2000 Netletter #451 Febuary 2000

#451 Febuary 2000

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Number 451  Feb 23rd, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.
Bruce Mould sends this reminder -
Subject: Overpayment of supplementary health plan
We received the letter today regarding the new rates for the
supplementary health plan.  To our surprise, we realized that we were
still paying for our son, who turned 25 in Feb. 1996, four years of
over-payments.  We had at the time advised Industry Travel of the change
in status and assumed it would be applied to all benefits.
We called Pensions & Employee Benefits today and were told that a lot
of retirees were calling today with the same problem.
Unfortunately, we are told the overpayment is not refundable.
We just thought to drop you a line to remind retirees to advise the
proper department when they have a change in beneficiaries, it is not
done automatically.
Bruce Mould  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. News from the districts.
From: BERNARD P DANIS Okanagan Valley update -
Greetings from the Valley..
We held our seventh Annual General Meeting in conjunction with our
Valentine luncheon this past February 14th at the Kelowna Ramada Inn
Lodge..We had 80 members and guests from Osoyoos to Kamloops in
attendance. This succesful luncheon included flowers for the ladies,,door
prizes won by Lillian Gauthier [Vernon],Edna Jamieson [Oliver},Edna
Cormier [Lakeview Heights],Delia Fortin [Penticton],and Tony Bestick
Our guest speaker was Saville Hambleton President of our National Pionair
Our next function is a beach / bbq party to be held June 06 at the
beautiful Summerland beach.
Bernie Danis    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

and from the Vancouver Island district -
Recent Events   
Fall luncheon
62 Pionairs filled the dining room at McMorrans Beach House and enjoyed
an excellent luncheon. Our guest speaker was Richard Paquette,
President & C.E.O. of the Victoria Airport  Authority. Richard delivered
a most interesting talk regarding improvements planned for the Victoria
International Airport.
Christmas luncheon
44 Pionairs enjoyed a Christmas luncheon with all the trimmings.
Dunsmuir Lodge did an excellent job in all aspects in what has to be one
of the finest locations in our area.
Upcoming Events
On Tuesday, April 4, we will gather at the Princess Mary Restaurant for
a buffet style luncheon. The Ballroom/Dolphins will be the location with
a reception at 11 AM and lunch at 12:30 PM. Cost per person is $17.00.
A no host bar will be available.
DEADLINE for cheques March 27th. Mail to
John Jeffreys at #1 - 10471 Resthaven Dr, Sidney, BC V8L 3H6.
Visiting Pionairs most welcome.
Our guest speaker will be: Ron Gurney, Financial Planner, who plans a
question and answer session that I'm sure will be most beneficial.

The annual Pionair System Golf Tournament will be held on
Vancouver Island on June 13 and 14 at the Glen Meadows Golf and Country
Club on the Saanich Peninsula.  All Pionairs should by now have received
a copy of the registration form.
John Innes, a member of the Vancouver Island Pionairs for many years is
the Chairperson for this important event. John has held two meetings and
a third was planned for February 17. A committee of some 15 Pionairs has
been formed to spearhead the many aspects of the event that must be
seen to. More volunteers are needed. Should you wish to be a volunteer,
please contact John Innes at (250) 477-3067.
A number of golfers have already registered.
Let's show the Pionairs at large, how well Vancouver Island Pionairs can
do a First Class Job!

Our Annual picnic will be held at Mount Douglas Park on Tuesday,
August 15th. We have booked the Area A diamond section from 11 AM to 3 PM.
Cost per person will be $2.00. There will be many games of skill and
prizes galore! Please join your fellow Pionairs for a fun filled afternoon
in the fresh air!
For those of you who would like to receive the Netletter but do not
have email available, I can share the following generous offer.
Margaret Cantwell, who recently joined our telephone committee would be
prepared to mail a copy of the Netletter to interested Vancouver Island
Pionairs. Margaret can be reached at (250) 658-2922.
Thank you and Much Appreciation -
After 15 years on the Telephone Committee, Peggy Davies has decided to
hang up her phone. Thanks Peggy for a job well done!
Also passing on responsibilities is our Vancouver Island
Pionair, Leo Goulet. In March he will hand off his Pension Committee
activities to another member of the Pionairs who will continue the
responsibility of representing our group in this highly important area.
The name of the incoming individual will be announced at our April 28 - 30
Annual General Meeting in Vancouver.
This completes the Newsletter,   Spring is coming!
John Jeffrey, Director Vancouver Island Pionairs

Vancouver  Pionairs Spring Luncheon
Date :  Wednesday March 22nd
Place:  Quiulchena Golf and Country Club
Time:   1130 - 1230 Meet & Greet (no host bar).
1230 - 1330 Luncheon
1330 - 1430 Special Speaker, Prize Draws etc.
Cost:   $17.50 per person

Cheques mailed to:  Don Hancock in Trust - deadline March 12th.
# 11 - 5531 Cornwall Dr. Richmond BC V7C 5N7.
Should any  members plan to attend this function complimentary
transportation to and from the event will be available  at the Tsawassen BC
Ferry  dock at 1030. (0900 AM Ferry from Schwartz Bay).
Please advise Don when you mail in your cheque.

