2003 Netletter #799 - Dec 1/03 - The NetLetter

#799 - Dec 1/03 - The NetLetter
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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 799  Dec 1st., 2003. We first published in October 1995.
Circulation: 2700+
Circulation: 2700+

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.
Employee travel embargo to Delhi to be lifted, however… The recent embargo
on all space available personal travel from Toronto
to Delhi will be lifted on Nov. 29, however we would like to advise you
that due to
heavy passenger loads and unexpected payload limitations, travel will be
difficult. Furthermore, due to high  seasonal passenger loads an embargo on
all space
available pass travel from Delhi to Toronto will be in place for the period
of Dec. 20,
2003 - Jan. 31, 2004.  Non-revenue travel from India during this peak
travel season will be additionally difficult as other carriers are also
heavy flight bookings. We have been  told that Saturday and Sunday travel
will be
especially challenging. If you're still  planning to travel to India,
you're recommended to
plan alternate routings and have  the appropriate tickets for your back-up
choices ordered and with you before  you begin your trip, as ZED fare
ticketing is not
possible in Delhi.

" ' "

. Nice to know.
Montreal Park N’ Fly offers employees free parking. In an effort to help
you save money before the holidays, until Dec. 15, the Park N’Fly in Dorval
is offering all active and retired employees free regular and valet
parking. The promotion is valid for parking up to a maximum of a week
(seven days). For each day over the seven-day limit, the charge is $8.95,
plus taxes, per day. You will be required to show your Air Canada
identification card to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

Don DFemeza sends this suggestion -
Subject: Shortage of forms
I note the shortage of paper tickets for pass travel when boarding at non
automated stations - I regularly board at Portland, Oregon where the system
and staff are United - suggest you fill on only one coupon for each
boarding and in that way each ticket pack will handle 6 boardings - charges
are by segment so they don't have to track the ticket number anymore.
Don Demeza

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Vesta found this interesting item -
In a nearly unanimous vote, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a
bill Saturday designed to restrict ads and other unsolicited e-mails,
known as spam.

" ' "

. News from the districts.
I hate to do this to you but found a mistake in our Okanagan
District Christmas luncheon ad.
Gretchen Aird address should read: #317-1056 Bernard Ave.
Gerry Damskov

The Comox and Courtenay district Pionairs will be holding their Christmas
on December 11th at the Old House in Courtenay at 7:00 pm. Cost $20.00
Call Eric van der Holt 250-897-0322 for more details.

From the MONTHLY newsletter issued by London England Pionairs -
From London Reservations:

Earlier this year, Air Canada reached the decision to move much of the work
currently handled by London Reservations to a partner organisation called
WNS - World Network Services. This means that from
1st December, customers calling Air Canada in London will be answered by
WNS.   Progressively over the next few months, much of the work we
currently handle, including some elements of ticketing, will be
transferred.   In line with earlier communications from Air Canada, we must
stress the importance of making your staff travel bookings and enquiries
using the Employee travel website.

London Reservations have new telephone numbers which were effective from
1st November:
General Reservations                    0871 220 1111

" ' "
. Brian Dunn in YYZ thought this may be of interest -
This was posted in response to another post from someone who was
complaining about fairly new airliners being scrapped. I thought you
might find it of interest.
The following is a comment from 'Jeff' at Greenwood.
I understand the aghastedness, but it actually makes good economic
sense. It's not just a matter of doing a simple "C" check...many of
these early glass-gen aircraft are coming up on, or currently due a "D"
check, which is extremely extensive and expensive...so much so that the
cost of doing the check can easily exceed the value of the aircraft as a
whole. Also, as you mentioned, these are high tech aircraft, so all
their components are quite valuable as spares.

In otherwords, why would you pay umpteen million dollars for a "D" check
when the value of the aircraft when you're done is less than what you
just put into it? You've just negatively impacted your bottom line. On
the other hand, you can make umpteen millions by parting the aircraft
out, and positively impact your bottom line. In these tough economic
times, it's a no-brainer. I'm actually surprised that we're not seeing
MORE of this.

