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#457 March 2000
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Number 557 Feb 1st, 2001,  We first Published in October 1995

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. News from CAIRE and PIONAIRS -
Pat & Bob Hill (of CAIRE Chapter 2) sent this message -
My husband, Bob, and myself - both former employees of Canadian Airlines,
have yet to receive the notification in the mail to apply for membership in the
AC Pionairs organization.  It seems most of the people at the CAIRE
Chapter 2 Meeting last Thursday, January 25, at the Cowichan Golf &Country
Club were in possession of this document along with the info. regarding the
Annual (CAIRE) Luncheon scheduled for April 11 in Vancouver.
Could you please advise me whom I could contact to get copies of this
application form as we are most interested in becoming members of
the new AC Pionairs?    < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
The following response was from Barbara Hambleton - National secretary of Pionairs -
The CAIRE luncheon notice was sent out by John Smerdon Caire.
We "piggy-backed" on his mailer and used the opportunity to send our
Pionair application with it.
We don't have names or addresses of the Caire people so if anyone else
asks you this question please refer them to
John Smerdon (he doesn't have e-mail)
1-604-275-4501, 465 Coventry Drive, Richmond, BC V7C 4R7.
FYI we have already received over 400 applications.
We are really looking forward to having them join us and hope to see a lot
of new members at our Pionair AGM in May, being held in Calgary.
We will send the Pionair AGM package out to every one who applies to become
a member.    Thanks, Barb         This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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May day.
Hi, I am trying to get in touch with Sam Chiveldeff the founder of the
Montreal Interline Club in December 1960. Sam was with CPAir at that
time  Réal Henri   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. Tom Martin sends this story -
It seemed ironic to me to see Dave O'Neill's name appear in N/L 552 as
a new subscriber at the same time as a Smilie appeared about the Barf bag.
It brought back memories of the first trip Dave and I took a trip to the
Middle East on contract business maybe 20 years ago.  We arranged to meet
the Saudia Tech Rep - Roger? - and his charming wife Diane.  They in effect
acted as our hosts and guides for the to visit SV to try get more contract business.
From there we were to go on or own to Gulf Air to try to convince them to do
business with us.  Roger, Diane, Dave and I boarded an SV flight to Jeddah,
but first we had to buy a bottle of sherry, which I didn't figure out, however enroute
there was no alcohol so that explained the purchase.  As we neared Jeddah, we
could hear the clinking of empty bottles all around us under the seats.  Also as
we neared our destination, Diane said - watch the lavs.  There were a number of
beautifully dressed women on board and there became a steady stream of
these ladies going to the lav and reappearing fully covered in traditional garb.
During the mornings we would have our meeting with the SV people, then our
hosts would take over.  They had a house in an American compound where they
said have a look at our swimming pool.  There was a bare outline of the top of the
pool, the rest had been filled with sand by the local keepers of morality - no
half bare women in bathing suits would be tolerated.  One afternoon we went to
the Red Sea for a swim.  Far too mucky for me, so while Dave and Roger went for
a dip, I suggested to Diane we go out on the pier for a dive in.  Lots of locals were
there and Diane said she'd be pinched black and blue - no thanks.
In the souk (market) when I wondered about the safety of so much gold and
jewellry unattended I was told anyone who stole would lose their hand - not to worry.
Another evening we went to a local apartment for a party and were asked what
we wanted to drink - rum, rye, scotch, gin.  I said whatever you have most off.
Turned out to be local hooch made by non Arabs and a dash of colour was
added to satisfy the choice of booze - it was all the same.
As the "barf bag" coincidence, we left for Gulf Air and onboard we were given a
small bottle of water and clever me decided it would be smart to save it so I grabbed
a sickness bag from the seat back, opened it by sticking my hand in it and YUK,
it had already been used.  Big Dave got a kick out of this, but I was not amused.
We did continue to do business with SV, but no luck with Gulf, at least then.
An interesting experience.  Tom Martin (ex YULJZ)     email <<mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >tomartin@vanisle<mailto: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >. net>

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. Found on the internet.
Boston's Logan Airport to provide for stranded passengers
Logan Airport soon will provide lodgings of a sort for passengers stranded
overnight because of bad weather.
The Massachusetts Port Authority, operator of Logan, has purchased 500 cots.
When 10 or more people are stranded at the airport for four hours or more,
they can use the cots to get some sleep. It will be up to the airlines to provide
pillows and blankets.

