2000 Netletter #462 March 2000

#462 March 2000

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Number 462  Mar 20th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.
The following query was from Jack Smith -
'I know you warned us about the 800  number for standby calls , but
I have been calling FOR THREE DAYS to get a buddy pass for my sister
and no answer - only busy.  maybe they have an E mail address that they
cud address on downtime - midnite shift ?  thank you for a wonderful
chance for us to keep up to date with the net letter and keep it up
= Jack Smith'
In response, Industry Travel advises -
' I learnt from ECC that, due to AC/CP integration, ECC staff are
being pulled on a day-to-day basis to assist with serve revenue
Unfortunately, ECC agents do not have a PC and therefore does not
have access to EMAIL.  Mr. Smith can fax his order of partner
ticket by faxing it to (204) 941 2231.'

" ' "

. We welcome -
Dorothea  Pike General Clerk lives in Halifax N.S.
Dorothea gave her email as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it but we are having trouble
getting through - anyone help?
John Bell captain lives in Oakville, ON email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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.     Keith  Alvey sends this bio -
I'm a retired AC (Feb 1990) but presently employed by Air Ontario.
I retired from AC after 29 yrs and my last position was
District Mgr, Timmins Ont. The position was held by Jim Somerville
prior to me.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

" ' "

. In NetLetter nr 460, we mentioned an article re the B747 at Vancouver,
Brian Dunn, editor of YYZNEWS sends this information -
With reference to FIN 302 (ex C-FTOB) the second 747-133 bought by AC,
you may be interested to know that it was last flown by Air Atlanta
Icelandic (as TF-ABR) and was seen being broken up for scrap metal at
Marana Arizona in January 2000.
That's what happens to airplanes that get old and tired!
Brian Dunn/Editor  YYZNEWS
From the YYZNEWS which Brian issues -
Canadian Airlines will be adding three "new" 767-300s to its fleet
this spring.  They will be second-hand machines with one each coming
from Brittania Airways, TACA, and Air New Zealand.   No details yet on
exact delivery details.  These aircraft will partially replace the last
four DC-10-30s which will be retired.

" ' "

. Jay McGowan sent this information -
Subject: Route information
I had the opportunity to talk with Senior V.P. Flight Operations,
Captain Rob Giguere the other night at a dinner for pilots participating
in the "Introduction to Command" course.
He brought up some of the following points regarding the changes to the
summer schedule:
1. Due to the delay in approval, new routes to China are deferred until
this fall.
2. The next pilot equipment bid will show an increase of approximately
100 pilot positions (almost all in YYZ).
3. New route operating YLW (Kelowna)-YYZ with an AC 319.
4. The SEL-YVR route will continue to be operated by AC with a B767
(and I believe he said on a daily basis though not certain).
5. CP has been making money on the Pacific while Air Canada has not
therefore they were the logical choice to continue on these routes.
6. Mr. Milton is exploring bringing the parked B747 classics out of
retirement and converting them for cargo operations.
7. Though we are currently number 10 or 11
(depending how you calculate it) in airline size, Mr. Milton would
really like to be in the top 5.
There were many other items discussed, too many to mention here.
The briefing was really upbeat and positive.  These will be very
interesting years for the airline. 
Jay in YYJ First Officer, A340, YVR This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

" ' "