The way I see it from here in the desert surrounded by aluminum
(aluminium to you Brits), there are four tiers of used aircraft...and if
you see things from this perspective, you'll more fully understand this
end of the commercial aviation world.

The top tier includes the aircraft who's residual value as a whole is
great enough that it makes sense to store it until demand increases; the
Ansett Worldwide A330 we have in storage here is a good example. The
second tier are the aircraft like the TWA 767 and the various mid-gen
737s that are getting parted out -- their residual value as a whole
aircraft is less than the value of the parts, but the value of all the
parts is high enough that it makes more sense to part it out than to
sell it to a third-world operator.

The third tier are planes that go to the third-world operators who want
to pick up an aircraft for a song, and as long as the engines will make
TO power, they'll take it. One broker explained the philosophy of some
of the operators in Africa: they'll buy old 727s, fly 'em till the break
hard, push them off the runway and go get another. In other words, the
planes are old enough that there's not a lot of demand for the parts, so
they can be bought on the cheap and then run out.

The fourth and bottom tier are the aircraft that have no value to anyone
(except us museum folks, of course) other than the scrap value of their
hulls...the old DL L-1011s are a good example. They're too expensive to
operate for most third-world operators to be intersted, and there's so
little use that there's no demand for the parts. That's why you see
L-1011s being cut up airframe, seats, engines and components all.
The L-1011s are of especially low value, because
Lockheed used so much titanium in the aircraft, and
when you mix titanium and aluminum in the same
smelter, the titanium will burn rather violently. This
has caused ECS quite a bit of problems. And then
there's the issue of all the depleted uranium in the
flight controls, which is also costly to dispose of.
So the L-1011s may be considered a 5th tier...not even
attractive to the scrappers.
Let's face it...it's so easy to get caught up in this hobby, and so easy
to assign personalities and historical significance to these machines,
that sometimes we forget that at the end of the day, it's a business,
and the bottom line rules. For most of us who exist on the week-to-week
paychecks that we get from this industry, we love it, and love the
planes, because we put so much of our lives into them. Our hats are off
to the folks who have the resources to fund airliner preservation...I
certainly wish I could be there, but the reality is that if parting out
an aircraft provides me with a job, and my company with profit (which
allows me to stay employed), then I'm all for it, and I'm sure the folks
down in Greenwood would agree. I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes
with this...if I am, I apologize. And, if anyone here DOES have the
resources to put into preserving a few aircraft, our little museum
effort would certainly welcome your help and input. Tali, if you get
your baby up and flying again, it would always have a home here at
Mojave...and if it's on display as a loan to the museum, you don't have
to worry about the airport fees (Sabovich is long gone, and the going
parking price for an airliner is between 350 and 500 per month).

