the wind was chilly.

Friday Oct 3rd., 2003
Off to Washington after breakfast at MacDonalds and a final visit to
Wal-Mart. Stopped off at the Battlefields, cost us$3.00 for a tour, but did
not think it worth it. Got to Reagan airport after gassing up at us$1.39
gal. No real trouble finding the car return, except the signs instructed
you to keep left until going around a corner when you suddenly notice the
exit for car return is over the other side of three lanes  such is the
We had traveled 1,191 miles and purchased 38.77 gals of gas at us$55.00
Cost of the rental from Alamo was us$242.00 reserved in the U.K. saved
After checking the vehicle in we took the shuttle to the airport. We had no
trouble getting the flight. We had a four hour wait, but did not want to
get held up by traffic getting the car returned. Security is tight at the
airport. We took a baggage cart  us$3.00 but beware, when you return it for
refund, you only get .25c  and not every time either.
We checked in and took our check luggage to the x-ray machines conveniently
located  next to the check-in. Hang around until your bags get through OK
because if, for any reason the inspectors need to open your bag, they will
cut the locks off.
There is NO duty free shop at Reagan.
Everyone has to go through the usual x-ray and most have their shoes checked.
After take off, all passengers must remain in their seats with seat belts
fastened for the first 30 minutes of flight.
At YYZ we collected our baggage and rented a baggage cart for ca$1.00 and
we got a full refund when we returned it.
We overnight at the Toronto Airport Hilton at ca$64.00 plus tax =
ca$71.68. Our rooms were huge, normally ca$245.00 + tax!
Food at the Hilton was expensive  ca$11.00 for a sandwich, so we walked two
blocks to the Airline Centre where there is an excellent restaurant Golden
Griddle, with very reasonable prices and a wide menu with10% discount for

Saturday Oct 4th., 2003
Up at 05:30 to get the shuttle in time for the 08:00 flight to Vancouver
and our friends for the 09:00 daylight flight to LHR. We said our goodbyes
on the shuttle.
Checked in and managed Executive with our C1/J10. The flight was smooth
enough and the service excellent. The check in agent had very kindly
checked our bags through to Nanaimo, and issued us our boarding passed for
YVR  YCD and allocated seats too.
Upon arriving at the gate for the 10:55 Nanaimo flight, we were told the
weather was bad in Nanaimo and the flight cancelled. Plan B was to get the
ferry, but we decided to hang around for the 12:15 flight. Fortunately, we
got the last 2 seats with our C2 passes.
Amid groans, the captain informed us that he would fly to Nanaimo and if he
was unable to land would do a missed approach and take us to Victoria where
there were busses waiting to take us back to Nanaimo. When we arrived over
Nanaimo, we were above minimums  and, to loud applause, the aircraft landed
at Nanaimo  which is more than we can say for our checked baggage. No sight
of it, so we registered our baggage loss, and were promised delivery as
soon as it appeared, which it did the following day, much to our relief as
Dawn did not know what she would miss more, the half dozen audio tapes or
the new clothes she had bought.
It is nice to get away, but always nice to get home again, if only to get
ready for the next trip.

" ' "
. May day!
We are thinking of taking our first ever cruise on the Tahitian Princess
early next year. It is a 10 day cruise which starts and finishes at
Papeete, Tahiti, taking in the Cook Islands and Bora Bora. Are there any
members out there who have taken this particular cruise, if so, would you
be kind enough to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any
useful information you may have please. Many thanks, John and Teresa Glew

" ' "

News from the districts -
Okanagan district report -


PENTICTON:  Coffee break, in Penticton, has been cancelled. 

KELOWNA:  Koffee Klatch at the Muffin Break, Harvey Rd. Kelowna, 10am,
first Tuesday of every month. Your Director will try and attend as many of
these as possible.


Picnic BBQ at Sun Oka in Summerland
Tuesday, June 10th 2003 at the Sun Oka Beach in Summerland.
11:00am, we held our meet & greet, 12:00 was our BBQ lunch, and at 13:30
games and fun. Cost was $12.00 per person.
Bottles of wine were won by Pionairs Trevor Bolithio and Hans Bauer. A
Kelowna International Airport Golf Shirt donated by the Airport was won by
a guest Mrs. Glesing.

September Event at Manhattan Point Restaurant
Tuesday Sept. 09th at Manhattan Point in Skyreach Place.
11:00am. An unescorted tour of the Wine & Orchard Museums across the street
on Cawston Street in the Laurel Building. At 12:00 Noon a meet & greet was
held at the Restaurant and a buffet lunch at 1:00pm. The food was excellent
and from all accounts a grand time was had by all. Door Prizes were won by
Fred Traupe & Ruth Montgomery they each received a bottle of Okanagan Wine.
Nan McDearmid won a
T-shirt commemorating the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire.
Proceeds from the sale of these shirts go to the victims of this fire.
It was donated by your Director.

