2001 Netletter #555 Jan 24th, 2001

#555 Jan 24th, 2001
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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 555 Jan 24th, 2001,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.
Get away from winter's chill take advantage of Air Canada
Vacations' special to Aruba.
It's a great chance for active Air Canada employees and retirees to head
for the Caribbean at terrific savings and relax on Aruba's spectacular beaches.
Act now!
The special rates are for a January 27, 2001 departure.
For more details, contact Air Canada Vacations Staff Travel at 1 877-752-5510, in Montreal 514-876-0760, and in Toronto 905-615-8084.
Pull out your snorkel and give in to the siren call!

We know of pass holders either visiting to US from Canada via other than
air transportation either land or sea,  and returning by pass or visa versa.
We asked Industry Travel  for guidance -
The person is flying from Halifax to Vancouver to Nanaimo on pass
then driving down to Phoenix and flying back to Halifax via Toronto on pass.
I assume the pass would read
and be zone 2 charge.
The Nanaimo to Phoenix leg would not be used.
US taxes would only apply from the US not both ways.

Industry travel responds -

We are currently working on valid pass routings on one trip pass ticket.
I can confirm that the itineraries below will be considered as one trip.
The US taxes will apply.  Payrolls advised that their system will continue to
capture both US departure and arrival taxes.  The retiree will then have to
apply for a refund on the arrival tax (since he will be not going back to the
(Photocopies of document covering charge ie payroll stub, and
the unused coupon(s) should be included with the claim - eds)

Simon Farthing sends this information -
From my last trip,
airport tax is $15 US in Nassau, no exemption for stopover.
$20 US in Havana at all terminals, probably no stopover exemption either.
Last year was Can $40 in Montego Bay, with 1 day stopover exemption
Simon Farthing    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stop Over coupons are reinstated.
Individuals who need more than the six coupons contained in their
personal (T421) or parent/partner (T423) trip pass tickets,
can use stopover coupons for each additional flight segment to
complete their return journey.
Stop Over coupons are to be used only when all six coupons of the
personal and parent/partner trip pass ticket are completed.
At each subsequent station, upon presentation of your used trip pass ticket,
a stopover coupon can be requested for each additional flight segment.

Airport departure tax from Auckland, NZ.
If you're headed down under beware the airport departure tax at
Auckland International Airport is NZ $20.

The Cardholder Information Profile (CHIP)  process is now complete.
The limited ticket allotments for 2001 are securely entered in RESIII for
Canadians' active unionized employees and retirees, as well as Air Canada
Regionals and Canadian Regional.
You can now request your 2001 limited allotment tickets,
such as ID80 and ZED travel partner tickets on participating
Star Alliance™ carriers.

" ' "

. Tom Grant sends this information - and comment!
Subject: the only way to fly
A Canadian company that opened an
"oxygen spa" last year at the Calgary International Airport — offering
travelers a chance to breathe nearly pure oxygen for a few minutes to
recharge their system — says the idea has been a hit and will likely
expand to other locations. The Calgary spa features six lounge chairs
where customers relax while breathing oxygen through tubes.
It also offers massages and other services.
(Now if they would add a separate tube for vodka martinis and the put
the whole thing on a 747 (business class of course) this might
combat blood clotting ;-)

" ' "

. Doug Hicks sends this -
A recent issue of Horizons had an article on the Company's deicing
operation. Perhaps this story in the news letter might help to understand
the "beginnings of this project"
In the late 40s I was Ramp Supervisor at Toronto. Working the midnight
shift the weather was ripe for the trial. The forecast was for at least four to five
inches of snow. Now the plan was to park a DC-3 on the gate overnight with
no covers and let the snow fall. Gate one was selected,  the aircraft was to be
used on the Ottawa flight in the morning at 0730.
At 0700 the plan started, buckets of glycol (that had been removed
from  North Star RR engines on a Maintenance check) and long handled mops.
Maintenance and ramp personnel manned the equipment? In no time the snow
had been removed,  the entire aircraft glistened in the shiny glow of the green
glycol. Passengers were boarded some, 15 to16,  not one made any mention
of the aircrafts' strange appearance,  the aircraft was now dripping a  green
colored liquid. The flight departed a few minutes late,  when it had left the
gate, there was this perfect outline of a DC-3 aircraft in glycol green.

