2000 Netletter #465 March 2000

#465 March 2000

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Number 465  Mar 28th, 2000,  We first Published in October 1995

Chief Pilot  - Vesta Stevenson   -    Co-pilot  - Terry Baker

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. Need to know.

New ECC, FTD and courier service
Industry Travel is pleased to announce Air Canada employees,
retirees, widow/ers in North America will now be offered
several new ticket delivery options for certain types of

--Partner ticket--
Two (2) ticketing options are now offered
- ftd - free ticket delivery service via comail to the
business address for active employees / via Canada Post
for off-payroll employees with a delivery guarantee
of 7 business days - service charge is payroll deducted
where applicable.
- Courier service with $20.00cad fee to the employee home
address with a delivery guarantee of 4 business days -
courier fee is collected by credit card and service
charge is payroll deducted where applicable
--OAL reduced rate ticket - ZED or Id90/75-
Three (3) ticketing options are now offered
- airport/cso pickup during employee ticketing times.     
- FTD - free ticket delivery service via comail to the
business address for active employees / via Canada Post
for off-payroll employees with a delivery guarantee
of 7 business days - ticket(s) purchased by credit card
- courier service with $20.00cad fee to the employee home
address with a delivery guarantee of 4 business days -
courier fee is collected and ticket(s) purchased by
credit card
US based employees are subject to the $20.00 courier fee in
ca$ funds which will be converted to the applicable US$
amount on the credit card statement
requests are handled by the Employee Call Centre only -
please indicate to the reservations agent the preferred
method of ticket issuance / delivery.

Revised Air Canada & Canadian Airlines interline agreement
*******effective 24 January, 2000*******

Q & A
q.When will I be able to use my personal trip pass ticket
on Canadian?
a. January 24, 2000
q. Are AC regional carrier employees also permitted to
imprint trip pass tickets for travel on Canadian?
a. Yes
q. Will widows/ers be permitted to travel on Canadian?
a. Yes they will now have access to CP flights.
q. Will the same zone service charge apply when travelling
on Canadian?
a. Yes, CP routes are included in the chart.
q. Can I use one trip pass ticket for combined travel on
AC/rRgional flights and Canadian?
a. Yes
q. What is my personal priority on Canadian?
a. It is S4J6 and in accordance with the time of check-in at
the airport.
q. Where do I call to register for the flights?
a. Canadian does not have a dedicated call centre for
employee travel - you must call the local Canadian
airlines reservation offic.
q. Can my spouse imprint a T421 trip pass ticket with her
25 year anniversary spousal card for travel on Canadian?
a. Yes
q. Are common-law and same-sex spouses included?
a. Yes
q. Are we allowed to travel on Canadian code-sharing flights?
a. NO - only flights operated by Canadian & Canadian regional.
q. Are AC T421 trip pass tickets also accepted on the
Canadian partners?
a. NO - Canadian partners (Air Alma, Air Norterra,
Air St.Pierre, Calm Air, Canadian North, Ontario Regional,
Pacific Coastal and Southwest Home Aviation) are excluded
q. Are my parent,s service charge tickets valid on Canadian?
a. Parents continue to purchase ZED - ZM fares as per the
current CP/AC interline agreement
q. Is the travel Partner program extended to include CP?
a. Not at the present time
q. Is the Family Affair program available on CP flights?
a. Not at the present time
q. Can I use an ID-80 reduced rate ticket on Canadian?
a. NO - but you may purchase ID-50 for positive space travel
q. Is my service anniversary or award of excellence ticket
valid on Canadian?
a. Not at the present time
q. Can employees request compassionate travel on Canadian?
a. Not at the present time
q. are cargo reductions extended on Canadian?
a. not at the present time
q. What is the personal priority of Canadian airlines staff
when they travel on AC and AC Regionals?
a. Their priority is C4/Y10 and in accordance with the date
of registration
q. Is the CP non-revenue dress code similar to ours?
a. Yes
q.  Should one trip pass ticket not be sufficient to cover
the entire itineraries, can AC employees use stopover
a. NO, Air Canada ACF21a stopover coupons are not accepted
by Canadian.  Ticketing should be arranged through the
Employee Call Centre who will prepare a locator file
(pnr) for airport ticketing on a revenue T171 ticket
stock.  The service charge will then be collected at the
time of ticket issuance.
q. What will happen to people if Air Canada or Canadian no
longer flies to a station or the schedule is reduced?
will we do something about pass priorities?    
a. We have examined a number of options in an attempt to
deal with this issue.  we considered adjustments on
a system-wide basis as well as on those routes that
would be heavily impacted by flight reductions.  as you
are aware, the two airlines have separate and distinct
pass policies, and travel privileges on each airline
are affected by company service dates.  At this time,
we are unable to integrate both service dates into one
q.  What happens to our travel benefits for business and
personal travel?
a.  There is no change to the current interline agreement.
employees can fly on both carriers as per the enhanced
reciprocal exchange of passes that were recently
q.  Will our travel priorities be affected when travelling
on Star Alliance carriers?
a.  There will be NO difference for Air Canada employees
travelling onStar Alliance carriers.  Canadian airlines
personnel, however, could eventually enjoy similar
benefits once the two airlines become fully integrated.
q.  I,m a commutter.  what does this mean for my travel
a.  On Air Canada flights your priority remains unchanged
however, the company considers commuting as part of
personal travel.  Should Air Canada no longer fly to
a station or reduce the schedule, you will be able to
travel on Canadian airlines using your personal travel
priority but at a lower priority than Canadian airlines
The reverse would apply to Canadian airlines employees.
q.  Can I use my trip pass ticket on CP operated code-sharing
a. Yes, trip pass tickets are accepted for travel on AC/CP
code-sharing flights.  However, if the flight is operated
by CP, registration must be made through CP reservations

Manchester/Glasgow situation
Whether travelling
there on direct flights or on one of our winter schedule,s
three weekly circle flights between Manchester-Glasgow
to/from Toronto, contingent travellers, including travel
Partners, cannot be accepted on board unless empty seats
are available from Manchester.  Employees should make
alternate travel arrangements for themselves and travel
Partners before leaving home base.