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. For you curling types -
John Rogers sends this information.
Received the latest Horizons and on pg. 10 they made an error on
the cost of our curling bonspiel to be held Mar. 10th in Lachine.
They have the cost @ $18.00 when it should read $8.00 for the lunch.
We have been receiving some calls on this and I hope that those on
line will get the message from you.
Regards John Rodger Assist. Director Mtl. District Pionairs.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. Alan Rust sends this information -
US Immigration fee applies to tickets for infant travel. The one-way
US $6.00 Immigration (XY) fee is applicable to tickets for infant

W-hoop it up at the February 29 Toronto Raptors game at the Air Canada
Centre. If slam dunk and dribble are part of your vocabulary you're in
for a treat! Air Canada, Canadian Airlines, and their respective
Regional Carriers' employees, friends, and family can take advantage
of a one-time reduced rate ticket offer when the Raptors tip off
against the Chicago Bulls at 7:00 pm. You can cheer from the lower
bowl end zone or balcony prime_ at half price! A ticket in the lower
bowl is $33.50 while a seat in the balcony is $19.00. Tickets can only
be purchased with a credit card by fax and must be ordered by February
25. Fax (416) 359-9198 with your name, telephone number, number of
tickets and preferred section, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or
American Express), card number, expiry date, and name on card. Tickets
can be picked up at the Gate 1 box office on game night with a valid
photo employee identification card.

Industry News:
JetBlue reaches US $1 million in sales before its first flight.
According to Aviation Daily, JetBlue accumulated more than $1 million
in sales on flights between Buffalo, NY and Fort Lauderdale, FL before
its first aircraft even became airborne. Twenty percent of all sales
came from the Internet.

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. Your Co-pilot recently took a vacation, and thought you may like
to have some details -
Our departure was Jan 27th, which was fortunate as, effective on
the 24th we were able to use our trip pass on Central Mountain Air
from Nanaimo to Vancouver, which makes for a much easier way to
get off Vancouver Island. Our previous alternative was for a two hour
ferry ride and 40 minute taxi trip at $45.00, then a departure tax, or
a 2 1/2 hour drive to Victoria, and catch AirBC.
On Air Canada to LHR, we were upgraded to Executive First, courtesy
of the cabin crew of I/C Gail Cartwright, G/P Lilly Flather and F/A
Wendy Sumpter. Although there was space in Hospitality, it seems that
this crew will, providing there are sufficient meals, will select a
high priority con and have them upgraded as a way of expressing their
regard for long service to the company - nice touch!. Our flight time
was quick 8 1/2 hours, putting us overhead LHR 30 minutes early, but
we had to 'stack' for 45 minutes due to traffic, so nothing gained.
Our friends met us at the airport and whisked us to their home, where
we stayed a couple of days to recover from the jet lag.
Gasoline prices in the UK were 68p per litre (C$1.60)
Then, together with our friends, we used Z fares to Faro in Portugal
on GB Airways. The cost was CA$153.00 return. We arrived early evening
and rented a car for a week from Budget and drove to Albufeira some
25 miles distance to the resort we were staying at. Our friends had
never been to Portugal before, so we took the oportunity to tour with
them, showing them the sights, which included a day trip to Seville in
Spain. You are advised to take your passport, and money can be changed
to Pesetas just over the border, and any surplus changed back to Escudos
on the way back. There are no commission charges for exchanging either
currency, nor from Canadian, English or US funds. Travellers cheques
gives the better rate. 138 Escudos for Canadian $ or 319 for UK sterling.
Accommodations are cheap at this time of the year, and food prices
similar to what you would pay in Canada. Gasoline costs 169 escudos per
litre (C$1.22). Our friends returned to the UK after a week, and we
stayed a second week. The weather was in the mid 60's and only one
day of rain.
It is quite refreshing to shop in Portugal as, except for groceries,
all the prices are in Escudoes without the ever present number
9 as in north America ie $1.99 or $7.99 or $225.99. The lowest
denomination coin in Escudos is 2.50, therefore if your grocery bill
comes to an odd amount, it is rounded down to the nearest whole number.
Upon our return to the UK, we stayed with our friends again, and, one
day took us to see the british Airways millennium wheel, which still
is not in operation. We had our photo taken with the wheel in the
background and, later we noticed a Virgin Atlantic B747 bank around and
fly directly overhead the wheel. We could just imagine the dialogue the
captain was giving the passengers - Virgin and British are mortal enemies!
Our flight home was quite uneventful, except for the dialogue provided
by the purser Jacques (Jack) Menard, which must have helped the first
time flyer to relax, and was greatly appeciated by most of the
passengers, judging by the reaction to some of his comments - which made
for an enjoyable flight.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
B & B handy for flights at London Heathrow Airport is the
White Hart Hotel, Church Road, West End, Northolt only 8 minutes away.
TV in every room.
Credit cards are accepted. Short or long stay - cheap rates.
Phone: 0181-845-1460

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. Smilie.
From Brian O'Hare Retired AC YYZ...living in Arizona
And "other" services?
All airlines have some unique codes to identify reservations, services,
functions, etc.
An experienced airline agent but new to the international carrier he now
worked for approached his supervisor and said, "I'm willing to do a lot for
my employer but this crosses the line."  The supervisor looked at the Res
message and deciphered it for the agent.  It followed the flight booking
with the term, "NN HORES ANC WESTWARD"  he explained that HORES was hotel
reservations and not what he thought.....
-Anonymous Anchorage, AK

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