Doug also sends this information -
For the Book fans of the Net Letter.
There is new book out in Canada called  "As for the Canadians"
by  Rita Donovan.ISBN 1-894543-03-3
It is about a very exclusive Club called the "Guinea Pig Club".
To gain admission to this Club you must have  served in the RCAF during
WW2 and suffered burns.  Today, the membership dwindles rapidly with now
less than 50 members. Oddly there are 3 members of this club who are now
retired Air Canada employees.
John  "Jack" Harding,  Henry "Hank" Ernst  and myself  Douglas J. Hicks
It is an interesting read and some remarkable stories
ps.  I may be bragging but I got nearly 5 pages...  Doug
Doug Hicks  < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Retired Airport Manager, New York

" ' "

. News from the C&SS Dorval retirees group -
Bob Heramchuk sends this info -
Norm Roberts has retired and we at Dorval   will be having a Retirement
Party for him
Date is Thursday 01 Feb 2000
Time is 17:00 - 21:00 hours
Location is Baie D'Urfe Curling Club     Cost is $15.00
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

" ' "

Found on the internet.
Your call is important to us!
Last summer, an Ontario senior,  phoned Air Canada at 8:30 one morning
to firm up a  tentative booking made earlier to Kauai. Still on hold at 2 pm,
she took a break to run errands. At 10:30 pm she tried again. Once more
a prerecorded voice asked her to "please stay on the line." She did, falling
into a fitful sleep with a pillow holding the phone to her ear. At 6:15 am.,
an agent answered and completed the booking.
Total wait time elapsed: 13 hours and 15 minutes, about the length of time
for a flight from Toronto to Kauai.
(We don't think she was an  AC retiree on standby either! - eds)

" ' "

. From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -

An Air Canada A319 aircraft (C-GBIM FIN283) had a tire burst on takeoff from
Mexico City yesterday and when it arrived at Toronto it was discovered that
there was some damage to the wing and flap.
Meanwhile, a Boeing 767 (C-GAVC-FIN611) that was damaged when the
nose gear collapsed last week in the hangar at Toronto will be repaired.

WestJet Airlines announced today that effective July 2001 they will initiate
new non-stop service between Calgary and Toronto twice daily with their
newly acquired 737-700 jet aircraft.

4)  Air Canada has purchased three of the Canadian Airlines
Boeing 737-275s coming off lease from Airplanes Group.
They are C-GBPW c/n 20958, C-GCPW, c/n 20959  and C-GEPW c/n 21115.
" ' "
. Terry's travel tips.
Taste of Italy    8 nights/10 days    Confirmed Air        from us$1299
Round trip confirmed air from Boston or New York to Venice, 2 nights in Venice
first class hotel, 3 nights Florence first class hotel, 3 nights in Rome, first class hotel,
all transfers, breakfast daily, 4 dinners, ½ day sightseeing tours of each city and
motorcoach tour through Tuscany, Bologna, San Gimignano and more.

Tuscany Wine and Cuisine Tour          Confirmed air.   from us$1849
If you love to cook, this is the tour for you! This package includes round trip confirmed
air from East Coast, 8 nights accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, 5 lunches,
3 cooking lessons in historic villas, 2 visits to local wineries, excursion to Pisa, excursion
to Siena and San Gimignano, half day sightseeing tour to Florence, transfers as indicated
by motorcoach, hotel taxes and service charges. Companions and non airline friends eligible!
Tour begins in Rome on March 19.

Sydney on a shoe string   from us$839
We re bringing back our Shoestring Packages!
Our introductory package includes round trip positive space air from Los Angeles,
4 nights hotel accommodations, hotel taxes and service charges at one unbelievable price.
Additional nights, upgrade hotels, city tours, excursions to the Outback and the
Great Barrier Reef available. Call today to reserve!

Auckland, New Zealand on a shoe string!
Come visit the friendly Kiwi s of New Zealand and explore a land rich with culture and
incredible beauty! This package includes round trip positive space air, 4 nights hotel
accommodations, hotel taxes and service charges.

New Zealand Fly Drive  from us$996
New Zealand is a land of untamed beauty and grandeur, magnificent mountains,
noble forests, picturesque lakes and the incredible Tasman Sea. Explore New Zealand
at your own pace.
Package includes round trip positive space air, 5 nights Bed and Breakfast
accommodations throughout New Zealand, North & South Islands,
5 day car rental with unlimited mileage and the opportunity to visit one of the
most unspoiled and beautiful destinations in the world. Longer stays available.

Sydney Auckland Combo from us$1049
Your opportunity to discover 2 great cities down under! Begin your trip in Sydney ;
the peacefulness of harbor cruising, the sophistication of a night at the Opera House
and the color of Sydney Harbor, then on to Auckland. Catch a view from the
North Shore and you ll understand why it is known as the City of Sails.
Thousands of colorful sails dance upon the sparkling water as sunlight transforms
a city backdrop into abstract art. Simply breathtaking!  9 Days/ 6 Nights

Call         1 800 422 3727   for more information.

" ' "

. Smilie.

I like that,   Author unknown,  contributed by  Gord Dalziel  ...

My younger brother and I, Canadians of Japanese descent, were assigned to
the same unit as navigators on 437 Transport Squadron at the Trenton, Ont.,
air base. As soon as my flight landed in Lahr, Germany, after one routine
flight, I reported to the weather office to debrief the duty meteorologist
on the transatlantic weather my crew had encountered. As it happened, an
hour later the next home-bound crew, including my brother, reported to the
weather office for their preflight briefing. The meteorologist hadn't
spoken for long before he peered quizzically at my brother in his flight suit,
handed him the pointer and said, "Here, you know the weather much better
than I do."

" ' "
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