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#461 March 2000

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Number 461  Mar 11th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Like to know?

Summer Peak schedule 2000
Major Highlights (subject to change)
·Overall capacity up 2% compared to summer 99.
·30 new routes and 11 new destinations.
·Over 1,000 daily non-stop frequencies.
·More than 380 additional weekly transborder flights,
new international routes.
·Increased capacity in Central and Atlantic Canada, reduced Western
Canada flying.
·Vancouver and Toronto are the two main hubs.
New international destinations
Frequency            Equipment         Effective date
Toronto-Honolulu-Sydney Daily CP 767-300             July 3
Toronto-Vancouver-Hong Kong-Toronto Daily AC 340-300 May 1
Toronto-Munich     Daily AC 767S                     June 5
Toronto-Milan    Daily CP 767-300                    June 1
Vancouver-Mexico City Daily AC 319                   June 5
Vancouver-Shanghai Daily AC 767-300  pending govt. approval
New transborder destinations
From Toronto   Frequency   Equipment   Effective date
Toronto-Austin,  TX1 daily  AC 319             June 5
Toronto-Ontario, CA1 daily  AC 319             June 5
Toronto-Albany  Air Georgian* 3 daily BEH      April 3
Toronto-Dayton  Air Georgian* 4 daily BEH      April 3
Toronto-Grand Rapids Air Georgian* 3 daily BEH April 10
Toronto-Detroit 5 daily  CRA F28               April 3
Toronto-Louisville  Air Georgian* 3 Daily BEH  May 1
Toronto-South Bend, IN Air Georgian* 3 Daily BEH May 8
Toronto-Akron, Ohio Air Georgian   *3 Daily BEH May 15
From Montreal
Montreal-Denver 1 daily  AC 319               April 3
Montreal-Philadelphia 2 daily AC CRJ          June 5
From  West
Edmonton-Los Angeles 1 daily CP 737            April 3
Vancouver-Washington (IAD) 1 daily AC 319      June 5
Vancouver-Spokane AirBC 2 daily DH1            April 3 
Vancouver-Denver 1 daily AC319                 June 5
*Air Georgian transferred to commercial agreement with AC Regionals.
New Domestic Services
Frequency  Equipment Effective date
Edmonton-Montreal  1 daily CP 737               April 3
Vancouver-Halifax  1 daily AC 319               June 5
Victoria-Toronto1 daily CP 320                  April 3
Ottawa-Windsor Air Ontario  3 daily             April 3
Montreal-Windsor Air Ontario  3 daily           April 3
Montreal-St. John's, NFLD Air Nova 1 daily      June 5
Montreal-Charlottetown Air Nova 1 daily         June 18
Halifax-Stephenville, NFLD Air Nova 2 daily     April 3
Quebec-Halifax Air Nova 1 daily                 April 3

Fleet changes
. Mainline fleet is down seven aircraft in total from current fleet
size to 234 aircraft.
· Air Canada will increase by one A/330-300 while four
Canadian 737's will be transferred to Low Cost Co.
· All Canadian eight DC10s parked, to be replaced by four 767-300s.
·Regional fleet is down by four aircraft.
·Capacity will be taken out of the west and moved east, which means
the west will be down by 16 aircraft, while Ontario
will be up by seven and the East up by five.
Three DH8-100s returned to lessors;
six DH8-300s transferred to East.
Air Georgian transferred to commercial agreement with AC Regionals.
·AirBC (ZX):
Three DH8-100s transferred to east;
CMA three B1900's transferred to Air Georgian.
·Air Ontario (GX):
Four DH8-300s added from CRA.
·Air Nova (QK):
Two DH8-300s added from CRA; three DH8-100s added from AirBC.

Major changes internationally (in summer peak)
· AC/CP will reduce YYZ-LHR to 35 weekly flights, from 45.
· Increased frequencies/change of aircraft type YYZ-HNL,
YYZ-GRU-EZE (Sao Paulo/Buenos Aires).
·YYZ-CPH to daily service.
·YVR-NRT decreases to daily from 9/7 service.
·CP now operates: (no AC flights unless shown otherwise)
·YHZ-YYT-LHR, YVR-SEL daily, YVR-TPE daily,
YVR-HKG daily (but AC will operate from YYZ)
·AC now operates: (no CP flights unless shown otherwise)

Major changes transborder (in summer peak)
· Hourly service YYZ-ORD and YYZ-LGA
· YVR-LAX becomes four daily AC 320 and one daily CP 320
· Frequency to ORD from YOW and YWG increased to five daily AC CRJ.
· Daily morning departures to LAS from YYZ, in addition to Thursday
and Sunday overnight flights.

·CP now operates: (no AC flights unless shown otherwise)
YYC-IAH 2 daily 737 (AC no longer flies into Houston)
YYZ-IAH 2 daily 737 (AC no longer flies into Houston)
YYZ-RDU 5 daily CRA F28 (AC still operates from YOW)
YYZ-MSP 3 daily CRA F28 (AC no longer flies into
YYZ-CLT 3 daily CRA F28( AC no longer flies into Charlotte)
YOW-EWR 3 daily F28
YVR-SFO 4 daily 737
YUL-MIA 2 daily 737
YYC-SFO 1 daily 737

·AC now operates: (no CP flights unless shown otherwise)
YVR-BOS, YYZ-BOS (CP no longer flies into BOS)

Major changes domestic (in summer peak)
· Hourly service YYZ-YVR and YYZ-YYC
· Air Nova increases seats on Intra  Atlantic Canada routes to
replace InterCanadien.
· AirBC takes over most YVR-YEG flying (9 ZX, 1 AC, 1CP).
· Air Ontario will grow in Ontario
· CP frequencies reduced:
·YOW-YVR 1 daily (from 3), YYZ-YUL to 4 daily (from 17)
YYZ-YOW to 9 daily (from 18), YYC-YYZ to 5 daily (from 9),
YVR-YYZ to 4 daily (from 9)
·AC frequencies increased slightly:
·YUL-YWG (from 1 to 2 daily), YOW-YWG (from 2 to 3 daily), YVR-YYZ
·CP now operates:
(no AC flights unless shown otherwise)
YOW-YEG (1 daily), YOW-YYC (3 daily), YYZ-YYT (4 daily)
YYZ-YFC, YYZ-YQM, YYZ-YSJ to take advantage of
J cabin service on CRA F28 aircraft.
This means Air Canada will no longer fly to New Brunswick.
YYZ-YQR/YXE with increased frequency.
YEG/YYC- YQR/YXE (increased frequencies on YVR-YQR/YXE operated by
CRA). This means Air Canada will no longer fly into Saskatchewan.
·AC now operates: (no CP flights unless shown otherwise)
YUL-YVR (4 daily), YHZ-YYC (2 daily)

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. Terry's travel tips.
This from Charles & Diana Shnider < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
'Regarding home swapping sites, We gave you the wrong URL.
The correct site is: www.ca.homelink.org
We would appreciate if you would please print the correction.
We apologize for the error.
Must be the excitement of our upcoming trip.
Thanks again.   Charlie & Diana Shnider

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. Smilie.
Well it is a piece of Americana:
There are folk who grow nostalgic about the fast disappearing part of
life in rural America - the outhouse or privy. History buffs photograph
outhouses as architectural treasures and even collect the old wooden
hole-in the board seats. One fan advocates starting the 'American
Association for the Preservation of Old Outhouses and Privies' or
So far no comment from the other AA - American Airlines.

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