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2001 Netletter #568 Mar 12th, 2001

#568 Mar 12th, 2001
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( For retirees of the new Air Canada family)

Number 568 Mar 12th, 2001,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot - Vesta Stevenson   -      Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

To get in touch with either editor/pilot our  email address is
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. Need to know.
From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs -
From: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
One of our retired pilots was denied boarding on a Continental flight from
San Diego to a destination in the US (4 Feb 01) with the remarks that
"Continental does not honor Air Canada passes".
Industry Travel advised -
I have forwarded your email to our Continental Pass Bureau Manager
for clarification. As far as we know, there is no change to the current policy.
In fact, our interline agreement with Continental now includes
Continental Micronesia for the pass exchange program where in the past we had
to purchase ID90.
The final response from Continental -
There has not been any change in the AC/CO pass policy, except as you
mentioned, including Continental Micronesia in the pass service charges. We
will contact our San Diego manager to ensure that the employees there verify
the pass travel information in the computer when there is any question, so a
recurrence of such inconvenience to pass riders may be prevented.
We value our interline relationship, and appreciate your bringing this to my

I am a "Snowbird" spending the winter months in California.
Question: Is it correct that if I do not return within 90 days
that I must use a new Trip Pass?
If so, does that mean that applicable charges are applied twice for one trip?
Comment: If Air Canada feels that they must charge the Employee Pass
charge twice ($30.00) for one trip, then what can I say?
But, to charge the U.S. Immigration/Customs Fee,
U.S. Transport Tax, Federal Sales Tax (GST)
which amount to about $49.22 twice for one trip seems unfair.
Industry travel response -
Our tickets are valid for 90 days from the origin travel date. If your
return trip is beyond 90 days, then you must imprint a new trip pass
ticket. An additional service charge and applicable taxes will apply.
However, since you will be charged twice for the US arrival and departure
taxes, you can apply for a refund on one of the two taxes on each ticket
by returning the remaining ticket to Payrolls once the deductions have
appeared on your pension cheque.

For example, for travel YOW-YYZ-SFO, unfortunately our system will
deduct both the US departure and arrival taxes as well as the
immigration fee. You will be able to apply for a refund of the US departure tax.

For travel SFO-YYZ-YOW, our system will again deduct both US taxes and
immigration fee. You will be able to apply for the US arrival tax and
the immigration fee once the deductions are reflected on your pension

" ' "

. News for C.A.I.L. and airline buffs -
If you'd like to own a uniform or other promotional items with the Canadian
Airlines logo this is your last chance. The prices are fiery hot at 75-90 per cent off. Employees, retirees, family and friends are welcome but remember,
company ID is required and all sales are final.
The doors open March 1720, from 9:00 am4:00 pm at
Canadian Airlines Uniforms,
#160-6391 Westminster Hwy,
Richmond, BC (the Brighouse Business Park by the #2 Rd Bridge).
Hurry in and pick up your future piece of memorabilia.

" ' "
. Bruce Allcom sends us a bio -
Mine is Bruce Allcorn and I flew with TCA from 1951 to 59, some
DC3, but mostly as an F/O Trans-At, on Northstars and Connies then out
of YYZ as a Capt. on Northstars. Seniority # at start of operations 365.

Over the years and flying sundry locations, I have lost track of
everyone from that era, and now that I am trying to compile a book of
events over the half century and I wish to include many lost friends. I
find myself more than embarrassed, not having a good record of my years
with TCA and some great pilots, some of whom still sit on my shoulder.
Mickey Found, Doug Siple Bert Trerrace, Art Anders, to name a few.
In 1995, all my personal possessions were accidentally destroyed,
photos - log books everything! This leads to my quest.  Photos from the
50's, Pilot seniority lists, who may be still around that I could contact.
As my E-Mail would suggest, I spent nearly 25 years flying the Arctic
and Antarctic but now spend as much time as possible on the Gulf of Mexico
with an address in Mississippi.
Any suggestions or assistance would certainly be appreciated.
Bruce            E-Mail <mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >poltopol@bellsouth<mailto:poltopol@bellsouth. net>.net

" ' "

. From the RAPCAN eMailNews issued by Duane Frerichs -
Ferg Kyle writes -
It has come to my attention that there is a disturbing move contemplated
by the National Air museum in Ottawa.
As you may know, this museum which houses the National Aeronautical
Collection, falls under the Minister of Heritage - Hon. Sheila Copps - and
forms a creditable and dedicated major role in describing Canada's history
in the air. In aviation, - that is, aviators - Canada is noted for its rich
contribution to the world's air history. The aircraft flown form a serious
part of that history and we are falling behind more dedicated regimes in
saving these mementos of a glorious age. New Zealand now has more WW II
aircraft flying than Canada.

