2000 Netletter #460 March 2000

#460 March 2000

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Number 460  Mar 11th , 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Your Co-pilot is off on his travels again. Vesta the Chief pilot will be
holding the fort by herself again and the NetLetter will still
be issued - stay tuned. Back in a week or so.

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. Need to know.

More new ticket delivery options for employee travel.
Industry Travel and the Employee Call Centre teamed up to introduce
several new ticket delivery options for active and retired employees.
Effective March 13, travel partner passes can be delivered by courier
within four business days to the employee's home address at a cost of
CA 20.00, collected by credit card.

Effective April 2nd, AirBC will be operating routes to Vancouver
from Campbell River, Comox and Nanaimo with Dash-8 equipment,
taking over from Central Mountain Air.

From the YYZNEWS issued by Brian Dunn  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Air Canada announced today that effective June 19th it will launch
the first-ever non-stop service between Toronto and Kelowna BC.
The daily A319 jet will depart Toronto at 1830hrs arriving in Kelowna
at 2000hrs.  The return flight will leave Kelowna at 0830hrs arriving
at YYZ at 1530hrs.

This message from Saville Hambleton - President Air Canada Pionairs -
To All Pionairs
Effective immediately we are accepting registrations from Pionairs
who only wish to attend AGM 2000 social functions.
The per person costs are: $20.00 for the cocktail reception on the
28th, $50.00 for the dinner/dance on the 29th, and $50.00 for the
Air Canada Banquet on the 30th.
There is lots of space, and Pionairs are required to use the
registration form that was mailed out to all Pionairs in January.
DEADLINE: for these applications is APRIL 7th.
The morning Business Meetings on Apr29th and 30th are open to all Pionairs.
To register for these, just use the same registration form mailed out to
all Pionairs in January, BUT write on the form "Business Meetings Only",
NO money is necessary. The same Apr.7th deadline applies.
For those who do not pre-register for the Business Meetings, proof of
Pionair membership is required at the door.
Saville Hambleton, President, Air Canada Pionairs,
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. Margaret Cantwell sent us a cutting from the Richmond Review dated
March 19th 1971 - just 29 years Ago!
A full half page picture of an Air Canada Boeing 747 fin 302 with
the write up, in part -
'Touching down in Richmond for the first time, Air Canada's mighty
Boeing 747 gracefully sweeps along the tarmac in front of its
$6.54 million  hanger at 5.55 pm Thursday (16th).
About 150 Air Canada employees welcomed the plane.
The gigantic plane made two passes, obviously to allow its crew
another view of the majestic North Shore mountains. It had left
Seattle-Tacoma airport, where it was constructed, just 37 minutes
earlier. The pilot was Captain Bill Benson.'

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. Books to read-
Our Chief pilot - Vesta had this message from Ross Smyth -
The book, The Bremen, which may be in your library,
written by Fred Hotson, a former president of the CAHS. 
'The Bremen' was the name of a Junkers monoplane piloted by two
Germans and an Irishman who made the first westbound transatlantic
flight in 1928 in over 36 hours from Ireland to Greenly Island off the
northern tip of Newfoundland where they crash-landed by a light-house'.
One enthusiastic journalist called it "the greatest news story of
all time".
Ross mentioned that, when he transferred as a green radio operator
in late 1942 to Dorval, Romeo Vachon,  was Station Manager and was one
of the rescuers.

Vesta says that her grand parents manned a lighthouse in their retirement
years somewhere in Newfoundland!  Her oldest sister, who is now 87, spent
much of her early childhood with them.
(ps I doubt tho that it would be the same lighthouse, but you never know)
She thought that maybe others might be interested in it as she is,
and may have some more inside information they want to share with us.

" ' "

. From the RAPCAN newsletter issued by Duane Frerichs This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

located between the Bristol Place Hotel and Comfort Suites
on Airport Road, April 4, 2000.

In 1959, CP Air was looking for new ways to support its new base in YYZ. 
Grant McConachie, President of CP Air aggressively pursued and was granted
the bilateral rights between Canada and Italy. The first regularly
scheduled flight was operated with a Britannia, Empress of Buenos Aires,
CF-CZD, on March 5, 1960. Forty years ago, when the  airline inaugurated
its first flights to Rome, the city was preparing  for a different type
of historical event, the 1960 Summer Olympics, where a young man by the
name of Cassius Clay won a Gold Medal in Boxing.

After a successful launch at YYZ and YOW airports, Air Canada expanding 
self-service Express Check-In kiosks to Dorval.
The official launch of this expanded service took take place at
Dorval's Rapidair departure lounge on Wed. Mar. 9th.

The AC Recreation Association Squash group has extended an invitation to
CDN employees to attend their 2000 tournament in YUL from Apr. 13 to 16.
Deadline for booking the Hotel is  March 13th, 2000.