. Your co-pilot is now back in the right seat, and here is a short story
of my travels to Atlanta -
First of all, we listed on our preferred flights, and made each of the,
albeit, some by the skin or our teeth!
Our flight to Vancouver from Naniamo was on an almost empty aircraft.
While we were standing by for the Toronto flight, the gate agent announced
that '...If you have a standby boarding card, please do not approach the
desk until your name is called - we have over 90 standby's.' So we sat and
sweated. Many names were called until the agent announced that Executive
Class was full. Then more names were called. It was at this time that we
realized the first set of names were revenues upgrading, probably with
their points, and the next lot were filling in the seats left vacant by
the upgrades.
Finally our name came up - we were given flight deck seats - whew!
Well this happened to be an Airbus 340, and the F/D seats consisted of
the crew room immediately behind the flight deck.  The accommodations
consist of a couch which makes into two bunk beds, with lights for
reading and let down tables.
Just for the two of us, completely separated - whow what an opportunity
to make the 'MILE HIGH CLUB' - now that's food for thought! Wonder if my
certificate is in the mail?
We stayed at the Ramada Inn at $55.00 airline rate, and next day joined
millions of school kids at the Royal Ontario Museum to see the Egyptian
Exhibition - no one told us about school break.
Next day we checked in for the Atlanta flight. Our plans were to meet up
with friends from the U.K.Pionairs, who were due to arrive within the hour
of our departure. They made it in fine style, so we had a happy reunion
before boarding the flight. Only two could be upgraded to Executive, and
our friends graciously allowed us to take them.
Our first night was at the Super 8 hotel at us$48.60.
We rented a 7 seater van for us$89.00 per day and drove through the Smokey
Mountains heading for Pigeon Forge via Helen a delightful small town a
must to visit. At Pigeon Forge we were due to stay at the Colonial Hotel,
but when we reached there, the hotel had been badly burned, so we stayed
at the Microtel at us$29.95. Next day we  toured around Pigeon Forge and
in the evening went to the Country Western  musical show which, at us$18.00
was well worth it.
Our return took us through the outskirts of Knoxville and Chattanooga. We
stayed overnight at the Microtel at us$54.00. Our flights for the return
were rather full and we managed Executive from Atlanta and Toronto.   

" ' "

.  The 'ailing' British Airways  ousted CEO Bob Ayling last week,
ending a tumultuous four-year tenure marked by acrimonious relations
between staff and management and a drop in profitability, which has
set BA on course for its first full-year loss since privatisation.
But experts say turbulence lies ahead for BA's new boss, who has to
push through another round of tough cost-cutting measures without
wrecking staff morale as his predecessor did.

" ' "

. Terry's travel tips.
Elsewhere is a story of your co-pilot's visit to Atlanta and, prior to
the trip, I had asked several of my contacts for any hotel rates they
may know of near the airport, here are some of them -
Hotel Toronto             $79.00 shuttle.
Wyndham Bristol Place     $79.00
Hilton Airport            $89.00 shuttle.
Regal Constellation       $72.50 shuttle at $5.00
Days Inn Airport          $69.00 shuttle at $5.00
Best Western              $50 - $60
Ramada Airport Inn        $55.00 shuttle.
These hotels are on the Hotel board in the arrivals area.
We stayed at the Ramada Airport Inn, with taxes $61.60, they are one
block from the city bus nr 116 which takes you to the subway station.
The subway will take you to downtown all for $2.00 - ask for a
transfer both ways.
Super 8 Motel us$48.60 + tax $6.32 = us$54.92 includes shuttle.
Microtel      us$59.00 + tax $7.67 = us$66.67 includes shuttle.
Visit any Denny's or MacDonalds and pick up the book of 'Travel Coupons',
one is produced for State and contain many deals for accommodations.

When renting vehicles at Atlanta Airport be aware that the taxes are
3% excise, 7% sales and 10% APO fee. The APO fee can be avoided by
renting off the airport.
At Atlanta a 7 seater van is us$379.00 per week plus $18.99 per day
if the insurance waiver is taken.

" ' "

. Smilie.
Aeroflot's 'Passenger Guidline' brochure contains the following -
'We advuse you, while you are seated or sleep, to have safety belts
fastened during the flight. This will help you to easily pass over
air pockets as the pilot is not always able to foresee turbulence
and the safety belt will protect you in case of any jerks'.

Bob Lynch sends this one -
Subject: Spoof announcement
ELAL today announced their new service from Israel to an
airport just north of London.  It is very exclusive, all
FIRST CLASS and will be called the HAIFA-LUTON special.
Cheers  Bob Lynch  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Found by your co-pilot -
A joker hoodwinked offials into naming a road outside the police
station at Sheffield Airport, in the UK,  Letsby Avenue (say that fast!)
The joke was only discovered when a helicopter unit was studying a new
map. An Ordnance Survey spokesman says the name remains.

" ' "

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