The museum is now run it seems by people having virtually little
background in the air. As with many other related endeavours, this usually
results in the reduction of the resources it has taken decades to resurrect,
refurbish and display.

One such topic is the Airspeed Oxford, a twin-engined wartime
training aircraft which, while having been built in numbers (4000), is now
resident in one single NAM example. It along with the Avro Anson, produced a
large number of the bomber pilots whose devastating effect on Germany
accounted for its collapse. Tens of thousands of these veterans remember
their days in training - but of course they are dying now and don't pay
large taxes. The NAM, apparently short of space is said to be contemplating
the sale of the lone Oxford to New Zealand as a solution to their problem.

There is no doubt that Canada can get along without a National Air
Museum copy of this unique trainer - probably as easily as without a
Minister Of Heritage. But should it? Cannot some other solution be found?
Should the fourth largest air fleet at the end of WW II become the 52nd in
enthusiasm for its past? Should 30-odd million people flog the history of
its successes to the enrichment of those who treasure it more, but qualify
less? Should the largest air training area in the world, with a quarter
million graduates from every continent, be relegated to third world status
by stranger to its secrets?

I would prefer to believe that the museum is in the hands of
aviation-wise folk, but seeing the machinations of our present government,
I don't think so. And I intend to say so to Ms. Copps, Minister of Heritage,
House Of Commons, Canadian Heritage, Wellington Street, Ottawa, ON K1A
0A6, or at 1-613-992-2727. I leave those similarly enraged to find the
suitable email source on their own.

Please raise the alarm to stifle this proposed calumny - in the name
of Canada's rich heritage in the air. I know a large reaction is bound to
have effect.
Ferg Kyle < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

" ' "

. Remember when?
CPAir pioneered the 'Bring your own lunch" concept 20 years before Freddie Laker's
"SKYTRAIN". On Hawaii and Amsterdam flights, passengers could buy a cheap
boxed lunch before departure, to save buying an on-flight meal. This turned into
a nightmare for the flight attendants , as passengers with a boxed lunch were
probably seated with those enjoying a cooked steak lunch. Some passengers
had devoured their boxed lunch while waiting to board the aircraft, and the scent
of food on-board made some become abusive to the flight attendants when they
denied them any other food,
(Surely the first signs of Air Rage - eds)

" ' "
.  Charles J.L. Mackie sends us this info
Can. Aviation Historical Society -
We had a meeting of the Can. Aviation Historical Society today and one
chap there was investigating all Lancasters that where built in Canada including
the Lancastrian.  He has accumulated a lot info on the Lancs but mostly those that
where involved with the RCAF etc.  He doesnt have any info on the Lancastrian
that  we had while I was with the CGTAS.
I was wondering if some where in your files you may have some info as when
these particular Lancs where built and how they where disposed of after we where
finished with them.  I believe one the Lancastrians was involved in that Crash near
Chile that have just discovered, was one of ours.
--     Perhaps someone who might have this info could contact me.
This Chap will be publishing a book about the Lancs fairly soon, so I told him
I would try and get some info for him.  He is also looking for  stories about aviation
in those days.
Cheers           Charles     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

" ' "

. Found on the internet.
Sandwiches target for foot-and-mouth
German officials placed British sandwiches under suspicion Tuesday as
possible carriers of foot-and-mouth disease - along with all other meat and
milk products - confiscating uneaten food from passengers arriving on flights
from Britain at airports across the country. Hunting trophies and other items
made from skin or hides also were placed on the warning list.

Aeroflot targets Virgin take-over
Flying Aeroflot is a virgin experience for many passengers Aeroflot is expected
to be confirmed as the buyer of Sir Richard Branson's low-cost airline,
Virgin Express Ireland.