Christmas Luncheon.
December 10th. 2003
This event will be held at the Harvest Golf Club.
2725 K.L.O. Road Kelowna. More info at: www.harvestgolf.com
Meet & Greet at 12:00 noon and Lunch will be served at 1:00pm.
The Cost for this event is a low $15.00 per person.
Dreams Take Flight donations will again be accepted at the door.
Please make your cheques out to: “Air Canada Pionairs” and mail to:
Gretchen Aird  #3-1056 Bernard Ave. Kelowna, V1Y 8L7
Deadline for your cheques is: Dec. 05th. 2003
(If you commit to this event, due to the Restaurant charges, you will be
responsible to pay if you do not show up. Cancellations are accepted up
until Dec.05th.)
There will be door prizes & a 50/50 drawing.
Valentine Luncheon & Local AGM.

February 14th. 2004
This event is set tentatively for the Coast Capri Hotel, or the Ramada Inn.
The details have not been finalized as of the publishing of this newsletter.

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Concorde begins her historic farewell tour next week visiting five
British cities in five days giving thousands of people the chance to see
the supersonic jet fly for the very last time.

A general strike will take place in Italy on Friday 24 October 2003,
placing restrictions on air travel.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
FlyBE., the UK's third largest low fares airline, is offering fares on
selected routes from as little as 10p this weekend. These amazing deals are
only available to book online at www.flybe.com before midnight on 23

Interlining Plus has these deals -
Caribbean Village Club on the Green
Superior $37 USD, (only 2 per room) / Deluxe $43 USD
Grand Flamenco Punta Cana by Occidental
Until October 31 $61 USD
November 1 to December 24 $67 USD
Grand Flamenco Puerto Plata by Occidental $49 USD
Allegro Playa Dorada by Occidental $47 USD, Seaview $53 USD,

Allegro Aruba by Occidental
Until October 31 $110 USD
November 1 to December 24 $122 USD

Occidental Allegro Papagayo $61 USD
Occidental Costa Smeralda $49 USD


Allegro Playacar by Occidental $67 USD
Caribbean Village Cancun $67 USD
Grand Cozumel by Occidental $80 USD
Grand Xcaret by Occidental $86 USD

All resort rates are per person, per night. Mimimum 3 night stay.

Southern Caribbean. 7 nights San Juan return
October 19: Inside $199 USD
October 26; November 9; December 7: Inside $399 USD
Western Caribbean. 7 nights Miami return
October 26: Inside $219 USD
November 9, 30; December 7, 14: Inside $299 USD
November 23: Inside $349 USD
December 21: Inside $599 USD

Bahamas 7 nights Port Canaveral return
December 25: Inside $349 USD / Outside $399 USD
Bahamas 3 nights Port Canaveral return
December 26: Inside $349 USD / Outside $399 USD
Mexican Baja 4 nights Los Angeles return
December 22: Inside $349 USD / Outside $419 USD
Western Caribbean 5 nights Tampa return
December 22: Inside $529 USD / Outside $579 USD
Southern Caribbean 5 nights San Juan return
December 20: Inside $349 USD / Outside $449 USD
Western Caribbean 5 nights New Orleans return
December 20: Inside $349 USD / Outside $449 USD
Western Caribbean 7 nights New Orleans return
December 21: Inside $599 USD / Outside $749 USD
Southern Caribbean 7 nights San Juan return
December 21: Inside $399 USD / Outside $499 USD / Balcony $699 USD
Western Caribbean 7 nights Port Canaveral return
December 21: Inside $799 USD / Outside $899 USD
Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Miami return
December 21: Inside $549 USD / Outside $649 USD
Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Miami return
December 20: Inside $549 USD / Outside $699 USD
Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Miami return
December 21: Inside $599 USD / Outside $749 USD / Balcony $899 USD

Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Ft. Lauderdale return
October 18; November 1, 15, 29: Inside $350 USD / Outside $400 USD

Western Caribbean 7 nights Ft. Lauderdale return
October 25: Inside $350 USD / Outside $400 USD
November 22: Inside $450 USD / Outside $500 USD
Eastern Caribbean 7 nights Ft. Lauderdale return
November 9: Outside $500 USD
November 16: Inside $450 USD / Outside $500 USD

Mexican Riviera 7 nights Los Angeles return
October 19; November 2: Inside $399 USD / Outside $499 USD
October 26; November 16: Outside $499 USD
Western Caribbean 7 nights Los Angeles return
November 15, 29; december 6:Outside $349 USD
December 13: Inside $299 USD / Outside $349 USD
Call 1 800 665 3100
(604) 606 1700
Fax: (604) 606 1720

" ' "

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