UFO Shuts Down Russian Airport
An airport in southern  Siberia was shut down for an hour and a half recently
when an unidentified flying object (UFO) was detected hovering above its
runway.The crew of an Il-76 cargo aircraft refused to take off, claiming they saw
a luminescent object hovering above the runway of the Siberia's Barnaul airport,
local aviation company director Ivan Komarov was quoted as saying.
The crew of another cargo plane, refusing to use the runway for the same  reason
landed their jet at another airport, Komarov said. The UFO took off and
vanished from the airport 90 minutes later, according to  the report.

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. Remember when?
On Jan 24th 1959, American Airlines opened the jet age in the United
States with the first scheduled transcontinental flight of a Boeing 707.

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. Pickings from the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn -
The last Canadian Airlines 747-400 is being re-painted this week into the new
"Air Canada" colours.  During February and March the airplanes that require a
change in FIN number will be converted.  This includes all of the Boeing 737
fleet and four of the 767-300s.  The four 747-400s will also be changed during
this time period.  Meanwhile, one by one each of Canadian's 767s, 747s and
Airbus aircraft are being converted to metric measurement to match Air Canada's fleet.
The current objective is to have all of this work done by the end of April at the latest
which will coincide with one operating certificate being granted by Transport Canada.

It's been a long time since Air Canada served Stephenville Nfld. (YJT) airport but the
airfield saw two Boeing 767s on January 28th.
Flight AC881 (with aircraft C-GDSY/FIN616) enroute from Paris to Toronto made an
un-scheduled stop there due to engine problems.    Aircraft C-GAUH/FIN603 was
ferried down from Toronto later in the afternoon to pick up the stranded passengers
and bring them back to Toronto.  Meanwhile, the wounded airplane ferried up to
YYZ on January 29th after receiving attention from mechanics.

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. Terry's travel tips.
Come and visit Australia hosted by Joan & Fraser Muir - two Air Canada Pionairs -
Tour includes -
2 Pre-nights in Sydney, 2 nights on Fraser Island with a tour with a local guide.
Great Barrier Reef Coral viewing, 2 nights on Daydream Island,
Cruise Outer Barrier Reef and Fitzroy Island, Overnight in Port Douglas,
2 nights Cairns, Overnight Surfers Paradise - Gold Coast, visit Millaa Millaa Falls,
Rockhampton Botanical Gardens and ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway.
On optional cruise on Lake Barrine is available.
Tour also includes -
Air conditioned motor coach, 14 nights accommodations, 12 breakfasts,
1 lunch, 5 dinners, all entry fees as per itinerary, free transfers,
compendium and documentation.
NOT included is airfare, service charges and taxes.
There is limited space available on this one departure date only.
Priced at ca$2798 ppdbl.  Tour takes place April 7th thru 22nd.
Call 1-800-665-3100 - Interlining Plus for more details.

Vesta sends us this information -
The International Association for  Medical Assistance
to Travellers publishes a list of western-trained English-speaking
doctors worldwide.  email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call 519-836-0102.
Health Canada's Web site posts health advisories, lists travel clinics
across Canada  and has links  to International sites.
The Canadian Public Health Association publishes a booklet called
'Don't Drink the Water.
To obtain a copy, call 613-725-3769

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. Smilies.
I like that,   Author unknown,  contributed by  Gord Dalziel  ...
Rather than have us drive him to the Vancouver airport so early in the
morning, our son considerately took the airport bus.
The driver collected the fares when they arrived at the airport. Bruce,
dressed in his navy commander's uniform, was the last to leave and was
delighted to be told his fare was only $9. When he had made the bus
reservation, he had been told the passenger fare was $18. As Bruce walked
towards the terminal, the bus driver called after him, "Now fly that plane
carefully, sir!"

My helicopter crew was to augment another squadron during an exercise
at CFB Gagetown in New Brunswick. During the briefing we were surprised
to learn that the mission was going to take almost three hours of continuous
flying. We carry only two hours of fuel. Asked about this, the mission commander
replied, "I know we're short, but there isn't enough time to refuel so
we'll have to do without."

It was part of my job as a private in the Base Traffic Section at CFB Goose
Bay, Labrador, to keep passengers informed about service-flight arrival
times. I called the Military Control Centre one day and asked, "What's the
word on the Herc?"
"CANADA, in big black letters," was the reply.

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