2000 Netletter #450 Febuary 2000

#450 Febuary 2000

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Number 450   Feb 16th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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This NetLetter is dedicated to the Late Captain Lothian.

The Memorial Service for Captain George B.Lothian will be held at 1000
Hours, on Thursday, February 17th at

The Chapel Hill Funeral Home,
14615 - 16th Avenue,
White Rock, B.C.

Here is a tribute to him from a NetLetter reader:
Saddened at the passing on Feb.13 of George Lothian whom I knew when he
was supervisory pilot in TCA's transatlantic region ex Dorval. While he
had many difficult experiences with the Lancastrians, I recall clearing
him out of Bermuda on an early North Star flight to Montreal via
Toronto. Both Canadian terminals were forecast well below limits in rain
and fog but we did not believe the forecasts and had a solid alternate
in North Bay. We operated routine and on schedule through Toronto much
to the frustration of Toronto flight dispatch who had cancelled all
intercity flights!
Some of you may have read his excellent book, "Flight Deck", written
after his retirement and return from an ICAO assignment in Nepal. His
late wife was one of our first three stewardesses. A very deserving
member of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame, George was a great

Ross Smyth (Montreal)


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(Aircraft Router)

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I'm sure my brother would like to receive your informative netletter. He
retired before me but only recently came on line. His name is Leo
Styrczula and his wife's is Huguette and that's why his e-mail address
reads This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I enjoy reading your netletters, thank you for your efforts... Ted

( I love the humour of Leo's e-mail address. And thanks Ted for the
accolades, eds.)


COMMENTS  from our readers.    (re past issues)

The AC Family Network provides links to many travel related sites as
well as discount sites for airline employees and retirees.

Non-members are required to register first with the AC Family Network
(it's free) . Just go to:www.acfamily.net and click on the "Register"
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(most of you who are reading this NetLetter are already registered on
the ACFamily.net)

The AC Family does not provide individual travel information, we just
point to the resources available.

Also, I was a bit discouraged a few weeks ago. After spending about a
half an hour researching and writing a personal reply to one of your
members regarding accommodation in Miami (before a cruise) I never
received a reply or thank you.

Please, when someone you don't even know takes the time to help you with
any request or problem, a quick acknowledgement and thank you is always
in order.

Regards,Alan Rust Web Administrator  AC Family Network


TRAVEL Reminders

Remember to complete the Family Affair forms. Many eligible Family
Affair members are arriving at Check-in counters without the Family
Affair validation form (PM002) or with an unsigned one. Effective
immediately, validation forms are valid for one year from the issue date
imprinted with the employee's identification card. Last year's forms can
be accepted for one year until old stock is depleted. Check out CIC*85
for information on Family Affair.


Travel Tip

Remember to bring along Dental floss. Beyond the obvious, floss can be
used as clothesline or emergency shoelace, or to mend a large rip that
your sewing kit can't handle. Lash together broken pieces of luggage or
repair your backpack.


Those fighting Irish <G> ireland.com - The Irish Times - IRELAND

Cork man fined £700 for in-flight abuse

A Cork man was fined £700 at Shannon District Court in Co Clare
yesterday after pleading guilty to engaging in threatening, abusive or
insulting behaviour on board an aircraft during a flight. Mark
O'Sullivan (23), of Barrymore Court, Glanmire, Co Cork, travelled home
on a Boston- Dublin flight last Sunday to pay a surprise visit to his
mother but was arrested at Shannon Airport, having been restrained in
his seat by cabin crew members and an off duty pilot. The court heard
that passengers had been terrified that O'Sullivan would attempt to get
off the plane. He had been singing a song to his girlfriend and wanted
to continue. Insp Michael Barry said O'Sullivan had been "very, very
drunk" over a two-hour period and was verbally abusive to cabin crew
attempting to calm him down. Ms Karen Kearney, solicitor for the
defence, said her client was extremely remorseful. The drink had been
free of charge and he had had too much.
(Ed: 700 lb is more than $1500 cdn I'm told)


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