2000 Netletter #458 March 2000

#458 March 2000

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Number 458  Mar 8th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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Why not check out the Air Canada Retired Employees Web Site
Independently operated by webmaster Tom Grant.

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. Need to know.
The following is an updated grid of taxes.
The ONLY change is a 20 cent increase for item 3, and the
addition of item 7.
(May we suggest you update 'Your Travel Guide' Chap 5-6 eds)

1A) (XG) GOODS & SERVICES TAX (GST)..........7 PC
*3.) (US) US DEPT/ARR TAX (12.40 EACH).......24.80 US
4.) (XY) US IMMIGRATION FEE..................6.00 US
5.) (YC) US FEDERAL CUSTOMS FEE..............5.00 US
6.) (GB) U.K. AIRPORT DUTY TAX .............20.00 GBP

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. We recently welcomed Hans Brouwer, but gave the wrong city, Hans
tells us that he really lives in Victoria, BC.

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. ATTENTION FELLOW TRAVELLERS    from Derek & Pearl Piers
My husband and I are planning a trip to Rome in early May and are
looking for affordable accommodations.  Has anyone out there a
suggestion or recommendation on where we might find a B&B or small guest
hotel which would be convenient to downtown/central Rome as well as
affordable for retiree's budget.  Thanks and appreciation for any
suggestions.  Pearl Piers  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. News from the district.
From the Toronto Pionairs newsletter -
On Monday, October 18, 1999 twenty eight Pionairs enjoyed a splendid day
out at Mohawk Raceway. Again we had the use of the Tim Horton's bus.
Others took their own cars, meeting at Mohawk. The food was, as usual,
terrific, the races enjoyable and for those who do not follow the
"ponies" there  was lots of excitement to be had in the new Casino.
Saville Hambleton was the keynote speaker and gave an enjoyable outline
of various items of interest.  Report by
District Director, Mr. Frazer O'Shaughnessy 
The Toronto District Pionairs Christmas Luncheon was held on Sunday,
December 12, 1999 at the Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel and was a highly
enjoyable event attended by 157 Pionairs and friends. This year we had
two rooms available, allowing us lots of space to get together before our
meal. We were entertainedby concert pianist Heidi Last who played a lovely
selection of Christmas Carols, sang and encouraged those present to "sing
Along". We have already booked Heidi for our next Christmas Luncheon,
December 10 at the Old Mill. Pionair's National President Mr, Saville
Hambleton reviewed the 4 short term objectives for the coming year. Those
being to reach out to all the Pionairs in our District and encourage
their participation, to establish a telephone committee, to create more
Koffee Klatches, to try to get more people involved in our committees.
Mr Duane Frerichs spoke on his efforts to get the 50% discount at the
Toronto Park "n Fly facility reinstated, in which he was successful.
Meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 10:30hrs at Tuckers Marketplace,
3110 South Service Rd., Burlington.
Contacts: Irv Christjanson (905) 637-6656 or Stan Molstad (905) 469-9857.
A great time was had by 44 Pionairs at the December Christmas lunch held
at Raymonde Masse's home in Oakville.  At the January meeting (28 in
attendance) it was agreed that the group would celebrate their
2nd anniversary in June 2000 with a BBQ; Fraser and Rosemary O'Shaughnessy
graciously offered their home for the occasion.
Come and visit us and enjoy discussions on matters of current interest,
pose questions, personal problems, and enjoy a bottomless cup of coffee
for $2 (and why not stay for a marvelous buffet lunch at Tuckers, while
your at it?)
Held at Golden Griddle, Airport Road, as per Calendar,
Contact Sheila Moscoe (905)676-2200  email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
As you know by now, we are terminal 2 sales  retirees and phase-ins who
look forward to "schmoozing" every month. September marked our first
anniversary  and we celebrated with some fabulous chocolate cake
(bought at Tim Horton's)!
Over the past year we have had over 260 retirees join us for some fun and
laughter. So come out and join us! Sheila Moscoe
Meets every 1st Monday of the month at 11:30hrs at Miller's Country Fare
Restaurant in Etobicoke on D undas St. West.
Contact: Sue Schreiner (416) 244-2050 or Ena Burke (416) 232-0623.
Join us for lots of fun, lunch, etc.  We are currently raising money to
adopt a child for the Dreams Take Flight program.
If you like traveling, the group is currently planning trips to Italy and
Greece this September.
Air Canada Pionairs Coffee Club meets every second Wednesday of the month
at the Golden Griddle Restaurant, 7100 Woodbine Avenue, Markham, covering
Scarborough Willowdale, Markham and surrounding areas.
All Pionairs are welcome to attend.
For further information contact
John Mumedjian at (416)215-2832 or (416)391-5202.
Upcoming events for this friendly and social group include
- Pot-luck dinner in the Spring
- Pool Party and Picnic in the Summer.
Meets every Wednesday at 10:00hrs at Sweets & Crepes Café at the
intersection of Lakeport and Lakeshore Roads.
Contact: Colin Bailey (905) 935-3970.
This group has been getting together for over 16 years (yes, YEARS).
Now, the secret is out!  Come and join them.
Although their numbers are small, they offer good friendship
and hospitality.