" ' "
.  Margaret A. Cantwell sends this information -
I have been browsing around on the Internet getting used to it you might say.
I had been given the Web Site address for "The Battle of Britain".  You may well
have it also but just in case you don't I will give it to you with the thought that as
the Battle of Britain 60th anniversary is coming up and I think it runs
July to October, you might find something of interest to some of the
RAF and RCAF Veterans.
There are super coloured pictures of the different Aircraft including the
Blenheim that (my husband) Ken flew in.
BATTLE OF BRITAIN WEB SITE.......http://@web.com/n/34a

When next in the U.K. -
Have you heard of Eden Camp?  It is in Yorkshire near the City of York.
It is called "the People's War".  It is the only Modern History Theme Museum
of its type in the world. Set in acres it covers the 2nd. World War from the very
beginning. There are some 30 huts depicting all phases of the war.
You can experience the Blitz, The Home front, U-Boat menace, Bomber Command
Operations room to name just five of them. You walk right into the huts and truly
experience it all.   I am going myself in September which will be very exciting.
(As Margaret's late husband, Ken, was a member of the 600 Squadron, Margaret has
been made an associate member - eds)
I have now been invited by the 600 Squadron Assn. to attend the 60th. Anniversary
of the Battle of Britain at Westminster Abbey.  Then being taken to lunch with that group.
There will be many Squadrons represented apparently and will be quite grand.
Margaret < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
" ' "
. From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -

South African Airways are planning to fly a charter with a 747-400 around the
world on November 17 to 19th, 2001.  The unusual part of it is that it will be pole
to pole.  "Polar Byrd II" will fly from New York's JFK to Rio Gallegos Argentina,
the continue over the South Pole to Perth Australia.  From there it will proceed to
Beijing China, then over Russian airspace en route to the North Pole and on
over Canada to New York.  The flight is now open for bookings with a First Class
seat going for $14,495USD, Business Class for $9495USD and Economy Class
at $7495USD.


Saturday, April 7, 2001     1000 to 1500hrs
at Holiday Inn Airport East -- Hwy #401 and Dixon Road.

Sponsored by Airliners International-Toronto, these shows are held twice-yearly
and are becoming more and more popular each time.  Don't miss this chance to
meet other people of similar interests to yours and bring your collection with you
for display, or to trade and sell if you wish.
To reserve a table, or for more detailed information write to
Steve Emmins  at     This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Interline prices -
Europe Greek Island Cruises
Amsterdam                           from $469*                          3,4, 7, 10 & 11 Day Cruises available at
Athens                                     from $339*                          Interline prices, with SA Air and nights
Barcelona                              from $359*                          Pre and Post cruise in Athens
Budapest                               from $759*
Cracow                                  from $635*                          Australia and New Zealand
Florence  Land Only          from $219*                           Sydney    Space Available    from $459*
Istanbul                                 from $599*                                            Positive Space       from $849*
Lisbon                                    from $$449*                        Auckland Positive Space      from $779*
London                                  from $509*                          Auckland/Sydney Combo    from $1029*
London/Paris Combo        from $659*                          Melbourne-Brisbane-Cairns packages too!
Lucerne                                 from $389*                          New Zealand Fly/Drive         from $986*
Madrid                                  from $309*                          Motorcoach Tours through Australia and
Moscow                                from $819*                           New Zealand available now!

Moscow/St.Petersburg      from $1359*                         Costa Rica
Nice                                       from $569*                          San Jose                             from $239*
Paris                                      from $379*                          Great Escape                     from $589*
Prague/Budapest Combo from $1059*                       2 nights San Jose, 3 nights

>                                    All Inclusive Playa Tambor
Rome                                     from $499*                             3 day car rental, round trip SA air!
Torremolinos                       from $369*                          San Jose & Jungle Combo  from $699*
Venice            Land Only     from $328*                             3 nights San Jose, full day tour, 2 nights
Warsaw                                  from $579*                             Jungle Lodge, round trip SA air

All Europe packages above include round          from $559*
*Per person based on double occupancy

Exclusively for airline employees and their eligible family members
Companions now eligible for many of our packages
800 422 3727
Vesta sends this suggestion -
If Machu Picchu is on your list of things to see before you die - a
group of scientists says you might want to book your visit sooner rather
than later. In a report in New Scientists researchers say the
ancient Inca citadel could collapse at any time.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Dutch air traffic controllers got a little more than they bargained for when a
German Tornado jet fighter on a routine training mission shot live ammo at their
tower.  No one was injured in the incident, which took place on the island of
Vlieland.  Three people were in the tower when it was hit by seven 27-millimeter
rounds from the Tornado's wing cannons.
The apparently accidental shooting is under investigation.

A few months ago at Downtown Airport in Kansas City (MKC):
Controller: "Archer 1234, your Mode C is not operating."
Archer 1234: "I'll recycle it."
Archer 1234: "Are you receiving my Mode C now?"
Controller: "I have 1,400 indicated."
Archer 1234: "I'm showing 1,450."
Controller: "That's close enough for government work."
Unidentified pilot: "If I could just get you to do my taxes..."

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