AC/LH joint venture flight
Please note that AC employees and eligible family members
as of November 15 may fly on the AC/LH joint venture
flights by using their T-421 trip pass tickets. LH will
accept Parent/travel Partner tickets on T171 stock at
the Air Canada service charges.  Travel Partner (max 2)
must be accompanied by the employee.
unaccompanied Partner travel is not recommended because
Partners travelling alone can,t purchase reduced rate
back-up tickets on other airlines.

(May we suggest you keep this information with 'Your Travel Guide' - eds)

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. Roy Campbell sends us his bio -
I learned to fly at the Cranbrook Flying Club, Cranbrook BC in 1950.
I got my Private there and my Commercial at Vancouver with the
Vancouver's U-Fly. I was on the TCA F/O course in July, 1953.
My first base was Calgary on the DC-3's until spring of 1955 when
I transferred to Vancouver. I flew the Coast run on DC-3's, then the
Mountain run on North Stars. My Viscount debut came in 1957, the
aircraft I would be on for the next twelve years.
A move to Winnipeg happened in 1961; promotion to Captain status was
reached in 1965. The DC-9 was next in 1969, on which I remained until
1979 when I took early retirement to go into the Baptist ministry.
Winnipeg remained home until moving to Grand Forks, BC, in 1997,
my wife's home town.
Roy Campbell This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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. Remember when?
Gordon White has sent us some back copies of The Canadian Airline
Pilot magazine - here is one extract July 1963.
At midnight April 12th 1963, Trans-Canada Air Lines Douglas DC-3
CF-TES fin 391 touched down at Winnipeg International Airport to
herald the end of another chapter in the history of Canadian aviation.
For Captain Gerald Palmer, First Officer David Hennigar and
Stewardess Jean McIver, it was not only the end of another circuit
over the Prairie Milk Run, but an end of an era born more than
17 years before. It was the last DC-3 operation of by Canada's
national carrier. One pilot was heard to remark that if he got paid
by the number of landings rather than the number of flying hours in
the DC-3, he would be rich. Altogether the 30 DC-3's flew more than
875,000 hours and no DC-3 was ever involved in a passenger fatality
nor was any written off. They were retired honourably from TCA to
continue service with such organizations as DOT, Frontier Airlines,
Quebecair, Central Northern Airways, Matane Air Services, Gulf Aviation,
Rimouski Airlines and TransAir.
CF-TES msn 11906 fin 391 was sold to TransAir April 13th 1963 oo
Lambair Ltd in June 1967, withdrawn from service 1970 and sent to
the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg where it is (was)
preserved in its original Trans-Canada Air Lines livery.

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. Terry's travel tips.
Amazing, Timeless, Beautiful Alaska.....Every mile brings something
exciting and wonderful.
NCL Norwegian Wind ~ 7 Nights Vancouver return
8 & 22 May  Inside $439   Outside $539   3rd & 4th $239
12 June     Inside $539   Outside $639   3rd & 4th $339
19 June, 31 July, 14 August 28 August
Inside $439  Outside $539   3rd & 4th $339
NCL Norwegian Sky ~ 7 Nights ~ Seattle return
21, 28 May, 4, 18 & 25 June Inside $539   3rd & 4th $289
11 June                     Inside $839   3rd & 4th $389
2, 9,16, 23 & 30 July       Inside $639   3rd & 4th $289
If you are looking for an "earthbound heaven" then visit the beautiful,
lush subtropical paradise of Bermuda.
NCL Norwegian Majesty ~ 7 Nights ~ Boston return
23 April         Inside $439   Outside $539   3rd & 4th $339
30 April         Inside $339   Outside $439   3rd & 4th $339
7 & 14 May       Inside $539   Outside $639   3rd & 4th $339
3, 10, 17 & 24 September Inside $489   Outside $589   3rd & 4th $339
1, 8 & 15 October Inside $489   Outside $589   3rd & 4th $289
All rates are US$ per person, based on double occupancy
and subject to availability and eligibility. New Bookings only.
Port Charges/Govt Fees are additional.
For more information on these and other specials - contact us at:
DARGAL Interline 1-800-690-3223

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. Tail end.
USA Today reported this week on the efforts by some airline pilots to
go the extra mile for passengers trapped on the ground by flight delays.
The "extra mile" is down the street to get hamburgers, pizza and other
fast food to help placate an increasingly restive (and hungry) flying
public when they are stuck at the gate.  For example, one United Airlines
pilot whose plane diverted to Minneapolis-St. Paul in February phoned
Domino's from the cockpit, and had 15 jumbo pizzas brought to the rear
stairs to feed 105 unhappy passengers.
Airline managers are happy with such initiatives, as long as the pilots
pick up the tab.

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