" ' "

Next Show:  Sat. May 13, 2000        1000 to 1500hrs
Last show to be held at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall at
3263 Derry Rd.E.     Malton ON  (Mississauga).
Great place to meet fellow aviation enthusiasts to buy/trade/sell your
collections of postcards, models, prints, slides, magazines
and much more.
For more info and to reserve your table please send an e-mail
Steve Emmins at    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. Found on the internet.
Of its ten commercial designs from Douglas, there were few
disappointments and more successes. Not the least the record breaking
DC-3, perhaps the most famous airliner of all time. Last December saw the
handover of the last of the DC line, now called a Boeing MD-83 to
Trans World Airlines (TWA), the customer who started it all with the

There is a lot of living in many an aircraft airframe. We have heard
of some retired aircraft being used as resturants and even living
rooms. Now we hear of the mighty Antonov An-22 Antei turboprop in
Austria that is available for rent as a ballroom.

Unlucky 13 - The Turco Oil Co's Convair 880 fleet that has been
Languishing at Mojave California, for nearly 20 years 12 are finally
being scrapped. No less than 21 880's ended up at this desert
site. The remaining one registered N815AJ, formerly TWA's N828TW will
be saved for movie productionand the intent is to restore it to
taxiing, if not flyable condition. An exAPSA Convair 990 registered
N990AB has been saved for display at the airport.

The 687th B727 built was retired in Oct 1998 and is now a private home
in Hillbro, near Portland. Another retired B727 is destined to be mounted
on a 25 foot pedestal. Between the aircraft and the pedestal is a ball
bearing race which will allow the aircraft to act as a weather vane.
An ex Continental B727 (N88701) retired in 1994 is presently a home
at a cost of us$30,000. Complete with washer/dryer, it has all the
conveniences. The main entrance is through the rear stairs which can
be raised and lowered. If you are in the market for a new home check

" ' "

. News from the Districts.
From the London England monthly newsletter -
Two-day Continental trip has now been arranged for 22/23rd May and
promises to be an interesting and exciting trip.  Cost GBP59.00 pp,
includes luxury coach, train under the Channel, hotel for one night,
breakfast and services of a guide. The overnight stop is Antwerp, the
lace centre of Europe. The trip will include a side trip to Holland.

The annual trip this year is planned for Tennessee in September. A
final 'recee' is due Mar 14/15 (by Aureen and Jack Morath who have
organised these annual trips for many years).

A reminder that our General Sales Agents (GSA) are not equipped to
handle staff reservations and reduced rate ticketing, e.g. those in
Australia, New Zealand, Belgium etc. The following message was
received from Industry Travel -
' As a general rule, would imagine that most pensioners deal with
the nearest AC office if they are around the on-line stations. If they
are not, for simplicity and consistancy, London, England will
accept requests made through their Reservations Office provided they
have a CHIP record'
Staff ticketing can be reached, from outside the U.K.,
phone 44-208-750-8443 or fax 44-208-750-8415.
( Note: this applies to those residing outside  north America where
the Call Centre must be used - eds)
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. Terry's travel tips.
Offers from I N T E R L I N I N G Plus
Brought to you by "Interlining Plus" formerly Canadian Interline Travel
______*** Discover The Passion Of Cruising ***_________________
>>>>>>South Caribbean
** Majesty ** 7 Nights - from $374.usd (from San Juan return)
Departure Dates: 08, 22, 29 April / 06 May 2000
>>>>>>Pacific Northwest
** Visions of the Seas ** 4 Nights - from $364.usd (from Seattle return)
Departure Date: 15 May 2000
** Visions of the Seas ** 3 Nights - from $324.usd (from Seattle return)
Departure Date: 19 May 2000
** Galaxy** 7 Nights - from $904.usd (from Vancouver return)
Departure Dates: 26 May / 09 June 2000
** Visions of the Seas** 7 Nights - from $1054.usd (from Vancouver return)
Departure Date: 18 June 2000
>>>>>Panama Canal
** Rotterdam ** 16 Nights - from $960.usd (from Los Angeles to New York)
Departure Date: 11 April 2000
** Ryndam ** 20 Nights - from $1140.usd (from Ft. Lauderdale to Vancouver)
Departure Date: 15 April 2000
** Westerdam ** 21 Nights - from $1260.usd (from Ft. Lauderdale to YVR)
Departure Date: 15 April 2000
_____________***Book Your Dream Holiday Now***_____________
call toll free 1-800-665-3100
All rates are per person double occupancy - taxes + port charges not

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. Smilie.
From Brian O'Hare Retired AC YYZ...living in Arizona
In the 60's, WAL had a flt 36 and a flt 39 go thru in the early am.
39 was a LAX flt and 36 was a SLC flight.
I had a passenger who was going to SLC and when he checked in said he
was tired and would I wake him up when his flt was ready when flight 39
came in for whatever reason I thought that was his flt so I woke him up
and almost pushed him on to the flight. We found out later that we had
screwed up and that he was coming back thru the next morning.
Needless to say we made sure we were not around his flight on his way
HA Scottsdale AZ

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