" ' "
Industry News:
Concorde spare parts grabbed up in auction. Bidders unable to part with the
Concorde grabbed up spare parts from Air France's retired fleet of
supersonic planes at an auction. As reported by the Associated Press, the
trademark needle-nose sold for erro420,000 ($651,085 Cdn). The auction of
spare parts from the airline's five Concordes brought in a total of
euro3,295,683 ($5,109,602 Cdn) from 218 lots auctioned by Christie's - far
above estimate. Proceeds from the sale were to go to the Air France
Foundation, a charitable organization for needy children.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Interline World Vacations
For information and reservations, please call 1-866-279-8480
-----------CALL NOW TO BOOK at 1-866-279-8480 --------------
---------------NO PROCESSING/BOOKING FEE------------------
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Paul Gauguin
7 Night - Tahiti Cruise round trip Papeete, Tahiti
Sailing Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21, 28 2004
Price $1575 (Plus port tax $207)
Papeete, Tahiti / Raiatea / Taha'a Motu Mahana / Bora Bora / Bora Bora /
Moorea / Moorea / Papeete, Tahiti
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Mariner
6 Nights South American Cruise - Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro
Sailing Nov 23, 2003
Price $1200 (Port tax $180)
Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires / Montevideo /At Sea / At Sea / Rio de Janeiro /
Rio de Janeiro
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Mariner
13 Nights South American Cruise - Rio de Janeiro to Ft. Lauderdale
Sailing Nov 29, 2003
Price $2600 (Port tax $295)
Rio De Janeiro / Salvador De Bahia / Fortaleza / Devil's Island / Bridgetown
/ St. John's / Rio De Janeiro
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Mariner
3 Nights Caribbean Cruise - roundtrip Ft Lauderdale
Sailing Dec 15, 2003
Price $600 (Port tax $90)
Ft Lauderdale, FL / Nassau / Key West, FL / Ft Lauderdale, FL
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Voyager
7 Nights Caribbean Cruise - roundtrip Ft Lauderdale
Sailing Nov 30, Dec 7 2003
Price $1575 (Port Tax $210 )
Ft Lauderdale, FL / At Sea / Progreso (for Chichen Itza) / Cozumel / Grand
Cayman - Georgetown / Key West, FL / Key West, FL / Ft Lauderdale, FL
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Navigator
7 Nights Caribbean Cruise - roundtrip Tampa
Sailing Nov 25 2003
Price $1575 (Port tax $210 )
Tampa Bay, FL / Key West, FL / At Sea / Grand Cayman - Georgetown / Costa
Maya / Cozumel / At Sea / Tampa Bay, FL
Radisson Seven Seas Cruises aboard the Seven Seas Navigator
10 Nights Caribbean Cruise - Ft Lauderdale to San Juan
Sailing Jan 17 2004
Price $1575 (Port tax $295)
Ft Lauderdale, FL / At Sea / Grand Turk / St. Thomas - Charlotte Amalie /
Antigua - St. John's / Barbados - Bridgetown / Roseau / St. Barts - Gustavia /
St. Kitts - Basseterre / St. Maarten - Philipsburg / San Juan
Princess Cruise Lines aboard the Dawn Princess
7-Night Southern caribbean Roundtrip from San Juan
Sailing Dec. 7 - Inside $349, Outside $399
Dec 21 - HOLIDAY CRUISE - Inside $499, Outside $699
Jan. 4 & 18 2004 - Inside $399, Outside $499, Balcony $699
San Juan / Bridgetown (Barbados) / St. Lucia / , St. Maarten / St. Thomas /
Tortola / San Juan
Clebrity Cruises aboard the Mercury
11 Nights Mexican Riviera Cruise round trip San Diego
Sailing Dec 8 Inside $650, Outside $700, Balcony $800
HOLIDAY SAILING Dec 29 Inside $700, Outside $800 - NEW
San Diego/ Cabo San Lucas/ Mazatlan/ Puerto Vallarta/ Acapulco/
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo/ Manzanillo/ San Diego
Clebrity Cruises aboard the Infinity - HOLIDAY CRUISE
14 Night Panama Canal cruise Fort Lauderdale to San Diego
Sailing Dec 21, 2003
Price Outside $1200, Balcony $1500
Fort Lauderdale, Florida / Oranjestad, Aruba / Fuerte Amador, Panama / Panama
Canal(Cruising Canal) / Puntarenas, Costa Rica / Huatulco, Mexico / Acapulco,
Mexico / Cabo San Lucas, Mexico / San Diego, California
*PORT CHARGES INCLUDED. Government taxes extra. All prices are in
US dollars, based on double occupancy for new bookings only and apply
only to eligible Airline Personnel and their certain family members.
Proof of employment and/or relationship to employee required. Certain
terms and conditions may apply
For information and reservations, please call
INTERLINE WORLD VACATIONS AT 1-866-279-8480 toll free
or (604) 279-8482

" ' "

. Smilies.
As airlines offer bargain fares by cutting back on extras, here some of
the signs of a low-cost airline -

(a)    You are advised to wear warm clothes as it could get cold above
10,000 feet.
(b)    The co-pilot is replaced by a palm computer.
(c)    The life jackets are strings with corks from wine bottles used on a
previous flight.
(d)    A refuelling stop is needed between Toronto Ont and Hamilton Ont.
(e)    There is no movie. Passengers are encouraged to show off the
vacation photos.
(f)     Passengers on the sunny side are charged for the tanning session.
(g)    The snacks are Halloween candy stolen from employees children.
(h)    The flight crew have a tip jar.
(i)     Adults are requested to help children entering the overhead bins.

" ' "
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