2000 Netletter #454 Febuary 2000

#454 Febuary 2000

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Number 454   Feb 29th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Welcome to -
John Glew  email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
John worked with in Flt Dx. at LHR for 33+ years until
he retired 2 years ago in Feb 98 and lives in the UK.

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I have just retired, joined the Pionairs, and signed up for your
excellent NetLetter. Here`s a quick autobiography of me you may wish to
include in your NetLetter:
- Entered aviation industry with R.C.A.F. reserve 1958-59 in Vancouver.
Worked 3 summers as a Station Attendant for T.C.A. in Vancouver,
starting in 1960. Then transferred to Montreal with Air Canada as a
junior technician.
- Graduated from U.B.C. Mechanical Engineering and then on to College of
Aeronautics, Cranfield, England to study Aircraft Design.
- Spent several years in Air Canada Engineering, including 10 years as
L-1011 Operations Engineer. Then worked in Aircraft Programs department
for several years evaluating new aircraft, developing specifications and
purchase agreements as Manager, Aircraft Evaluation & Specifications.
Ended full time career January 2000 after 34 1/2 years.
- My wife Angie and I have been married for 31 years, we have 3 sons (2
married), and one granddaughter. We are presently residing in
Pierrefonds, Quebec. Thanks.   Best regards,Bob Arnett

Bob Steadman sends in his bio -
The following is a breif summary of my work life.
I started with T.C.A. on January 1952 in aircraft maintenance as a
learner 1 mechanic. I then went to aircraft maintenance planning in
January 1958 and retired January 1985. During my career I was involved
with the Major modification of the Bristol Freighters, the modification
of the North stars to increase their landing weight, the overhaul of three
connies in Winnipeg by subcontract. The start up of maintenance in the
new base. The repair of the cabbage patch DC8 at Heathrow, and the repair
of the DC9 at Sydney N.S.
Other than for the above I spent the rest of my time at the DORVAL BASE.
"Bob Steadman" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

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.  john rodger sends this information -
Subject: Old Timers Hockey
Just wanted to advise you that we have been able to get an old timers
division in the AC System Hockey Tournament that is to take place in
YOW Feb. 29th and Mar. 1st . WE have been able to have two teams made up
of Pionairs and active employees age 50 and older.
This will be the first time that the old timers have been included and
it is hoped that we can now make this a yearly event.
So any one living in the Ottawa area that would like to see the games
we are playing at The Jim Durrell Arena Wakley Rd.
Feb. 29th & Mar. 1st @ 1 pm.
Regards John Rodger   < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

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. Tom Grant sends this information -
Subject: AGM2000 info
Just to let you know that I have put online a list of about two dozen
websites with some comments that prospective attendees to the AGM2000
might find useful.
It is linked off the Pionairs page on the A-Crew website from the AGM link
on that page, check out the Air Canada Retired Employees Web Site
Independently operated by webmaster Tom Grant.

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. Found on the internet.
You've heard of pilots who practically live in their planes, but how
many of them have been earthbound?
A company in Tennessee is offering to convert old Boeing 727s to your own
personal abode, including mounting it on a pedestal so it can always
point into the wind like a weathervane.  Hey, if you don't believe us,
go to <http://www.maxpoweraero.com/ACHomes.htm> and see for yourself.

A BG Airways flight was delayed recently when the cabin crew found some
unlikely stowaways.  Passengers aboard the Malta-bound aircraft were
treated to a unique sideshow at Gatwick Airport outside London, England,
when the crew discovered some carry-on luggage was clucking.
Whatever happened next resulted in the ejection of four passengers and
their clucking carry-on.  The chickens were reportedly taken to a
holding area -- although some passengers did observe a remarkable
resemblance between the ejected stowaways and the in-flight meal they were
served later.

" ' "

. Help!
Since I am part of our ACFamily and have access to e-mail,
I am inquiring for Pionair member Edna Jamieson, who would like to
find the whereabouts of one Robbie Robinson, a retired purchasing agent,
who worked at Dorval.
Edna may be reached through  >> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   <<
Thanks for any help.     Wm. Galley.

James and Ann  Riddoch need some help here -
Subject: Accomodation New Zealand
Dear retirees,
My wife and I are planning to visit New Zealand at the end of March.
Does anyone have good reasonable recommendations for accommodation in
Auckland and Christchurch?
Much appreciated your assistance.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. From the RAPCAN newsletter issued by Duane Frerichs -
From: Aaron Todd < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Subject: airliners
My son has just received his latest copy of 'AIRLINERS'#62 it has an
excellent pictorial history of TCA-Air Canada, which I consider a 'must
have' reference guide  (it even shows the 'mudguard')
Mike Todd cyvr

" ' "

. From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -
Air Canada received official designation to Mexico City which paves
the way for introduction of their own non-stop flights between Toronto
and Vancouver to Mexico City (with A319s).
They will begin on April 2nd.
Air Canada has retired another DC-9-32 (C-FTLH FIN707).  The DC-9
made its last revenue flights on Feb 15th between Toronto and Moncton NB
(AC662/669), then ferried to Montreal and was officially taken out of

" ' "

. Smilie.
While trying to work touch-and-goes with a student in the traffic
pattern at Daggett Airport, we were acutely aware of a pair of regional
airline Fokker jets practicing the VOR approach to an intersecting
runway.  Each time they executed a missed approach, but we would hold
short just in case they landed.
Finally, I keyed the mic and asked them if they were ever going to land.
Their curt response: "Negative, the company said they don't mind buying
the gas, but we have to buy our own tires."

From the RAPCAN newsletter issued by Duane Frerichs -
Subject: Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines has been in the news lately and when I think of that
airline, I think of a story a Captain told me a long time ago while
waiting to takeoff behind an Alaska aircraft, one morning in Seattle.
On this particularly foggy morning at the Seattle airport, the ground
controllers lost track of a Continental flight that was taxing out for
Ground Control:   "Continental flight # 324, we've lost you in the
fog,  say your position."
Continental # 324:  We're on the taxiway, parked next to this jet with
the picture of the United flight attendant painted on the tail.

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