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. From the RAPCAN newsletter issued by Duane Frerichs  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it -
BEN-GURION AIRPORT, Israel - A black cat in coach signaled trouble for
passengers on an El Al jumbo-jet flight to New York and Miami on Sunday:
The cat got away, but then a bird held up the flight for five hours.
The tomcat was discovered as the El Al Boeing 747-200 was taxiing to the
runway for takeoff at half past midnight, the company spokesman said in a
press release. The plane returned to its parking position the door was
opened, the cat escaped and the plane set out again. This time it reached
the runway, but as it was taking off, a bird was sucked into one of
the engines. The pilot slammed on the brakes and returned to the ramp.
A check showed the engine was fine but the brakes were damaged.
The 390 passengers were transferred to another jumbo and took off
for New York - five hours late.

How bed-bound BA is planning its recuperation -
There is an awful lot resting, as it were, on these beds. British Airways
chief executive Bob Ayling thinks he has seen the future and it is flat,
narrow and six feet long. He is gambling £200 million - the cost of
converting the airline's Club class seats into beds - on his hunch.
If he is right, the spending, part of a £600 million package of
investment in plane interiors, will help the carrier recover from the
worst downturn in its fortunes since privatisation and his position will
have been secured. On the   other hand, if he is wrong...

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. Terry's travel tips.

Your co-pilot recently had occaision to contact the Call Centre to make
travel arrangements. I dutifully selected option nr 3 and - believe it
or not - got through almost immediately - to the east coast centre. I
told them I wanted to make standby reservations of Central Mountain Air
connecting to Air Canada. The agent handled the Air Canada segments
first, then told me to redial and select option 4, as option 3 was for
handling Air Canada and connector services only.  I was again
successful and got the Winnipeg Call Centre this time who handled the
C.M.A. segment. I mentioned to the agent what had happened and I was
informed that the other Call Centre could have done all the segments!
I only mention this in case anyone else has this experience, which had
a successful conclusion but, with the 1-800 number constantly being
engaged these days and I understand the reasons for this, but it
can be frustrating.

Why not enjoy the beautiful tropical Costa Rica at the Hotel America.
Special weekly rates for Canadians are single $160, double $220. Includes
taxes and free continental breakfast. call (506)260-9292 fax (560)260-9293

Into house swapping?
Try Intervac                                    
Call 1-800-665-0732 or www.intervac.com
or Latitudes Home Exchange
Call (416)927-9800   www.home-swap.com

Visiting the U.K.?
Get your travel brochures of your favourite places from
British Tourist Authority, 111 Avenue Road, Suite 450, Toronto, M5R 3J8
phone: (416)925-6326.

So secret that some still won't talk about it! Imagine 12,000 people
working in complete secrecy under wartime conditions. So strong was
the code of secrecy that many refuse to reveal what exactly they did at
Station X. But you can find out by visiting Britian's best kept secret.
All this took place at Bletchley Park, home of the world's first
programmable computer - Colossus. Entry fee is UKP4.50
Call 01908-640404 for details or visit www.bletchleypark.org.uk
Perhaps the Essex Secret Bunker may be of interest. This was built in 1951
and started life as an Army operations centre. In 1962 it became the
main County Nuclear War HQ and was fully operational until 1993.
Cost GBP4.95, seniors GBP4.35  Call 01206-392271 for details.

Tour through Uzbekistan along the silk road and ancient cities -
this interline tour is hosted by Frankfurt Rhein-Main Interline Club.
From May 15th to May 23rd.
Package cost us$800.00  ppd, single supplement us$150.00
Includes: accommodations in hotels, full board, local guide,
all entrance fees, transport by luxury a/c bus,
confirmed ticket Tashkent to Urgentch & WACA fee.
Not included is air fare to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) and back.
visa costs, beverages, items of personal nature.
DEADLINE: March  31st - limited to 25 participants.
Registration form from your local interline club or

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. Smilie.
The Neighbourhood Watch award goes to veteran American Airlines pilot
Clifford Johnson who buzzed houses in his home community while delivering
a new-model Boeing 777 jetliner. Johnson made the low swoop with the jumbo
sized aircraft over Spruce Creek Fly-in, his Daytona Beach suburb.
About 200 neighbours were gathered along the communities private runway to
watch the show. Johnson has since been fired.

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